Tuesday, April 23, 2024

What I Buy Wednesday

This week is about food. Prior to our trip, we were trying to think about what the cuisine of Holland and Belgium was. The only thing we came up with was waffles and chocolates. Well, yes they have those things, but so much more! I didn't know about the beer. Apparently beer is really big here too. But, not for me.

Okay, once again, my pictures are not cooperating. So in no particular order:
We had happy hour on the boat every day. I tried a cosmo--not great, a Pina colada--terrible, an extra dirty martini--passable. But, I was mostly happy to be able to order iced tea at lunch and dinner. Of course, they didn't have Equal, but that's okay, because I bring my own. Well, most of the time. I'll settle for Splenda if I have to, but don't like the after taste.

I'm going to try a lemon drop martini. Steph had a couple of those and liked them.

When we were in Bruges, Belgium, Nicky found the BEST restaurant--Gastro. We got the local fare: mussels in a garlic cream sauce, French fries and the Flemish stew. OMGosh! The best meal so far.
Look at the size of those mussel pots! They were brimming! Did you know that French fries were invented in the Netherlands? They are called "French" fries because of the French influence at the time. They are fried partially, removed, cooled and then refried just before serving to have a crunchy outside while having a soft center. They really were "out of this world." They come with every dish. Butch and Nicky got the mussels while Stephanie and I had the stew. That was so good too. It reminded me of beef burginoine (and I have no idea how to spell that). It was tender with a thick, flavorful gravy--and, of course, served with fries. We couldn't make a dent in these big bowls. Oh and they serve the fries with mayonnaise rather than ketchup. You can ask for ketchup, but we just went with the local way. Personally, they were great just plain. I don't need to be adding the extra calories of mayonnaise---that's for sure!

Local beer.
Our tour guide treated us to some Belgian chocolates. So so good! We bought a few to have later. 

And then we had to have the Belgian waffles. That's what Stephanie and Nicky got--pretty much exactly what we're used to. 

Instead, Butch and I opted for the traditional Brussels waffles.
They were thin and crispy--we chose chocolate and bananas as our topping. They were delicious, but I'm still a pancake girl. These were fun and great for a dessert, but I'll stick with pancakes for breakfast--with pecans please!

Then, yesterday, we tasted and bought some incredible gouda cheese. I didn't realize that that cheese was from here too. I bought several types, smoked, chili and truffle--some for gifts. Really good and great prices. You know how expensive cheese is!! 

Well, there you have it. So far, I've only bought food. I'll probably get some chocolates because, well it's chocolate. I cannot resist chocolate!!

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention one thing. Yesterday, our tour guide shared some licorice (black) with us. I can't remember what she called it. I tried it because I always want to try local stuff. I still didn't like it! But it did make me think of my mother who loved black licorice. I won't be buying any of that!

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