Sunday, April 30, 2023

Something for Sunday

Last week was Elizabeth's prom! Turns out, there was a little snafu before it ever rolled around. Somehow, they forgot to buy tickets or each thought the other was doing it. So, they inadvertently missed it! Well, not all of it---just the actual prom part! 
They did not let that deter them. Instead, they still got dressed up, had dinner with their friends, and had a lower-key evening. 

They opted out of the after-party because their friends were driving to someone's lakehouse an hour and a half away. Good choice!! Those kids were up to no good---okay, maybe not that bad, but you know what prom nights are like!

Well, this is it! The LAST prom in the family. I can't believe our "baby" is growing up!! Next step---The Paul Mitchell School! She's excited and so are we. 

Wait until you see what she can do! I'll be sharing soon!

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Scrapbook Saturday

By the time you are reading this, our beach trip has drawn to a close. It was a great week!

1. "Christmas in my room" is about Elizabeth's decorated becroom.
I've highlighted some of the things she's made.

2. This was my question for AYM: What there things made you who you are?
My answer: 1. Growing up the oldest in a large family; 2. Growing up Catholic; 3. Growing up with sports and the Camp Fire Girls.

3. I shared what I do with the little scraps after I finish a layout. I use a square punch and a circle punch. If I have anything a little larger, I cut 1.5" x 3" strips. A couple weeks ago, I shared layouts using circles and squares. Now I'm sharing a layout using the strips.

I folded this little strips in half and stapled them down the side--3 rows on one side and 1 row on the other.
It doesn't matter the patterns or colors. You just start attaching. 
While I was at it, I made a couple extra. They are ready to go at any time. I figured if I have everything out, I might as well.

4. I already shared about pulling an image from a photo.
Now I wanted to share the layout where I used that picture with the title on top.

I also took some time a couple weeks ago to organize all the bits and pieces. I made dividers for the different categories. It's much easier to thumb through this than a messy drawer.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Five Things Thursday

This is so true! The older you are the less important "things" are.

Last week the girls were working from the beach. Butch went down on Thursday. That evening was the monthly "wine walk." It's sort of a roam around and check out the shops while enjoying wine and food. They got these cute pictures.
Isn't this the most beautiful, amazing shot?
Such a beautiful sentiment.
Wow! We could have afforded this town! Too bad we didn't know about it.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

What I Buy Wednesday

Our Cinco de Mayo party is just a week away. 
I bought these for our party. So colorful--perfect for a Mexican-themed party. There's even a banner. 
When I ordered the napkins, I saw these on the Amazon website as something I might like. They were right, I do. They are such cute earrings--they go with the paper products.
When Butch heard that I lost one of my Pickleball balls, he surprised me with these.  He found them at Walmart. He's always taking care of me!

And now for something I didn't buy:
Somehow or another, these pictures were in with my print order from Walgreens. I never really knew that this happened. Someone is missing their horse pictures and is going to be disappointed. They really are some beautiful horses. But they aren't mine. Too bad.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Tuesday Travel and Thoughts About...

...going to the beach with my friends!

Let's start with something trivial. My nails.
It's been years since I had any nail art!! Just fun. Now on to it.

So, we're at the beach---Mexico Beach--Connie's place. After Hurricane Michael and 4 1/2 years of restoring from total devastation. It's been a long road for her, but it's back! And, so are we. 

My friends love the beach. There are six of us here: me, Connie, Susan, Karolyn, Pam, and Nancy. After 30+ years together and traveling now and then, we've got it down pat. We come armed with a plan--all the meals are carefully assigned so no one gets two on the same day. The itinerary is posted on the refrigerator. Everyone pitches in. It's easy...most of the time. But then,

We're all old ladies now which brings all kinds of added problems or maybe more correctly, I should say--have idiosyncrasies or are set in their ways. All of that:
*One needs distilled water for her c-pap machine.
*One doesn't eat this.
*One doesn't eat that.
*One only drinks Diet Coke out of plastic bottles, no cans or 2-liter bottles.
*Three are obsessed with jigsaw puzzles.
*One doesn't particularly love the beach. (You might ask why she came? because she loves her friends!)
*One prefers sleeping on the couch to sharing a bed.
*Two argue over who that will be--seems they both like the couch.
*One snores (okay maybe more than one).
*Three cough. A. lot.
*Five walk.
*One prefers to walk alone.
*Five play Pickleball.
*Five drink: wine, gin & tonics, vodka tonics, hard seltzers. Really just about anything.
*Two really like giving instructions to the one who is supposed to be figuring out the tv--who I might add--knows what she's doing--but apparently not doing it fast enough to suit the two giving instructions until the one who's doing it asks them to leave so she can THINK!
*Two plan the shows to watch.
*One plans the games.
*One talks during movies.
*Four drink coffee.
*Two do not.
*One drinks tea.
*One does all the driving.
*Five tells her how to drive.
*One gets up early.
*One stays up late.
*Five prefer to sit down to a formal breakfast.
*Five prefer to sit down to a formal lunch.
*One does not.
*One forgot her underwear.
*Six do not like bugs. 
*One will not let five pay the cleaning fee. 
*One will make her.
*One prefers to have time to herself now and then.
*Six have opinions about...EVERYTHING.
*Six are solving ALL the world's problems.
*Six are solving each other's problems. 
*One talks too much (she hates to admit that, but her sister tells her it's true--friends are too nice. She tries not to, but well, what can I say?)
*One is addicted to her computer. 
*Five are addicted to their computer games.
*Six read. 
*One of us is a nurse.
*Five of us think we are.
*One prefers to unload the dishwasher by herself.
*One lies.
*One hates to unload the dishwasher so will let the liar do it for her.
*Six have various aching body parts: neck, arms, shoulders, knees. All of them. As if we need the reminder of the old lady part.
*Six are having a ball!!!!

Well, until this happened:

Our first Pickleball injury--and to the baby among us. It required one of us to drive to the hospital for a thorough check and a Cat scan. One of us's trip just got really expensive! And this doesn't even show her wrist which is a mess, but thankfully not broken. Just barely. The skin just sort of peeled back, You, know that skin thing that happens when you get old and your skin gets thin and fragile. Yeah, that. Luckily, she (and we) have kept our sense of humor. On the way to the hospital, we passed a cemetery. She quipped: "Well, as long as you don't drop me off there!" (Sandy, Stephanie and Mindy---I know you don't think this is funny--but hey, keepin' it real here!)

All of this and it's only Tuesday!

PS This post reminds me of years ago--maybe 10--my cousin, Judy stopped in Nashville on her way to the beach with her old lady friends. I remember her telling me about some of their---hmm, what should I call them---quirks. Yeah, that's it. Well, it works for me and my friends too. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I love them and hope we have many more fun times together!

Monday, April 24, 2023

Monday Mystery

Last Monday, after Pickleball, I offered to help my friend, Karolyn organize pictures for some layouts. As soon as I arrived she said, "Barb, look at this. My Creative Memories paper trimmer has broken." She had somehow managed to break the cutting arm off. I looked at it, but couldn't see any way that it could be fixed. I told her that I thought I might have an extra to give her.

On Wednesday, we had AYM where Karolyn related the story. Later that day, I got these pictures:

from Janet! OMGosh! Her trimmer has broken too! It's not that I'm so surprised it broke because, after all, they are more than 20 years old! The mystery is that Karolyn and Janet broke theirs within a couple days of each other. That made me think that mine probably doesn't have much life left either.

So, I texted Karolyn and told her that I still hadn't checked as to whether I had another one, but that I was going to have to renege on my offer---thinking I might just need it for myself. Well, I checked and I do not have a spare. So, I might need to go ahead and get myself another--if I can find one. 

I hit the internet to see what I could find. I found one on Ebay where the bidding is starting at $12.00. No telling what it will go for. Knowing that they can break, I don't think I want to take a chance on a used one. (Yes, it was advertised as used.)

Then I went to the Creative Memories website. They have one that seems to be nearly identical--maybe it's just updated.
It's only $26.50. Totally worth it if it lasts 20 years!! We'll just have to wait and see about that!! 

I'll be getting myself a new one when I place my next order for albums. Or sooner, if we want to place a group order. The free shipping starts after spending $75.00. 

I'm just happy to know that I can still get it. This is the tool I use more than any other!

Monday Mystery

About a week ago before Stephanie left for the beach, she stopped by and dropped this off.
She told me that I'm not allowed to open it until she tells me to. So, I didn't--although I am really tempted!

I am taking my girls and granddaughters to New York City in June for a long weekend. Sandy and Stephanie have done all of the planning. I'm so happy to have had someone else do it. I love being surprised. This cute little gift has something to do with that. I just love it--and will definitely be using it on my scrapbook page! 

All I know is the shows we are seeing because I had to get 8 tickets for two shows! Yikes! We're seeing "MJ" (Michael Jackson--which I've seen twice, but is so good that I'm excited to see it again with the girls--I know they will love it too. Come on, it's Michael Jackson, what's not to love!) and "Bad Cinderella" another Andrew Lloyd Weber production. You can never go wrong with ALW. 

The deal I made with the girls is that I'm paying for the airfare, hotel rooms and all tickets. They are to cover food and beverages. 

This is how I spend my social security money! I cannot wait to see what's in store! 

I'm not sure when, but I think this mystery is going to be solved soon!

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Something for Sunday

The things I do to entertain myself.  

Every now and then, I do things that make me laugh. I can laugh at myself better than anybody! 

One thing I used to do when Mindy, Jordan, or Morgan was riding with me was to turn on the "heat seat" in the summertime. It made me laugh to see them squirming and being so hot! I don't think they thought it was so funny. Sandy and Stephanie never had to endure such foolishness as there was no such thing as "heat seats" when they were little.

Another thing I did when the girls were little was to put fake food in their lunch--like wooden olives or a fake piece of cheese. The fake food was part of some toy set we had. Stephanie in particular, would come home all indignant about it. Secretly, I think she thought it was funny too! I'm pretty sure all the girls liked the cute napkins and notes I tucked inside.

When Mindy was a teenager, she wore thongs. Not on her feet, mind you. You know, those things that were supposed to be like underwear but weren't? Apparently, she bought them herself as I would have balked at paying for a bit of string. When they came through the wash, it was hard to figure out how to fold them. Instead, I wadded them up into a little ball and put them on her clean clothes pile just like that. Little lumps of floss! I'm laughing right now just thinking about it!

I played a little prank on Stephanie and Nicky last summer when they were at the beach. I can control the thermostat from my phone, so I turned up the heat. They would turn it down and I'd turn it back up. I guess you could call that long-distance humor! I don't think they laughed. Well, maybe Nicky--he likes me!

This one might have me laughing the most---but only if it works!!

So, I was folding laundry earlier in the week. Before I realized it, I had paired two socks that didn't really match--accidentally. When I came across a third one, that's when I noticed.

You can barely tell them apart. One has green dots and the other has red.
This is how I noticed my mistake. 

Anyway, I decided to leave them as mismatched pairs. I want to see if Butch notices. It makes me chuckle to think about it. If he weren't retired, I probably wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't want to embarrass him in a business setting. Since he reads my blog, unless the mismatch has already happened, it surely won't now!! Still, it makes me laugh. I'm pretty sure he married me for my humor!! The girls, on the other hand, inherited me! 

Oh, and one last thing. When Jordan and Morgan were like this:
I pulled the best "grammy" prank ever. 

One day, when Butch was cleaning my car, he found a little butterfly hair clip. He absentmindedly clipped it to a bush on the side of the driveway. One of the girls saw it and said, "Grammy, look!" I quickly quipped, "Yes, that's my butterfly bush!" (Chuckling to myself at my play on "butterfly bush." To which Jordan said, "No grammy, it's a "hair clip" bush!" 

After that, I started moving that clip around the bush. the girls were surprised that it was moving. That's when I got the idea to go to the dollar store and buy a whole pack of butterfly clips. I added a few each day until the bush was full. I kept moving them around. They started "picking" them and I would put them back. 

I don't remember how long that went on, but it was pretty much fun at the time. Hmmm, I need to remember to ask them if they remember the "hair clip" bush!

I do certainly entertain myself. I always say I have fun everywhere I go!

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Scrapbook Saturday

As you read this, we are on our way to the beach. It's going to be a fun girls' trip!

1. This layout is about the effects of our dad's death on each of us, 7 siblings. 

We all related our memories of that night. I included Jeanne's paper she wrote about it while in college. The envelope holding it was something that came in the mail full of "offers." I love to use envelopes and other kinds of folders that comes in the mail to use on the page.

2. In honor of Elizabeth the Great!
Seems pretty appropriate to honor Queen Elizabeth with the upcoming coronation.

3. "We Have a Winner!"

This layout is about Mindy's pony--Lady.

4. Our cruise in 2022 with Matt and Sharon.

Our trip journal is in the pocket I use those in lieu of regular journaling.

5. I made this title page based on one of Ali Edward's kits.
It doesn't get much easier than this!