Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Teenage" Boys will be Boys!!!

I've been meaning to post this picture since Disney. You will recall that Mitchell stayed in our room. One day, he was messing around with the "frog" magnet from my needlework. Normally, it's used to hold needles. Leave it to Mitchell to turn it into nose jewelry. Plus we were pretty impressed that the magnet was so strong that it held through his nose! Then Morgan got in on the act and they were attaching it to their braces and everything else in sight. When it was all said and done, one of the little crystals is missing from my cute little froggie. Oh well, it was worth it to get this shot!

I keep trying to get Sandy to start a blog as she has the funniest stories to tell. I try repeating them sometimes, but they aren't always as good as when she tells them. She keeps us in stitches. Here are a few that don't sound nearly as good as when she told them:

Mitchell had a big red mark that encircled his chin. When his coach asked him what it was from, he told him that he was decked by a friend for throwing dog poop at him. The coach brought it up to Greg who set the record straight. Mitchell had suctioned a cup to himself that left the mark. Since when is it better to have people think you picked up dog poop than to admit to sucking a cup onto yourself?

While at camp, Mitchell and his friends were banned from playing "sting" pong. Only teen boys would play with their shirts off and let the others slam the ball at their bare chests and backs, leaving red welts all over. Maybe next they'll think of using dog poop instead of the ball and call it "fling" pong---or stink pong.

Mitchell was only home a day when the girls from camp started posting their photos on Facebook. They set the photos to music and made nice slideshows. The other girls were responding in typical schmaltzy teen girl fashion---"oh, I miss you already, my bff, etc." Only one boy responded with "holy s**t that was long!!" Typical boy! Sandy then asked Mitchell about the pictures he took. He responded, "mooommmm, I didn't have a camera!" To which she replied, "Mitchell, I told you that I put it in the pocket of your bag when you left!" He never remembered it was there! Boys! A whole new world for our family!!

Oh and one last thing---he's a "Gleek", but said if anyone ever mentioned it, he would never admit to it!

I love that kid!!!

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