Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What I Buy Wednesdays

Well, I've been pretty busy since we got home on Saturday night. And I'm leaving today for a scrapbooking/golf weekend. We girls scrapbook while the guys play golf. Actually it's getting harder and harder to do this--even if it's only once a year! Where we go is out in the country with no internet access and barely any cell reception. Add to the fact that my phone needs to be replaced, I won't be able to get any emails. It's really hard for me to be completely off the grid. I get a little uptight when I cannot get or make calls or texts. I always worry that somebody might need to get a hold of me. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe when I do get a new phone, it will be better. 

I didn't have time to prepare any blog posts. But I can at least get this one done!

While on our trip last week, I didn't buy much.
I added two new Starbucks mugs to my collection. And I got some stamps for my National Parks Passport. That's it. 

We did some shopping, but I mostly stayed out of the stores. I'm too much of an impulse buyer. I saw some really cute jewelry, but I don't need anything, so I resisted. 

Have you bought anything interesting this week?

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Some Things for Saturday

We had no idea that New Mexico and Arizona were so windy! I thought Chicago was the "Windy City" and I totally agree with that. But NM and AZ are definitely close seconds.

Several firsts for me!!
First time hiking to the top of a volcano. It was kind of hard for me. I had to stop and rest several times. Then somebody said something about the altitude. Yeah, no wonder I was breathing so hard!
Standing on the corner....just one more cool thing along Route 66.
The Petrified Forest.
My first time (and probably last time) hiking in a desert! I'm just glad it was such nice, moderate weather. I cannot imagine doing this in the summer. I was sweating a lot and it was cool! It was a lot of fun and I'm happy to be able to say I hiked in a desert!!
The painted desert was really neat too. We didn't hike here, just drove the national park road with stops along the way. It's so unusual---the colors changed along the way. 

The whole trip has been really fun. I'm happy to have logged so many firsts. At 69, that's hard to do!!

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Five Things Thursday

Okay, I'm taking a minute to give you five things. We have been hitting it hard every day! Today, Butch and I decided to forego dinner so we can just call it a day. We got back at 4:30. I showered and collapsed! We decided to order room service--sushi--really hit the spot. Steph and Nicky are on their own. They are quite the "foodies" which is an important part of their vacation. Ours too, usually, but sometimes--not! I just did not want to have to get all fixed up and go to a lengthy dinner when all I want to do is relax and chill out! Win win for all of us!!

Here we go!

1. I saw my first moose at The Grand Canyon!! And, I didn't even have to pay for it! I cannot tell you how many times we've gone on excursions to see animals---only to never see any! I can't even begin to think about how much money we've spent. After I didn't see any whales in Alaska, I said, "that's it! I'm not paying for another animal watching excursion!" Actually, we saw pretty many moose today, to it was really cool. They were not afraid of people which made it nice to be able to get up close. There was another laying down behind this one.
Nicky made the comment that they looked pretty mangy. Butch informed us that they are just losing their winter coats. Makes sense.

2. You know how obsessed I am with book boxes! 
Well, this one might just be my favorite! It was built to match this church in Flagstaff, Arizona. Too cute!

3. Stephanie and Nicky at The Grand Canyon.

Butch and I. It was the most gorgeous day! We hiked the western rim for about 4 miles. We had a great lunch at the El Tovar Hotel on the rim. We had some great salads there.

4. We just don't understand people. You are not supposed to go off the path. Still, people break the rules all the time. That doesn't sit well with us. We are rule followers! Plus, it's just plain dangerous.

These guys were right up to the edge. With all the loose gravel, one little slip and they'd be gone. We saw a family who were encouraging their kids to get close to the edge so they could take a picture! We couldn't believe it!! It might be hard to tell, but it's a sheer drop off! Straight down, do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars!! 

5. No trip would be complete without geo-caching. Luckily, Steph and Nicky enjoy it as much as we do.
What better spot than the forest floor at the Grand Canyon!
Do you see it? Look really close!
A chunk of wood right at the base of the tree! Right there in the open. You might not expect it to just be sitting there.
Flip it over and there's the log! That was a fun one. Of course Butch found it first. He stepped away and then I found it!

It was an exhausting day. We left at 8 a.m. and didn't get back until 4:30---just like every day so far!! But the truth is, we don't want to miss a thing! And, we don't!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Travel Tuesday

Staying at the iconic Hotel el Rancho in Gallop, New Mexico on the Mother Road--Route 66. 

Notice Butch's Route 66 shirt!!
Hundreds of autographed photos of all the stars who stayed here while filming so many westerns. Butch and I, along with Stephanie and Nicky are staying in the two bedroom suite of The Marx Brothers. Unfortunately---as often happens when I am traveling, I cannot get my photos to cooperate--nor, apparently my verbage!

Just wanted to try to slip in a quick post. We're on the go constantly which leaves little time for blogging. I'll do my best!! 

Monday, April 5, 2021

Monday Mystery

Not only is this a mystery, it really bothers me!
Honestly, how can someone forbid people from enjoying the beach just because it's in front of their house? I don't understand it. It really bothers me. How do you "own" the beach?? It's a mystery to me.