Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Reason I Believe...

...that some things weren't meant to be. Remember that I was lamenting the fact that I missed out on a vintage scale for my kitchen a few weeks ago on our flea market trip? I had gone back twice and the seller still wasn't there. I told myself that I just wasn't meant to have it. Still, I dreamt about that scale. Then---in St. Louis for Jackie's wedding, all of us girls hit an antique mall. And look what my sister, Janice found. I was so excited because this scale is even cooler than the other one. This one is BLUE and goes perfectly in my kitchen. I just love it! Janice and I also shared the purchase of some red and green "mills". I remember them turning up on every scavenger hunt list I ever had growing up. Cool!

One last photo---I found these tiny little plastic salt an pepper shakers. These are the exact ones that my grandma Zimmermann had. Each person at the table got their own set. After she died, I requested just one pair as a momento. I never got them. These may not be hers, but they will remind me of her everytime I look at them.

CRAP, I knew that picture would not show up right! It's crazy to me that you have to plan your photos backwards when blogging. Maybe I'll get it right sometime....

One last thing, when we were getting the farmer's baskets, several people asked me if I could tell the difference between farm fresh eggs and grocery store eggs. I said, "no". Well, I have to eat those words now after having farm fresh all summer. The first thing I noticed with the store bought eggs is that the color was a lighter yellow. Then after I scrambled them, they seemed tasteless. So now I amend my answer with a resounding "YES"! I can tell the difference. Can't wait until next summer.

I'm still waiting for some good photos of the wedding to share. I was stuck behind the photographer at the church and could hardly ask her to move. Then, my battery went dead. Disaster for a scrapbooker. Oh woe is me!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Layouts from Scrapbook Weekend

Here are the layouts from our scrapbooking weekend. I'm still in Cape Cod and am having a great time. I'll be posting some of those layouts when I get home as well as sharing my latest flea market finds----lots of really cool stuff.

At left is a Christmas layout titled: To Grammy's House we Go.

This one is titled "Throttle Back"---one of Butch's favorite sayings.

I Guess it Runs in the Family

Like brother, like sister...

I guess "junking" up your own personal space must run in the family. Take a look at Ronnie's garage workshop. He has lots of vintage stuff in there too. I sighted a Kangaroos shoe box, tons of old coffee and cracker tins, those old books that used to belong to my dad (the red ones), and some old suitcases. All very well organized. Just check out all of those coffee jars with the shelf hand-made to accommodate them.

Now check out my personal space. Same "junkiness", I just have cuter junk! Like brother, like sister---I guess it's in the "genes"....

Flea Market Finds

We went to Ardmore, TN yesterday to a flea market---1000 vendors from 30 states. I think there were only 871---not really, but seriously, not more than about 200---but maybe we missed a whole section. Although it ended up being rainy, it was still, fun---and we did a little geo-caching along the way. Here are my finds for the day: a vintage checkbook register from 1953, old loose leaf paper, vintage chandelier crystals, and old saint medals.
Here we go again, I can't get this picture thing straight. I need to just do them one at a time and see if that works better. The photo above with the vintage jewelry in the old muffin tin is another collection. I didn't add anything to it this trip.

The blue bowl was my most expensive purchase for a friend of mine, but still cheap. The buttons are going to a certain someone that has some containers to fill---5 bucks for the lot.

I just love those old wooden cheese boxes---nails and all. The wooden rule is also for someone's room. I use them to display my "adopted" relatives. You can barely see one above in the photo with the muffin tin.

The jar at the bottom is for my "nurse" friend, Susan. It's a jar of "Nurse White" shoe soap for nurse shoes. I found those darling school scissors along with a pair for stitching. Then there are a few coupon books for ice rations. I got all of this for $66.00! I bargained a lot! There was a vintage scale that I wanted very badly for my kitchen, but the guy that had the booth wasn't there. I went back twice and he still was gone. I guess I just wasn't meant to have it. Now I'm dreaming about the darn thing.

More stuff to "junk" up my room. Glad I have someone else's room to "junk" up now!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mean Girls

That's what ALL teenage girls are! Ahhh, I remember it well...

On Monday, I picked the girls up after school. I'm in a carpool now and I already hate it---even if it keeps me from having to drive every day. I need to remind myself to look on the bright side---I'm saving $480 a month on extended care fees. Still, it's an intrusion in my life. Don't get me wrong, I haven't even met the lady that is sharing this duty with me. And, she's had to drive a whole lot more to make up for my out-of-town days which continue for the next two weeks, so I really shouldn't complain.  Anyway, back to the story...

This past week was Freshman/Senior week at St. Cecilia Academy (yes, that's right, Jordan is a freshman---it gave me a chill seeing her come down those steps in the same uniform that her mother and aunts wore---where has the time gone?). All 4 girls got in the car---Jordan and friend Megan and Morgan with friend Julia. Immediately, the 2 freshmen started talking about how "lame" their seniors were---they didn't decorate their lockers very much, hadn't sent them notes, nor given them very good "gifts". After listening to comments like, "my senior must have no friends or she'd know what to do", "my senior is probably ugly, that's why she has no friends", "when it's my turn, I'm not going to spend my money", "no way is she going to be my mentor", and on and on. It was like deja vu---I remember it so well with Mindy and her friends (I don't recall that there was a Freshman/Senior week with Sandy and Steph). I asked Jordan what she got. She got a pair of blue socks that said "sock-it-to-me". Hmmm, sounds like a vintage find at the Good Will Store. Of course, I didn't say that because I'm not a mean teenager, but I did feel her pain! What I said instead, "well, maybe she can't afford much." To which she responded, "well, it doesn't cost anything to write a note!" Touche'. Anyway, I listened to the rest of their inane conversation the rest of the way home---criticizing everybody and everything. 

They're all the same---teenage girls. I remember being the same way. And if I'm really honest with myself, I guess I still can be "mean." Maybe just not as often.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jeanne's Scrapbook Room

Check out my sister's room I helped put together last week. Such fun.

PS I'll be posting some pictures in the next couple of days from our scrapbook retreat last weekend.