Saturday, May 30, 2020

So Sad

I am sick about what's happening in Nashville. 

Downtown has just been able to re-open and now this. Looting, starting fires, breaking windows and vandalizing is NOT protesting. It's just a crime. We've suffered enough the past few months between the tornado and then Covid. It's too much!

If you don't live here, GO HOME! We don't need your inciteful behavior!

Nashville has always been a friendly, welcoming city. We don't need this crap. 

I'm sick at heart.

Some Things

I got a message from Fitbit that I had walked the equivalent of the Great Barrier Reef---1600 miles. Now that's from on and off over the last 5 years or so. I earned this badge! It's pretty cool. I'll scrapbook it.

 My friend, Madelyn--still doesn't have that mask down. She's sort of missed the whole point. She doesn't even have her mouth or her nose covered. I just love old people! They are so darn cute!

 I really had no idea about this! Anybody else know about it?
I don't know where this is, but how gorgeous. I would love to stroll through. I'm thinking they are hydrangeas.
And then there's this. We were talking at the pool when Sandy was in town. She was saying they were thinking of possibly adding one, but couldn't quite figure it out. Well, this looks like it would be perfect!! It's a bar AND a sunbathing deck! Looks good to me!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Effects of the Pandemic on Nashville

I read this article from the Nashville Business Journal. The statistics are staggering. Everyone is suffering, no doubt. But Nashville has been hit particularly hard! We're a tourist city you know! And the bachelorette party capital of the country!

This excerpt is directly from the article.

Nashville has endured the steepest drop in consumer spending of any major metro area in the U.S. during the Covid-19 crisis, according to a new data tracker developed at Harvard University.

As of April 30, that spending had fallen 46%. Nashville's decline is more than twice the 21% drop seen nationwide.

The numbers are striking but not particularly surprising, given how the pandemic ravaged the city's tourism and restaurant industries, which are reliant on travelers and consumer spending.

Big blows lurk — such as the absence of CMA Fest (canceled) and Bonnaroo (postponed), both of which were supposed to occur in June. On the other hand, downtown's largest hotel plans to reopen on June 11, and more restaurants are staffing up as they gradually add more service.

One restaurant owner downtown was interviewed. He has been unable to re-open because his workers are making MORE on unemployment than they would coming back to work. There's something wrong with that!!

Antonio's--one of our best Italian restaurants (even though a bit pricey) has closed permanently. Sad, because we do not have that many really good Italian restaurants here. Some would disagree with that statement, but when you grow up in St. Louis, nothing compares to those Italian restaurants. Sooo many are ALL sooo good! And cheap! We definitely do not have that here. Plus, they do not have toasted ravioli, provel cheese and salads with lots of "stuff" in them!

Lastly, I came across another article spelling out the risks of certain activities. 

1. A BYOB backyard gathering with one other household: low to medium risk.
2. Eating indoors at a restaurant: medium to high risk.
3. Attending a religious service indoors: high risk.
4. Spending the day at a beach or pool: low risk (with social distancing)
5. An outdoor celebration such as a wedding with more than 10 guests: medium to high risk.
6. Using a public restroom: low to medium risk.
7. Letting a friend use your bathroom: low risk.
8. Going to a vacation house with another family: low risk.
9. Staying at a hotel: low to medium risk.
10. Getting a haircut: medium to high risk.
11. Going to a nightclub: high risk.
12. Going camping: low risk.
13. Exercising outdoors: low risk.
14. Boating and fishing: low risk.
15. Kissing a bunch of random strangers in bars: highest risk of all!

There's your public service information for the week!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

What I Buy Wednesday

The Toms I ordered arrived this week. Yes, they are the same style. I have to have sandals and not flip-flops--or a couple reasons. 1. Ever since I heard on the news that 90% of foot and ankle problems are caused by flip flops, I decided to stop wearing them. Then I actually broke my own ankle wearing a pair that I didn't really considerate be flip flops because the encased my whole foot. I threw those away--even though I really liked them! And reason 2. Ever since I had my fusions, my "papa" toes do not move. A titanium plate has take the place of the joint. My nurse friend, Susan told me that---that's what's causing my balance problems. We need our big toes for gripping and balancing. So, in accuality, it's hard for me to walk in flip flops anyway. I have one pair I keep for pedicures and to wear at the pool. Still, I'm very careful when waling in them.

Another thing about Toms. I like them because they are one of those companies that donates a pair when you buy a pair. I like to support socially conscious companies. 

This falls under things I bought previously. I have a ridiculous amount of hair things.
 The drawer was a jumbled mess, so I decided to clean it out. 
Maybe this doesn't look much better, but I wound up all the cords. Okay, here's what I have: one blow dryer, two blow brushes, 1 curling brush and 3 curling irons. Crazy, I know. Plus, after I cleaned out the drawer, I couldn't get rid of a single one!!

Now let me explain. When I travel, the very last thing I pack is my hair appliance because I am letting it cool off. That has caused me to "forget" it at least 3 times. That becomes the first order of business. I have to have something to style my hair. 

Hmmm, that makes me think---"I need to just keep one in my main suitcase so I won't forget it again. 

Yeah, that's the plan. Well, whenever we can travel again!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

This and That Tuesday

I seem to have quite a few random things to share. So, here goes.

1. A few things are in bloom in the garden.
Carolina sweet spire--I always love those feathery tendrils. It doesn't last long. I've never tried to bring it inside, so I don't know how it holds up as a cut flower.
 The white peonies are in full bloom---almost finished, but still pretty.
 They look nice next to my poinsettia--still in bloom from Christmas.

2. My brother, Matt, has been sending me so many fishing pictures.
 His friend made his mask out of a fishing print fabric.
 Fishing with his friend, Dorn.
Their catch for the day---lots of blue gill---no limit on them. At least once a year, I get to be at one of his famous fish fries. OMGosh, the fish is so good---melts in your mouth!
He took our sister, Janice with him one day last week. She caught her limit of trout at Montauck. Why she's wearing the mask in the outdoors, I don't know! That's the thing I love about being outside---I don't have to wear my mask (unless, of course, there are a lot of people around).
 Looks like Matt and Sharon are one fish shy from their limit.

Butch and I tried to go fishing last week, but had a problem with the boat. That's all fixed now, but it's been threatening rain for too long. Same goes for this week. We'll see. It's almost getting to be too hot for me. The humidity has arrived with a vengeance. I'm starting my walks very early now--5:40 a.m. 6:30 a.m. or it's too hot!

3. Came across this on my walk today.
I don't know who it belongs to. Maybe it blew here from the storm the other night. Maybe someone will claim it. It's been there for two days now.
We actually love storms and were sitting on the front porch with our cocktails when this one blew through. Mindy texted us to get inside. We didn't. We sat out until the rain started blowing in on us. Then it was time to move. We love the breeze and the smell. 

4. Another puzzle in the books! I think this is about #10 now. We're planning to continue with them even though we're starting to get out of the house a little more.
Sandy loaned us this one. It was so much fun---Broadway playbills. I've been fortunate enough to have seen 14 of these shows actually on Broadway!! I've seen just about all of them. 

5. Who is this man and why is he in our yard?
There is a house just beyond the little patch of woods behind our house. We don't know how many people are living there, but they are cutting through to our neighborhood all the time. A woman with a baby in a stroller, another (or maybe the same one) with a little kid on a scooter, this "older" guy and then another younger one wearing flip flops. I only mention that because I don't think people wear flip flops if they are going on a serious walk. Plus, they are all coming randomly and alone. I don't care if they cut through, but it's so strange and surprising since this has never happened before. Also, it's a little disconcerting because this big picture window is in our bathroom. 

I guess I could have saved this for a Monday Mystery. But, I have plenty of mysteries coming up.

That's about it for today.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Monday Mystery

Here's a good one. Last week, my sister, Jeanne sent me a picture. She wanted me to help her solve a mystery.
She wanted to know what this growth on her oak tree was. I had no idea, so I looked it up.

It's called "Chicken of the Woods." It's actually an edible mushroom. I don't think I could eat it, but if you are interested in cooking it, here's a recipe:
Chicken of the Woods.

What ever you do, don't try to eat it raw in a salad. The twins* texted us that apparently, on the show Naked and Afraid, someone had to leave the show because they got so sick from eating it raw. I guess the mystery here is whether they had to leave naked too!

Has anyone eaten this? It's supposed to taste like chicken, hence the name. Let me know.

*I just realized that we think of the "twins" as one person. I think it was actually Jennifer that sent the text (a good guess because Janice doesn't know how to operate her phone very well). Either way, it was the two of them who watched the show. So there. They are one person!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Some Things on Sunday

Some things:

1. I always thought this was my favorite house in the neighborhood. But then I realized that--that wasn't what I loved about it.
It's the tree. That tree is magnificent. It has to be over a hundred years old. The trunk is enormous. The whole thing is beautiful. It almost dwarfs this huge home!

2. Butch and I were geo-caching. I found myself in need of an emory board. I knew it was futile to ask, but since the Enclave used to be mine, I thought maybe there might be one left in the console. When he asked what I was looking for, he whipped out this.
I've always said, he can live out of our cars. When you say "fully equipped," it has a different meaning for Butch. He has it all in the car, blanket, waters, snack bars, tools, tire fix, jacket, rain poncho, you name it, he's got it. I'd love for him to go on Let's Make a Deal with his car! I'd put it up against anyone's. Oh, and the Swiss army knife---yes, it had that metal file. I just about ruined my nails getting it open, but it did the trick in smoothing a rough edge.

3. Hazards of stitching.
I find myself wearing fibers now and then. Plus, a needle can go missing once in awhile. I might be wearing it or, I'll find it on the floor. Sometimes, someone around here has stepped on one! Ouch!

4. This is step one in an old recipe from the 1970's that I haven't made in years.
Praline Pie
Pie crust slightly baked (I baked it for about 7 minutes at 425--until it loses it's gloss).
1/3 cup butter
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup chopped pecans
Melt until bubbly. Spread in to pie shell. Bake at 425 for 5 minutes until bubbly. Cool.

1 pkg. butterscotch pudding (not instant)
2 cups milk
Cook according to directions. Pour on top of pecans. Chill.

Top with Cool Whip. You can spread the Cool Whip over the whole pie or just top each piece. So yummy!

5. This falls under the category of "now I've seen it all!"
A trash truck in the drive through line at Burger King! Are you kidding me? Seriously, that sort of grosses me out. I think it's rude---the smell has to be awful. I get that the guys have to eat, but why not park the darn truck and walk in. And before you think it---yes, the restaurant is open. How can they eat in the truck with the smell? Yuck! Butch and I were both amazed. Now we've seen it all!

So there are some things on Sunday. Anything interesting happy to you this week?

Saturday, May 23, 2020

On My Walk

I was telling Butch, that even though I'm doing the family challenge and exceeding my goal each week, I actually have a different motivator now. 

I've started thinking about my annual physical in January. No, I don't expect there will be much change. My blood pressure is good---low, in fact. My cholesterol is good. I don't have any health problems. Walking won't affect my weight or at least hasn't yet. But what I'm most excited about is when I fill out my pre-appointment paperwork, I will proudly be able to say that I am active 5 days a week. That's something. And it's good for my heart--even though it might not show. I'm excited about that. I won't have to feel guilty any more! I've been active for most of my life. It feels good to be able to say that again.

So there, that's why I do it. But, while I'm doing it, I'm purposefully paying attention to nature. We walk all over the place and are fortunate to have so many trails near our house. That keeps it interesting. That and podcasts. And a phone call now and then. (And yes, I know that those are NOT sentences---I like to break grammar rules now and then because, well, I can. No nuns grading me!). 

On one of my walks this week, the woods were alive with so many pretty wildflowers.
The first plant I noticed was this bush. It looks like some sort of something from the Oak family. The leaves were shiny and perfect--no bugs are blemishes. I wouldn't mind having this in my yard.
I did not try to identify these flowers with my "plant net" app because I did not want it to slow me down. 

This one I know. It's the ox-eye daisy. Such a sweet little thing.
 Isn't this the most darling thing? 

 Of course, this is just common clover. I didn't stop to find a 4 leaf. 
But in the wider view, it sure made for a nice carpet.
As I walked along, I saw this little beauty. Upon closer inspection, turns out it's a little flower barrette. I wonder what little cutie lost it.

I don't think there is anything quite as magical to me than flowers. I just love them all. Plus, it gives me something to enjoy on my walks. 

What do you like to pay attention to? Are you taking time to "smell the roses"?