Saturday, October 31, 2020

Scrapbook Saturday

Here are the rest of the layouts from my trip to the Memory Make Inn a couple weeks ago.
"Sip & Script. Something to do during a pandemic!" 
"Times have Changed" The layout is about our master bath remodel--but it's politically incorrect to say "master"  now. You are supposed to say "primary" bedroom or bathroom. Sheesh!
"California" is about a spring break trip we took in 1989.
"2020-the year Toilet Paper was worth more than gold" I actually printed the title on toilet paper. That was tricky!
"England" about our trip in 2019.
The layout on the left is the end page for our 2020 "favorites" album. The title or end page on the right was just something fun I planned for everybody. I just love that quote: "you hold the pen in this story called life"---which is exactly why we scrapbook--to tell our stories! 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Five Things Thursday

1. We went to Sandy's for our needlepoint weekend. Her house was so pretty with her fall decorations. Even the porch was festive. One night, we had a fire and played games--so much fun and great ambience.

These little cute Peanuts characters and books are on the vanity in the powder room. I always say it's in the details!

2. Even Titan was all decked out. Notice "Lambchop?" He loves her. Elizabeth couldn't figure out why Sandy kept calling it "Lambchop." She had never heard of that. Honestly, I didn't know that Sandy knew what that was either. I think "Lambchop" was before my time! And I'm a child of the '50's. Mindy said it was on sometime when she was growing up. I really don't know a thing about that show.
Titan took quite a "shine" to Mindy. He was always hopping on her lap. I don't know why we should be surprised--everybody loves Mindy! 

3. Well, we made the Pumpkin Spice Martinis. They turned out so darn cute!
They tasted good too. We plan to make them again, but really don't need to do the pumpkin pie. We've already enjoyed that little garnish.
Making the drinks means making a mess! 

4. You might think Elizabeth is dressing as Elvira for Halloween with her long, long nails.
But, no. Apparently, this is the new fun style for teens right now. She's all about fashion and being on the cutting edge. We teased her about how she types, etc. But really they are fun. I can remember trying to glue pieces of cardboard on my nails when I was a kid to make them fun and long. Of course that didn't work. (I never said I was the sharpest tool in the box!)

5. So, "no," this was not the needlepoint we were working on. But I just couldn't resist taking the opportunity to show off these beauties again!
I had so  much fun stitching this Halloween bookshelf. I started it last Halloween season. And then there's this one:
This is still one of my all time favorite projects. I have so many favorites now. (Sandy, I know you are reading. Notice the French knots that I used to make the drippy candle wax. They are all stacked up. Sandy said she didn't like the French knots on our project---and there are dozens of them. I love that stitch and told her that I was waiting for the time she'd say the same!)
As soon as I get out the Halloween stuff, I get this beauty out too. The season is so short not to enjoy them for as long as you can.

I hope you have taken some time to enjoy the changing season. It's getting chilly.  Time for fires, hot chocolate with Bailey's, candles and blankets to snuggle up in. I'm ready!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

What I Buy Wednesdays

The rock project: I bought more rocks. You might recall the first batch I bought.
I loved them. They were so colorful and creative. I had so much fun putting them around the neighborhood. The only problem with a project like this is that you don't get to see the reaction of the kids (or adults) finding them. That would be half the fun.

Anyway, after I commissioned this first batch, Mindy wanted in on the action. Soooo, I ordered 2 dozen. Since school was back in session, I had to wait a bit longer. Plus when you double the order, then you have to expect to wait longer.

This time, I was happy that Parker delivered in person rather than through her grandmother. Of course, little sister, Maddie was along. They came at a good time. They got to look around at all of the Halloween decorations.
Aren't they so adorable? I mean the girls! Although the rocks are too. 
This time, she really went all out. Parker glammed a few of them up with puff paints, sparkle paint and even some rhinestones. She's getting more creative as she goes along. Notice the candy corn, watermelon, strawberry and ice cream cone (slightly hidden). 

I'm excited to put these out. I do two a week--every Monday. Many people leave them, so I swap them out. 

Mindy lives downtown. There's a rock project called "615" which is our area code. You might find a rock with "615" on it. It's meant to be moved. But, those rocks are a little boring. These fun, colorful rocks will really add to the fun. I'm pretty sure people down there will get a kick out of them when they come across one.

You know, everybody is trying to get out there and exercise. It's so much fun to come across a surprise to keep things interesting. There's a tree on one of the hiking trails at Radnor Lake. 
I've never seen this tree because I don't do any hard hikes, but Butch has run across a cute little gnome in the crook. 

Just this past week, he found this in the same spot:
MONEY! Now we're talking! Someone left a $2.00 bill with a little note titled "Happy twos-day!" How clever! I'm going to let him take one of my rocks so he can put that in the tree.

We're all having so much fun with this. But, I have to admit. It would be nice if I ever came across something that someone else "hid/left!" 

On the other hand, I'll settle for this very unexpected and nice surprise!:
Little Parker sent me a darling thank you note for buying her rocks! Something tells me this girl already has some business acumen! I am sure she will go far!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Travel Tuesday

Mooresville, Alabama was our destination two weeks ago--on our way to the beach. It's a charming and quaint little town (or I should really say village) that has really made an effort to preserve its history. You can still live there, but I'm sure it's very expensive. 

The only reason we learned about this town is because of geo-caching. Of course, I'm having trouble with my pictures, so they are out of order. The picture below is of the cache after Butch found it.

This is the picture of him looking for it! You always learn some fun history while geo-caching. That's a big part of the reason we love it.
As we were strolling through the neighborhood, this guy was really worked up. The town is so quiet, I thought for sure the owner would appear to find out what all the racket was about. 
This was the cutest little old store. It is actually still in operation, but we were there early.
Everything here was perfectly neat and orderly. It made me wonder if there is a general maintenance crew that keeps up all of the property grounds.

This is only one of two churches in the United States that has a hand with a finger pointing towards heaven.
Butch hunting for another cache at the oldest, continuously running post office in Alabama. I would have loved to catch a glimpse inside, but again we were there too early. 

All of the landscaping and gardens throughout the village were perfectly maintained.
Even the church had its own garden with a little historical walk.
This town is where I found this adorable book box. 

We walked all through the streets---I'd say there were about 3 of them with 2 intersecting them. So. Darn. Cute. Butch says we'll go back another time when the little shop and post office are open. I'm going to hold him to it.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Monday Mystery

I saw these baskets when we were visiting Mooresville, Alabama a couple weeks ago. I had no idea what they were.
Then when I came across this one, I noticed the sticks in it. Then it dawned on me that they were supposed to be cute  trash receptacles! 

Now as I write this, it hit me. Are they early street lights? Literal torches? Seems like that is possible and would have been really cool. Just fill them with sticks and light them. What a clever idea---if that's really what they are. 

I guess the mystery isn't fully solved.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Something for Sunday

When you are reading this, we will already be gone!

Stephanie, Mindy and I left for Atlanta and Sandy's on Thursday afternoon for a stitching weekend. They decided it would be easier to just work from here that day. I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. It came up that we wanted to take some wine with us to Sandy's. One thing lead to another and we decided that we wanted to bring the ingredients for the Pumpkin Pie Martini.
 If you recall, I shared the link to A Beautiful Mess for the recipe. It looks so darn cute!

We started asking Butch if he'd go to the liquor store and get us the ingredients. He kept saying, "there's no way in hell...." So, after lunch---and a lot more begging persuading, off he went. He was gone so long! Of course, he also had to stop by the grocery store for the pumpkin pie and graham crackers. 

I sent him with a list:
Turns out, we already had the vanilla vodka---brand new, unopened. He said it was from some other fancy drink that I never made! That's a win--one less thing to buy!
When he got back, he handed me the receipt. Holy smokes!! $47.00 for the liquor---not counting the vodka we already had. Plus, the $10.00 from the grocery store for the Mrs. Smith's pie and graham crackers. When you break it down, this drink will cost about twenty bucks apiece!! Now we know why drinks are so expensive in bars!!

Anyway, I'll have to share pictures of how they look when we make them AND whether they were worth it or not. 

As for Butch--ya' gotta' love a guy that will do anything for his "girls!" And we love him for it!!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Scrapbook Saturday

Two weeks ago, Pam, Karolyn and I met my sister, Jeanne and sil, Janet at the Memory Make Inn for a few days of scrapbooking. Here are some of my pages. I'll post the rest next Saturday.
"Meeting the Bishop"--Mindy's 2nd grade class hosted our new bishop. I used some vintage alphabet tiles from an old game. I used tiny tags and strung them for part of the title. Old cigar labels act as a resting spot for the banner.
"England"--we travel so much now (well, not in 2020), that I will only do a single layout to represent an entire trip. There is not a lot of room for embellishments so I just added a couple hand made blossoms from torn vellum layered with sewn bead centers.
"Suffragette TEA"--what a fun thing to do when we came out of quarantine! Journaling in the pocket.
"Gnome sweet Gnome"--the deal for my sister's log cabin. I used wood buttons as embellishments.
"My Favorite Vintage Piece" is our AYM topic this month. I pulled out my First Communion rosary, my mom's and another from my grandmother. Actually, putting them in a scrapbook seems like a great way to preserve them.
"Virginia, a true southern lady"--I used my blog post for the journaling.

As you can see, I am a pretty linear scrapbooker. I don't use a lot of embellishments--although I have a room full of stuff!!

More next week.