Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Scrapbook Room

Okay, so here it is---finally. Let me preface this by saying---it's overwhelming. Really this is the only room in my house like this. I don't go for the cluttered look usually. If you've ever seen the magazine: "Where Women Create"---you'll find that I'm not the only one with a room like this. It's full of inspiration, reminders of my childhood, photos, vintage finds and works of art. It doesn't usually look like this---mostly it's a mess while I'm working. You have to stumble around stuff on the floor. My stuff closes in on me when I work. But when I finish a project, I clean everything up and start over. So, truth be told, I'd say it looks like this about 50% of the time.
 This is the view from the door as you enter the room.

Believe it or not, I do know where pretty much everything is. A while back, I couldn't find my mists and thought I had gotten rid of them. Recently, I found them---clearly labeled in a little pink train case in the closet. All of the boxes are labeled.
 I should have painted the room long ago, but it will never happen now. There's no way I'd take everything out and off the walls to paint. So, the dated 1990's seafoam green will stay.
 The pink polka dot dress form is from Pottery Barn. I've pinned vintage pink and white hankies to make the skirt. Also, I've pinned my collection of prisms and vintage pins on top.
 The "CREATE" blocks are a recent project from my day group.
 The print box is another project we did a few years ago. It's ALL about me---photos, lots of "B's" and little things and trinkets.
 I have a couple of Christmas trees that I keep up all the time.
 I have lots of old photos that I've picked up at antique stores. I call them my adopted relatives. This old muffin tin holds assorted rhinestone pins I've collected. Can you see my "old maid" cards? They are so cute and the exact ones I had as a kid---although not actually mine.

Here's my workspace---about 36" that turns in to 6" when I'm working. Somehow, all of my supplies take over. On the left, is a Pampered Chef carousel that is perfect for pens, scissors and tools.
 The work station in the middle of the room is actually a computer station from Pottery Barn. Originally, my thought was that 3 of my friends could scrapbook with me in my room. That has NEVER happened. It immediately became my sewing center and Cricut station.

 Another day group project from a few years ago---collage tags mounted in a frame.
 Hanging on the door is my old Camp Fire vest with patches and beads. Underneath is my Horizon Club dress. The wedding dress is my mother's. It's yellowed with age and really couldn't be worn again. Instead, I'm cutting bits from the back to give to all of her granddaughters on their wedding day.
 This is a 7 Gypsies library tray that I use to hold photos that might be scrapbooked.
 I attached some vintage alphabet blocks as "feet." You could also use old wooden spools.
 Whenever I set up or organize a scrapbook room for other people, this is the most popular thing I do for them---set up a journaling basket. It's a real easy "go to" spot to find just the right thing.
 This is the pink bread box seen in the photo below. I use it to hold vintage fibers (and new) that I use for class kits.
Pink bread box on the left. The furniture is from American Signature and is relatively inexpensive.

 This was a wooden Care Bear puzzle that my day group altered a few years ago. There were twelve pieces, so we each picked a couple of months and altered them. It was fun to do.
 I have made a lot of button trees for Christmas and Halloween. They are just styrofoam trees with assorted buttons pinned on. It take a lot more buttons than you would think.

 Here is my pink typewriter that I sometimes use for journaling. If I wanted to hook up the pink telephone, it would work too. Lots of old clocks from my collection.

It's been awhile since I've taken pictures of my room. It was fun to really pay attention to ALL that stuff!

What does your room look like?


  1. What an amazing room! Looks like the kind of place one could spend all day admiring all the bits and pieces and opening little cupboards and drawers. I can see why repainting is not on your agenda any time soon!

  2. wow..i'm stunned...your room is gorgeous and like alexa i could see myself spending all day admiring. I love how your collections have made their way into your room too. The green is good! I don't have a room...if i did I hope it would be as wonderful as yours x

  3. What a totally amazing room.....I love it....and wish I had one just like it!!
    Your 'create' blocks look great.

  4. Wow! To the room and the fact that I am the third person here, that means that we could all fit around that fabulous work station and play!!!!! What am amazing place to create....

  5. Oh I enjoyed the tour and the attention to all the little details. Looking forward to having my own space at the new house (or so I hope!). I bet it is great fun to walk into knowing you get to play!

  6. That is an inspiring room!!! I love it. Everyone needs a space where the details matter to them. I think that it is important to enjoy expressing yourself like that. I love the pink with the white and green. I would keep the walls that colour as it sets off the rest of the pretty stuff in the room.

  7. So beautiful! I now confess that my first thought was "oh heck think of all that dusting!" I am gradually getting rid of all the stuff that gathers dust because I don't do housework, no I really don't do housework. I will only vacuum clean if someone asks me to do it, and as for dusting... forget it. I wipe over the tops of things and use the feather duster over the albums and the books but gradually all the things that don't get used are going to my children if they want them. When we move to a smaller home I want to be ale to pack my clothes and the furniture we are taking in one van.

  8. Fantastic room Barbara! I just mentioned in a comment on another blog that I want to set up a journal basket & I find more inspiration for that here! I must look over my basket/container supply & find something that will work!

  9. I just found your beautiful craft room as a pin on Pinterest... it's adorable! Cluttered, yes, but so is mine... and now, I have 2 craft rooms! I sew and do everything else! LOL! Don't we all, so... I tried to keep the "other" craft room as my office and less cluttered, but it's so hard! I collect similar goodies like you... love, love, love them all! I hope a year after your post, your craft room looks just as lovely!

  10. WOW! this is an amazing place to enjoy and create - an filled with amazing treasures, fun ideas and inspiration. thanks for sharing it with us on Pinterest :)

  11. Awesome job! I recently just did my own studio and it's my haven where I create and relax! What a beautiful space to look at and enjoy. Thanks for sharing have a great day!

  12. So this post showed up under a more recent one, and I didn't recall seeing it the first time around. Your room does look "Where Women Create" worthy! I was somehow surprised by so pink, but not by the amount of trinkets and old (or old looking) stuff of all sorts. Barbara, does your room still look like this or did it undergo changes during your last renovation?


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