Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baking Disaster

Before I get into the baking, I need to tell you about my weekend. Butch left on Saturday to meet his brother in Indianapolis for the Brickyard. I was looking forward to my weekend ALONE.

I took myself to the flea market---got there around 7:15 a.m. It was HOT! I found just a couple of little things and was home by 9:30 a.m.

I spent the rest of the morning working on a class for the scrapbook retreat in Steelville, MO in August.

Connie called and offered to bring lunch and then we'd get in the pool. She got here around noon and stayed until about 2:15. Very nice just floating---still very hot---the water is more like bath water now. After she left, I took my shower and put on my PAJAMAS! Of course the only reason I could do that was because I was home ALONE!! I no sooner started reading (great book---The Winter Rose, sequel to The Tea Rose---our book club selection this month---totally worth reading) as I said, no sooner did I start reading than I heard the door open. It was Morgan with her boyfriend and another friend to swim. As much as I might have been a little "bummed" to have my ALONE time interrupted, I'm glad they bring their friends over so much. I even figured I'd order them pizza for dinner. First, I had to decide if I should change out of my pajamas. Instead, I just went upstairs to my scrapbook room while they were in the pool. About 2 hours later---5-ish, they left. I had a nice quiet evening. Rented Invictus on Demand---excellent movie.

Today, I did a few things around the house---including, cleaning out part of my closet, watering everything outside, 2 loads of laundry, putting water in the pool and then did another layout for my second class. I came down and had lunch, read and took a nap, spent a little time in the pool, showered and put on fresh pajamas (Butch isn't expected home until 9 or 10).

I've also spent part of the weekend getting ready for the Farm Crop---I leave on Tuesday. I decided to bake 2 types of cookies. I love cooking/baking when I can have my music on and the house to myself. I doubled each recipe so that there would be some home-baked goodies for when the girls are here with their friends and enough to send a plate home with Margarita. As I was scooping out the Oatmeal Crisps, my Pyrex bowl "scooted" to the edge of the counter without me realizing it. The next thing I knew, the bowl fell off, hit the floor, bounced and landed upside down on my custom (interpret---expensive) rug. I don't know what I was thinking with that rug. It is in the kitchen after all! Still, if you know my kitchen, you know that was quite a distance to bounce. The bowl didn't break when it hit the hardwood, just bounced. Unfortunately, the oatmeal crisps were just about a total loss. I did have one cookie sheet ready for the oven before this happened. The picture above is what was left after I scooped up what I felt was safe. What you see is what I cleaned up and threw away. I decided that what I scooped up would be for Morgan and her friends. What's a little hair here and there? I figure with the way her mother cooks, she is used to it!! Might even be a step up!!

Here are the results. At least I have some to take on my trip. Really looking forward to that---I can wear my pajamas 24/7 if I want!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Karolyn's Scrapbook Retreat

Here are some of the before pictures:

She had a lot of really fun vintage stuff-- mostly family heirlooms. I don't know why our family didn't pass any good stuff down.

So many of the things in her room have special memories starting with her work table---that was a trestle table that belonged to her parents.
Some things have been re-purposed. I love her scale. On top are some spools of ribbon that we all bought in Scotland last year. Also, she found the purple glass doorknob. Purple is her favorite color. She's on the lookout for some fabric for the window. She will make that herself as she's a great seamstress. The old green shelves are really neat too. Her window did not have glass, so I turned it into an homage of "K"s. She didn't have quite enough, so I added the grandkids photos which will be replaced if she finds more "K"s. Love the purple gloves. She even found old "ball" jelly jars with purple lids.

Each room I've done has a personality all its own based on the individuals treasures. I just love how they've all turned out. Even with many of the same types of things, they are all completely different.

The empty frames shown here---Karolyn forgot to give those to me. She emailed me last night about them. I told her that I already have an idea for them. I'll send the pictures when I get them done---something you haven't see yet and will be unique to her room.

Alas, I've come to the end of the line for decorating friend's scrapbook rooms (and one bedroom). I've done 7---plus 4 family members. What will I do? I just love decorating. I'm working on Mindy's condo, which she doesn't even have yet---nor is even in the thought process. I just can't pass up cool stuff at a good price---like today---I found 2 cool lamps---$12.00 for the pair! I'm thinking of re-doing a few things around here. I told Butch that I was going to put the entire sun room on Craig's list---he's like "what?" Not that there's anything wrong with the room, after all, it's been 15 years. I'm ready for a change. Especially after doing Nancy's bedroom---I can see birds in my sunroom too. I want new furniture for the family room, but am holding out until Mindy decides what she wants to do. I'd rather give her the furniture. She's still living with mostly college crap.

Anybody have any jobs for me? I work for FOOD!

New Discovery

I decided to put this email on my blog as some of you scrapbookers can benefit from it. This is an email conversation that I sent to my scrapbook friends:

Once again, I screwed something up---no big surprise!

I was working on a title page for my "home and garden" album today. I used a QK die and put it in my Xyron 500 only to realize I had it upside down---ugh! Of course, when I use my QK, I cut, then put everything away. You would think I would have learned that lesson by now as I almost ALWAYS have to get it back out because either I've misspelled a word, or inadvertently left out a letter, OR (which is what happened today) put something in my little x upside down.

Now I'm mad to have to get everything out again---wish I had a room big enough to keep my revolution out all the time (little joke). FTS!! Anyhoo, having screwed up one time too many, forced me to think (which took me as long as it would have to just get everything back out). But here it is---you know how I use glitter that I keep in an antique shaker to pick up all the bits of adhesive from the little x? Well, I got the bright idea to cover the entire thing with glitter. Voila! I ran it back through and now had a full glittery accent. It turned out so cool, I'm thinking I should remember to do that on purpose. Of course, that won't happen until I screw up again.

Just wanted to share so if you all mess something up---which I know you don't do because you spend a lot more time and I'm always in a rush and that's the biggest part of my problem but oh well---you have a cool solution.

Have a good one!

PS You might be wondering how I have time to scrapbook today since I was supposed to be doing Karolyn's room. Well, I finished it yesterday!!! Now I have a free day to finish getting ready for the farm crop---which will then give me a free weekend. Hmmm! What will I do with all that spare time---without a husband home to distract me? I'm sure I'll think of something.

Love from your obnoxious friend!!!

PSS The "t" in FTS can now stand for either this or that---whichever applies.

You make me sick. Yeah, I think I just figured out my title for my NYOBC page and it will be about you. How jealous I am of all that you accomplish and I don't. Just kidding. Well, all that bragging on Sunday backfired. Hugh cancelled his business trip. So now I'm out of town and he's not which is taking a hugh chuck out of my planning time. I thought I was planning all day yesterday but forgot I had a dentist appt. which I got really bad news (2 crowns and an infection). I called Dr. Jacobson to see if they had an opening for her to look at this place on my face that I picked at over our vacation and she cut it open and got this hard ball of dead skin out. Then I had to go grocery shopping, cook and watch the Bacholorette, then it was time for bed. I'll be luckily if I get to do my AYM page and my NYOBC page. I've got to get organized.

My Response:
Do you think that Hugh cancelled his trip when he found out you would be gone so he could have a weekend home alone? Only kidding.

OMG---the Bachelorette---we have a lot to talk about. I just know that when the next thing about Roberto comes out, she'll choose Chris. I wouldn't even think about dating a guy with his mother's name tattooed over his heart! Enough about the dead mother already.

You don't have to be jealous of me after all. Okay, so now that I did my bragging, here's what happened to my day. I finished the title page that I emailed you all about. Then, I got ready and headed out to Hermitage to go to an antique shop with my free day. I was going to take myself to my favorite Mexican place for lunch. I've been craving Mexican for about 3 or 4 weeks now and Butch never wants to go. No sooner do I get in the shop than he calls me that his car has broken down in Cool Springs near BB&B. I was so mad. He said, "Well, how long do you think it will take you to get here." I said. "At least 45 minutes." He said, "okay, I'll go get something to eat." I said, "No you are taking me for Mexican!"

I calmed down on the way---reminding myself that he didn't do this on purpose. I picked him up and being the good wife I am---said, "I'm sorry your car broke down." He apologized to me for wrecking my day. We wound up going to Sonic as he wasn't "dressed" to go "in" a restaurant since he was geo-caching---meaning he was wearing flip flops. Then we had to go to the grocery store which was one of his errands. I got home and Morgan says, grammy, will you take me to exchange my school blouses. I immediately said no, but she said it was just in Maryland Farms, so I agreed.

I just got home. So there went my fun day---I left the house at 11 and here it is 2:45. I guess I'll take a nap.

One good thing---I found Lauren's housewarming gift.

Oh and to make you jealous all over again---MY DINNER IS ALL READY IN THE CROCK POT---WITH HOMEMADE POTATO SALAD IN THE REFRIGERATOR. Did that at 5:45 this a.m.

I love you!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How To Make Sure Your Teenage Granddaughters Never Want to Spend a Weekend With You Again!

It all started when we found out that Jordan and Morgan's family vacation on the Jackson side was cancelled. They had already spent Friday with me---a little shopping for dresses in the morning (both girls are invited to a family wedding with their boyfriends---twins---Cameron (J's) and Carson (M's)---isn't that cute---dating identical twins? Then we met my friends, Connie and Karolyn for lunch and a movie ("Grown-Ups"---very funny, but you have to like really goofy movies). Butch would have picked them up after the shopping, but they wanted to go to lunch and the movie. They like my friends which I think is pretty high praise. The girls were going to be leaving pretty much as soon as I dropped them off after the movie. We were standing in line to buy the movie tickets when they got the call. Morgan was happy as she wasn't thrilled to be going, but Jordan was disappointed.

Later Friday night, Morgan called to ask if I would take her and her friend to a party on Saturday night. I asked if her mom had told her "no". That's when I found out the girls were going to spend Saturday night with us. Steph was going to be out-of-town leaving Saturday morning and hadn't called us yet to see if that would work for us. I'm always the last to know what's going on.

I went over to pick the girls up at 3:30 p.m. Morgan's friend, Addison was with her (she's spending the night with us too). Morgan asked if I'd pick up another friend on the way. Not a problem---except when I got to Savannah's house, there were 3 boys there that also piled in. Morgan whispered that she didn't know the boys needed a ride. Right away, I start thinking of all the back ways I could go to avoid seeing any policemen since I had 8 people in a car that only seats 5. I was a nervous wreck---I'm a major rule follower. I dropped Jordan by the house first and then delivered all of the kids to the party. I'll be picking them up at 10---Morgan's curfew.

I felt pretty bad for Jordan, because---what a bummer to have to spend a Saturday night with your grandparents. Her boyfriend is out-of-town. She wasn't complaining or anything, but to make it seem like a little more fun, I made her favorite supper---grilled cheese with tomatoes. She requested a dessert, so I made some fancy brownies. She wanted to watch a family movie, but Butch convinced her to watch a rock and roll dvd a friend lent him. You can imagine how much she's enjoying that---along with Butch's "blow by blow" commentary---Chuck Berry, Leslie Gore, The Beach Boys, James Brown---he keeps saying things like---"these are the guys that invented rock and roll, Smokey Robinson started the Motown sound, James Brown is the godfather of soul," etc. Which then lead to the critique of the clothes, dancing and hair. When the Beach Boys sang Little Surfer Girl, I had to tell her the story about my first "necking" party. Ronnie had taken me to this party where he set me up with a guy. I was so upset when we got home---mom hit Ronnie and yelled at him for taking his sister to a party like that. Oh, the memories....

I then told Jordan that that same boy ended up being my boyfriend about 6 months later. He's the one that took me to his homecoming dance but failed to tell me that it was semi-formal. I showed up in a plaid skirt and sweater. Talk about embarrassing. She remembered me telling her that story, but laughed at it again anyway.

Anyway, just about the time I'm thinking she'll do anything rather than have to spend another weekend with the "grands", she says, "see, we don't have anything classic like this---just all black music." I couldn't believe it. I asked her if she was really, really enjoying this show. She said that she really was. Unbelievable!!!

I'm telling you, Jordan and Butch have the sweetest relationship. I just love to see them together. They are sitting on the couch playing online poker together as they watch the show. Over the past few weeks, they've been fishing and tubing. Plus they share a love of the classic car auction show. He's promised to take her to one sometime.

I'm starting to think that just maybe spending the weekend with us isn't a fate worse than death after all. I guess I'm thinking of how I would have felt if I'd had to spend a teenage weekend with either one of my grandparents. We think we're cool. Maybe the kids think so too. At least that's what I want to believe.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Beach Club Resort

This is the Disney Resort that we stayed at this time. I was beautiful and had the hugest sand bottom pool I've ever seen. It had a sunken ship that contained a water slide.

Sandy is responsible for getting the matching t-shirts---she did it last time too. This one is the classic Mickey and each has our name on it. The teenagers weren't thrilled to be so obviously part of a family---especially since so many people ask where we got the shirts. I'm only sad that we didn't get a picture of the whole family with them this time.

Here's How it Went!

You'll have to figure out the pictures.

Our trip was great as usual. Disney is a place that the whole family loves. It was hot---my tip that I read about keeping sweat from dripping into my eyes and burning (put a coat of chapstick on your eyebrows)---didn't work. And did I mention it was hot? I've decided that if you're having fun and it's hot, it doesn't bother you as much. But if you are not having fun and it's hot, all you can think about is how hot it is. Still not as hot as that Mexico vacation a few years ago. Luckily for us, we were having fun the whole time, so the heat didn't stop us---nor did the showers or lines. We're used to handling it all.

We have Disney down to an exact science---arrive at the opening of the early park for the day---Butch or Greg collects the entrance passes and runs for fast passes---ride all major rides within the first hour---and never mind about food. Re-ride major rides with fast passes. Barb sits around with Elizabeth and waits while they ride the big rides. Elizabeth even rode some of the big ones this time---wherever she met the height limit. Sandy got on some of the bigger rides too. I rode a couple, but I have a queasy stomach on anything that spins too much.

I admittedly have a problem with obsessive counting. With 11 people, I'm constantly counting everyone. When the 3 teenagers went off by themselves, it really helped by reducing my counting to 8. It's annoying to be me sometimes.

11 people going to the bathroom is just plain ridiculous. For some reason, everyone doesn't go at the same time. Just about the time we're ready to move on, someone else decides to "go." A potty stop takes at least a half hour.

I had hoped to have some down time at the hotel, so brought my stitching. My Gingher scissors (interpret that expensive) were used for everything but stitching---cutting off tags, cutting out temporary tattoos, welting (that Mitchell inadvertently pulled out of the sofa) and hair. It will be a miracle if they aren't ruined.

Speaking of Mitchell, he drew the short straw and had to stay in our room. That wasn't all bad considering he was the only one in the family to have a bed entirely to himself. I think I really got him though when he first came in. I said, "Okay Mitchell, you and I are sharing a bed. Which one do you want?" I ended up laughing and blowing the whole thing, but the look on his face was pretty good. One night, little did I know that he made a phone call to his parents from the bathroom at 2 a.m. because his stomach was hurting. He left and we never even heard the door! In the morning, when he wasn't in his bed, it did freak me out for a bit. I guess it's pretty easy to lose a kid in a hotel room after all.

Mitchell left his clothes in his parents room across the hall. He just let his dirty clothes pile up in our room between his bed and the wall and behind the bathroom door----his big 'ol clompin' shoes were behind the door too. By the end of the week, we almost couldn't get the door open. One night when the teens got home about 11:30 p.m., I thought he was going to get his pajamas. When I asked him about it, he said that he was wearing them. That turned out to be a pattern---whatever he wore all day, he slept in at night---that might be a slight exaggeration as I didn't really keep track of what he was wearing to bed each night. I guess I'm glad I didn't share a bed with him after all! Those previous pictures of the messy room were Steph, Mindy, Jordan and Morgan's.

Butch still takes care of all "his" girls. He goes downstairs and gets tea for me every morning. He is also everyone's alarm clock. Luckily we had adjoining rooms which made it easier. Everyone gives him "jobs" to do. Morgan needed the padded inserts to her bathing suit top put back in---that was cute to see him trying to figure out which way they were supposed to go. He charges cell phones, puts new batteries in things, cuts off tags, collects receipts. He attempted to put a temporary tattoo on Elizabeth's cheek, but put it on wrong---he'd never done that before. He's constantly checking up on everyone---do you have your phones, room keys, etc. Besides all that, basically, he's the pack horse. Today he didn't think he needed to carry the back pack, but the girls all insisted that "we" needed it. Stephanie and Mindy each added an extra pair of shoes. He asked them why they wouldn't wear the most comfortable ones to begin with---to which Mindy responded----"DAD! I'm tired of being a fashion victim!" Reminds me of a weekend trip to St. Louis in the 80's where among the 4 of us girls, we had 26 pairs of shoes. He didn't get it then either! We're just glad he didn't try to bring the fanny pack this time. Yes, he still has one or two.

Besides the shoes, the back pack contained several pairs of sunglasses, lip glosses, 2 cameras,
3 phones, Mindy's Disney insulated cup, Steph's Sprite, 3 packs of crackers/cereal bars, 1 tampon, 2 credit cards and 6 rain ponchos---not a single thing was HIS. He should go on Let's Make a Deal---as he has everything anyone asks for---safety pins, sunblock, band aids (he always travels with a first aid kit), shampoo, cell phone charger, toothpaste---he wonders how anyone travels without him! Sometimes, so do we!

I do my part too---seems someone always needs a pair of my socks or a t shirt, hair brush, hairspray, etc. I do everyone's hair at some point---Mindy included, Mitchell excluded. Vacation is synonymous with French braids. Seems like someone always needs to "borrow" my toothpaste, face cleanser, or whatever. On the way home one night, Jordan asked if she could borrow my shampoo and creme rinse. I said yes, but everyone knows that I take a shower before bed whenever I travel. I no sooner get in the shower than I realize that she snatched it BEFORE I had a chance use it. Teenagers---sheesh.

Disney is the best place to see families behaving badly. Rudeness is everywhere. Everyone seems to think that Disney is a good excuse to wear every tacky t shirt you own. Lots of ugly clothes---with people to match. I'm glad my family likes to look "cute" when on vacation. Even if their feet hurt.

We went to a Rolling Stones concert followed by a Beatles (not to be confused with the picture of the hugest beetle we've ever seen) concert one night. It really bothered me that the people singing along seemed soooo old---which makes me think we look that old too. What a downer. It was fun to see so many young people singing along. We might be getting old, but at least our music isn't!

Poor Victoria can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. She's always been at that in-between age and probably will be for about 5 more years---too young to run around with the teens. I was glad to see her get singled out by one of the crazy Disney characters. She got to be the center of attention for a few minutes.

Conversations overheard:
Jordan: "Morgan, I wouldn't like you if you only had one arm."

Elizabeth: "I don't think Jordan knows me. She hasn't looked at me or said my name."

I don't remember which one of the girls said this, but Mindy can attest that it's is true---"your car is like your purse." Mindy still hasn't emptied her car since her move 2 years ago.

Great trip, good to be home!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"We're NOT Cheaters, Just Stupid!"

I started playing in this major bridge tournament on Monday. You have to have a team of four. I think my fellow bridge buddies invite me because they are old ladies and they need me to drive. I used to think it was for my free parking. I also am the team captain which means I fetch stuff and haul everything (2 of the ladies stayed at the hotel, so that meant, I hauled their suitcases and the one's oxygen rolling cart), get them water, sign us up and pay the fees, get pencils and score sheets, record the scores---just basically keep us organized---which, of course, suits me just fine. I like being the boss.

All was going well until the second round of play---you play 12 hands per round. We had played the first 6 boards and now were changing opponents. While we waited for others to finish, the 4 of us were chatting. About that time, the director---very Nazi-ish with the accent to go with it---came over and yelled at us. Apparently, it looked like we were discussing the hands---which you can't do since we all play the same ones. We're not idiots, we know we can't discuss the hands and weren't doing that. The director then said, that we shouldn't even be together until after the round was over. He told us that if anyone contested the scores, we would be disqualified. I later told our opponents that we're not cheaters, just stupid! He was not a nice guy.

We won the first round fair and square. I got home at 11 p.m. I was so wound up that I couldn't sleep. The last time I looked at the clock it was 2 a.m. and I had to get up at 6.

We played round 2 at 9:30 Tuesday morning. It didn't start off well when my partner's cell phone rang---a HUGE no no in bridge. The Nazi came over and yelled at her. Actually I was sort of glad about that because you know how I feel about cell phones. Old ladies don't think rules apply to them.

I would say that the average age of the 500 or so bridge players would be somewhere around 70. The ladies I play with are in their mid-80's except for my partner who is about 77. My friend, Mary Jo, with the oxygen needed help changing out her tank. Luckily, I had all that oxygen tank maintenance experience from helping mom last year. But it was all for naught as I was in the bar when she needed my help! By the time they met up with me, they had already had a drink of their own---vodka, straight, on the rocks. They ended up having another drink in the bar. That's when I found out that their maiden names were Zimmermann!

We played a total of 96 boards on Tuesday, but ultimately lost. I got home again about 11 p.m.---exhausted since I only got 4 hours sleep the night before. I slept like a baby and even took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. That's a lot of bridge---maybe it's the brain power that exhausted me. All in all, we played pretty well. We would have done much better if we could have played in our own division. But, Joan, my partner (for the last 20 years) has over 1000 points (compared to my 98) which threw all of us into a higher bracket. Joan plays just about every day of the week. That's why she has so many points. You earn points in fractions, so it really takes a long time for them to add up.

At the tournament, I saw our director from Hillwood. I told him about our stupidity the first night. He laughed and said that we were seasoned enough bridge players that we should have figured that out. He's a nice guy and knows that we're not cheaters. He may be German (his last name is Birnbaum), but he's no Nazi!!

Up next---Disney report!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We're Home!

Wow! I have so much to report! And I promise to do that very soon. I spent 5 hours today, downloading, organizing, uploading, ordering and scanning (about 60) photos. Jeanne, you are going to have to think of something really nice to do if you want me to share those scans with you! It was a big job---and I still have more to do---just what's left on my walls.

Here are a few photos from our trip to tide you over. Guess whose room this is? It was such a mess that the maid didn't even come in one day!

Mitchell drew the short straw and had to stay with Butch and I---which really wasn't all that bad as he was the only one in the family with a bed to himself. This could have been our room except that he managed to keep his "crap" between his bed and the wall and behind the bathroom door. By the second to last night, we could barely open the door. When he gathered his stuff to take to his family for packing, there was a pile of sand left behind. It made me laugh!

All I can say about this room is---thank goodness it was so big! When I was taking these photos, Mindy was quick to point out that she had all her stuff in one place. That might be, but I've seen her apartment look like this too.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Now I've Heard it All!

It was reported on the news that a family here in the Nashville area has bats in their attic and walls. They are not allowed to do anything about them as the bats are on the endangered species list. The bats have multiplied so fast that the family has been forced to move out. Finally, some other "authority" determined that this particular bat is just a regular "brown" bat and not endangered after all. Now the family can have them exterminated and move back into their house. Even if the bat was endangered, what about the children the bats were endangering---what about rabies? Since when are animals more important than people? This is going too far---who the heck cares if the dang bat is endangered? I guarantee you---if bats move in to my house---they WILL be endangered! I'll sic Butch and his BB gun on them! I'm just sayin'.

PS Besides the squirrel problem, the rabbits are eating everything in sight. I had purple petunias all around the pool. They are all just about gone---not to mention my tomatoes, green peppers and other veggies. I told Butch I wanted him to "get after" them too. He laughed and said it wouldn't do any good. I couldn't believe he said that---Mr. I can't sit still for 2 minutes without having to jump up, grab my gun and go after the squirrels. I asked him if he was admitting that his harassing of the squirrels wasn't doing any good either. He smiled and said, "okay, I'll start on the rabbits." They are going to be some sorry bunnies!

A Year of Memories---July

We're heading off to Disney tomorrow for our family vacation. I'm hoping to blog from there depending on internet access. I don't mind paying if it's a reasonable rate as I consider it part of the cost of vacation. I'm addicted to my computer and can't travel without it! If you don't hear from me, then that just means that it was ridiculously expensive and even I wouldn't pay!!

But, before I go, I wanted to share the latest layouts from AYM. The topic this month was your daily or weekly routine. I did two layouts because I wanted to do both. The first one here is titled "Weekly Life". I scanned my calendar and then printed it out. I also enlarged it, printed it on vellum and mounted it on the chipboard letters that I had already pained blue. Butch gets credit for going over to Christ the King to get a photo of the church for me. He's so sweet!

"Details of Everyday Life" is just about my day to day---starting with a picture of the microwave indicating what time I got up on that particular day. Then it's a matter of detailing my daily routine.

Jeanne and I had the same idea about the clock theme, but I must admit, her layout is a little more creative with the clocks than mine. Her title is "My Daily Grind"---she used the bullet point style of journaling to give an account of her movements through the day. One thing we all learned is that she's really a slacker at work! Lucky girl. Oh, and she takes a lot of medicine!

Pam's layout is titled, "My Everyday Life". She used a list style journaling and included highlights of her month. The circles on the left were cut all in one piece from the Cricut cartridge---calendar---I'm not sure of the name.

Stephanie's title is "It all starts with the Kitchen Sink". Her layout is about how much time she spends cleaning the kitchen due to the girls being home with friends. They might clean some, but not to her satisfaction---plus they eat all day long---cooking and making messes even into the night.

Karolyn's title "Agenda for a week" tells the story of the past week for her which included an impromptu trip to Birmingham to help her daugther, Erin with the baby. All of our lives are hectic, so she decided to focus on just one week of hers.

Susan went with "Life...Everyday". She created a great layout about what happens everyday. She said that after she had it completed, she had an "aha moment" at 5 a.m. She created a layout that was actually a lie! The layout is about how she wishes her life was---but rather, it's much more chaotic than the layout shows. She used today as an example---she barely gets downstairs---still in her "jammies" when her husband comes in and growls that he needs some towels. Turns out, their daughter, 30 something, Sarah who has moved home for a couple months, left her sunroof open. The sprinkler had soaked the inside of her car. Susan was outside in her pajamas trying to help dry it out. Then a little later, said daughter was on a business call when the home phone rang. She threw the phone to Susan about 10 yards down the hall. Susan feels a little out of control---which is justified due to the fact that she is also in the middle of re-modeling her kitchen.

There's never a dull moment for any of us. That's the point of this page---to just capture a glimpse of what our life is like in 2010!

Next month's theme is "ancestors". Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.