Tuesday, January 3, 2017

UGG! Continued...

Well, I have some good UGG news and some bad UGG news. We'll start with the bad news first.

I left St. Louis yesterday morning. I got up at 5:30 a.m. It was dark. My sister, Janice was still asleep and I didn't want to disturb her by turning on the light. It wasn't until I was sitting at the airport that I realized I had my UGGs on the wrong feet. How could I not tell?---you ask? Well, I couldn't---that is until I realized they were on the wrong feet. Suddenly they felt funny and annoying. What to do?

As I saw it, I only had one option: slink in to the bathroom to swap them. Heck no that wasn't going to happen. I hate public bathrooms as it is---much less to think about possibly touching the floor with my bare feet (remember, you don't wear socks with UGGs--as if that would make a difference---I have TSA pre-check now so I don't have to walk on the disgusting carpeting in my socks!).

Since that was actually no option at all, I thought ahead. I figured I'd just have to tough it out---getting on the plane, getting off the plane, walking to baggage, walking to the Parking Spot pick up area, walk in to pay my bill, walk to my car---and then finally---in the safety of the car, I could swap them out---once I drove off, of course. That's a lot of ground to cover hoping no one will notice.

That was the plan.  I got to the terminal and entered here:
 Luck was with me. This never happens. My gate was E22--a short walk. I always wonder who gets the close gates--I usually have to walk a mile! Not this time. The entrance to the concourse was in the middle of the gates. What a great idea! No one has to walk very far. I was able to get to a seat and tuck my feet under the chair to make them less noticeable. It was pretty obvious since I have the ones with the buttons up the side.

As it turned out, the plane was not full. I had a whole row to myself. I was able to discreetly swap my boots. They felt way better! Much embarrassment avoided! Who am I kidding--I'm used to making a fool of myself!

And now the good news.
When I got home, I gathered the mail. There was a little package that contained this:
I was so excited! I thought after all the hassle with UGGs, they sent me the ornament anyway. Then I noticed the invoice. Sandy paid $10.00 for it and had it sent to her dad. Ooops! I opened his mail. Well, it was after Christmas. How was I to know he had gotten it for my birthday. This raises a couple questions:
1. Why did UGG tell me they couldn't sent me the ornament?
2. Why did UGG tell Butch that they were out of the ornaments?
3. Why did UGG give me a $65.00 refund when they could have sent me the $10.00 ornament instead---which probably actually cost them 3 bucks?
4. Will I ever learn to check the label before opening things?
5. Can Butch ever pull off a surprise for me?

The answer to #1-#3 are "who knows."
The answer to #4 &#5 is "probably not!"

Here's to a happy new year that doesn't include any other UGG problems!


  1. It certainly is a cute ornament.

    A Very Happy New Year to you and yours Barbara! I wish you all the best for the year ahead and I'm keeping my fingers crossed you'll keep writing in 2017

  2. That's a very sweet little boot, and glad all ended well. Wishing you lots of good things in the year ahead :).

  3. Well, I am glad your gate was close, but I was enjoying hearing about the lengths you would go to conceal your mis-footed boots. Just one nagging question -- did UGG only send out left boots, or do you think there is a possibility that there are right ones out there too?


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