Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Things to Think About on Thursday

Family TREE 


For each of us to be born we need:

2 Parents

4 Grandparents

8 Great-grandparents

16 Great-Great grandparents

32 Great-great great-grandparents

Okay, you can stop here as you get the idea. But if you want to continue, it's mind-boggling and too much for my brain to comprehend. I don't even know these words.

64 Pentagrandparents

128 Hex-grandparents

256 Heptagrandparents

512 Octagrandparents

1024 Grandparents

2048 Decabuelos

Just the total of the last 11 generations, it took 4,094 ANCESTRALS, all of this in approximately 300 years before we were born!

Stop for a moment and think...

Where did they come from?

How many fights have they fought?

How much hunger have they gone through?

How many wars have they experienced?

How many things did our ancestors survive?

On the other hand, how much love, strength, joy and encouragement did they bequeath us?

How much of their strength to survive, each one of them had and left within us so that we are alive today.

Pretty crazy to think of it like this. So much to comprehend---and we just go about our lives living and not really thinking--ever--what it took to get here. 

I'm very grateful to all of my ancestors for producing this pretty lucky gal! 

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