Monday, August 30, 2010

Wow, I Have a Lot to Report!

It's been over a week since my last post. I have a lot to report and will do it over the next couple of days. This can tide you over until then. I asked Sandy to email me with a rundown of the first week of school. My comment is at the bottom.
Everyone seems to be happy with school thus far. Victoria had a great first day and really likes her teacher. Victoria gets to see her friends from the other class at recess, so for now all is well with her.
Elizabeth likes school but hates naptime. She says it's so boring because all you can do is lay there and no talking. On the first day she said that the little boy that was resting next to her told her to ask her mom if she could spend the night at his house. She told him that she didn't think she could because she doesn't even know him. We asked her what his name is and she said she didn't know. We all got a kick out of that! When I picked Elizabeth up yesterday for her half day, the first thing she said when we got outside was "YES! No naptime today!" I just laughed and told her that there might actually be some days that she'll be tired and happy to take a little rest. She's still not convinced.
Mitchell likes his teacher okay, but is thrilled to have almost all of his friends in his class this year. On the first day he got moved to the math class with the less boring and better teacher so that was an unexpected bonus. He hasn't had too much homework yet so he's happy.
The school has added an extra mass a week this year, so the kids (and me) have already gone twice in three days. They are all hating that. I think they could have eased the kids in a little better, especially the kindergarteners. The whole school goes on Wednesdays, and then different grades go on different days the rest of the week. I told the kids that I would go once in a while, but not every time, or else I would be at mass on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. And that is just too much church, even for me! Mitchell and Victoria don't mind me not going, but Elizabeth wants me to go whenever she goes. I'm beginning to see my free time slipping away...
All in all, a good start to the new school year!
I hope you're having fun scrapbooking! I'm hoping to be able to do a little myself!

All I can say about the Mass schedule is that you should be happy it's not the 50's and 60's in St. Louis. We had to go EVERYDAY---and the Mass was in LATIN! We had to go on Saturday too since we lived so close. If we didn't, the nuns would ask us on Monday where we were. The only cool thing about going to church everyday was that we got to eat breakfast at school---at least until Vatican II and they changed the fasting rules. I can still remember how toast smells when you open your lunch box.

PS Sorry about not being able to get Sandy's email in paragraphs like it came to me. Blogger can be a pain when you try to copy and paste. Just one more thing I have trouble with.

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