Sunday, October 28, 2007

Car Issues and Lessons Learned

Saturday started off like most---me up at 4:30-5-ish, Butch still in bed. I came down at 8 to put myself together for the day. As I was ready to leave the house at 8:30, Butch informed me that he was taking a load to Goodwill/recycle with MY car. Even though it's MY car, I've never really had a car of my own. MY car has always been the family car. The conversation went like this:
ME: "For crying out loud, you have 4 cars and you have to take mine?"
He: "Which of my cars can hold all that crap? I'm not the one receiving all these boxes filled with styrofoam peanuts!" (I'm sure my ups buddy, Randy, would get a kick out of this conversation--yes, he and I are on a first name basis--he's even on my Christmas list).
ME: "You know it's close to Christmas and we're going to be getting a lot more boxes." (In my mind, I'm thinking of the little girl on Kid Nation that everyone hates---she always says, "DEAL With IT")!

Then I take a different approach.
ME: "I told you last night I was leaving at 8:30. Besides, you don't even ask if you can take my car? Let's be clear about this. From now on, you cannot have my car until after noon on Saturdays. Now I have to drag all that crap around with me. Does it stink?"
He: "NO, it doesn't stink, it's not garbage!"
ME: "Great, if I take the car, then I'll have to drive it all week like that." (He had a tee time set for noon-ish and then the Titan's game today. I could see I was losing this battle.) "Never mind, I'll take your car." (It's automatically understood which car that will be as I am "not allowed" to drive the sports cars, nor do I want to. I'm demoted to the "old man" car in which I can barely see over the dashboard and can't see out of the back at all---and you know I have backing up issues).

Off I go to my nail appointment---the first of many errands I have planned for the day. On the way, it dawns on me that I have to go back home after my appointment to get my car after all as I need it for the plants I planned to purchase--knowing they will not fit in his car. Now I'm mad all over again. When will my car ever be MY car?

I stewed about it for awhile, but it's an effort for me to stay mad. With the way my mind is "going", I have to keep asking myself, "Now why am I supposed to be mad?" But I digress.

When Butch got home from his golf game, I said, "By the way, the Solstice is MINE!" I really am going to take it. I'll let you know how that goes.

The rest of our evening was pleasant enough.

Now on to the tailgate party before the Titan's game today. As we were party-ing, Butch made a simple statement.
He: "By the way, you really shouldn't leave money in clear view in your console. Someone is going to break your window to get to it."
ME: "For crying out loud, (I realize I say that a lot) it's just a couple bucks. Besides, it's a test for your valet parkers".

That diversion tactic led to a little Central Parking bashing.

After the game, we get back to the car and I notice the money is gone. I'm thinking Butch was teaching me a lesson.

ME: "Oh, so you took my money?"
He: "No, I didn't touch it." (He looks all around, very concerned). "But, I did forget to lock the car. See, I told you, you shouldn't leave money in view."
ME: Well, my window didn't get broken now did it?" Chalk one up for me!!

Lessons Learned:
Even if I think I have my own car, I really don't.
And, he's always right even if he's the only one that thinks so!
And, yes, if you leave money in your console, someone will steal it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Survivor---A disgusting episode and just downright WRONG!!

This past weekend I was just discussing with my sister-in-law how Survivor doesn't make people eat gross stuff anymore. Well, last night, they had to eat disgusting stuff. Some of it was tame---chicken hearts and eel---not for me, mind you, don't think I could get those down. The rest was so gross it had me wretching just watching---half-formed birds with claws, beaks and feathers and 1000 year old eggs. But one thing they had to eat was just downright WRONG!!! They ate baby turtles!!! 3 each! I had to close my eyes as I moaned through the whole thing. I could feel their pain (the turtles, that is)! At least they didn't seem to crunch---I thought that shell was hard.

Hmmmm, since I'm getting sick of, no, I could never EAT them! Could I? If I were starving? Poor little Sydney and Sheldon.

See what evil thoughts I have?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Turtle Update

A week and a half ago, we decided it was time to bring the little guys inside. Butch bought a larger aquarium since I found out in my research that the plastic tank I had been using was woefully too small. I thought catching those little suckers was going to be a problem---they are really fast and can hide well. As it turned out, it had gotten a little chilly, so they were half frozen and easy to catch. We decided that we would keep them on the hearth in the family room as the tank is too big for the kitchen counter now. I promptly went on the internet to make sure that I was doing everything possible to make sure that Sydney and Sheldon were getting the best of care. I found that they need to have a varied diet. I'm sure they had all kinds of treats while in the pond outside, but inside, I only have the original pellets that the girls gave me. I went to a website that specializes in red-eared sliders and ordered $30.00 worth of various food including dried crickets. I couldn't wait for the food to arrive to see them get excited for all the special treats I bought them. They didn't act excited at all. I think they live by Butch's philosoply---they just "eat to live" rather than "live to eat" like most of us.

By the fifth day of being indoors, they started to really stink. Butch was ranting and raving that I had overfed them and the excess food had fouled the water. He was totally right and I acknowledged that fact. But knowing Butch, he gets on something like a dog on a bone and won't let go. The problem was that I needed him to clean the tank as now it's too heavy for me to manage. He said, "I knew this would become my job"! I told him that if he didn't want to clean their tank each week, then we could just take them to Pet Smart and give them away. He said, "No, because you love them". Awwww, isn't he sweet? But of course, I'll have to listen to the complaining each week when he cleans their tank. And you can bet that they will no longer be getting the warm showers and scrub (with an old toothbrush) that they got from me.

There was a split second when I was ordering the food that I had an evil thought. When the food cost came to $30.00, I noticed that you could buy the turtles for $1.75 each. I considered just flushing them---cheaper. And I am getting sick of them. But now, they are just one more responsibility. And to think I have to hire someone to take care of them when I'm out of town. I'm so over them.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, I guess it's official---we're actually househunting. Our realtor has been sending us listings for a couple neighborhoods since spring, so technically, I guess we've been househunting for several months. But today is the first day I actually went to look at some. Crazy, since I'm still in the midst of redecorating this house---fabric ordered, window treatments being made, custom rug in the works, etc.

Like everything else I do, I look at houses fast. (I did have a talk with myself this morning before leaving to take it slow so as not to fall down and make a fool of myself)! We saw 6 houses in 3 neighborhoods in 1 1/2 hours (only went in 4 of them). Since I love my current house, the standard has been set---must have white cabinets and moldings, proper "brown" hardwood floors, 10 ft. ceilings, open foyer, big dining room and pool. White appliances are pretty much a reach, but I just finally have all white in my kitchen and love them. Butch wants---well, never mind, doesn't matter as you know the saying "mama ain't happy...".

Found one! Butch happened to come home early today, so I was able to get our realtor to show it to us again. When we pulled up, a woodpecker was pecking the heck out of the decorative wood above the front door. When I saw the house this morning, I noticed this goofy owl hanging from a tree and was told that it was to scare woodpeckers away. Wouldn't you know that pesky little pecker would make his appearance in front of Butch. Apparently, the "critter ridder" (hey, Bridge, remember him?), is coming tomorrow to either capture him or kill him.

About this house---have been intrigued by it for a few weeks now. It's bigger than I really want (which is why I've never asked to see it), but it's really easy to justify it by all the advantages---all of our girls and their families live out-of-town, so we will always have a houseful when they're home and... it would help to ease our "tax" problem. Still, there are a few things we would have to give up, fireplaces, central vac, Butch's workroom and office. The pool and decking are beautiful but need pretty much work. After all of my leak problems this year, I'm not sure I want another "old" pool.

We're not ruling it out, but we're in no rush either. And, the thought of actually moving is pretty overwhelming. I really still want a condo in St. Louis for when we retire, but I have to work on Butch longer for that. Am past using the methods that really worked in the past---if ya' know what I mean!

Monday, October 8, 2007

I'll Call Mindy's PMS and Raise a Menopause!

Maybe the "young" folks have to deal with a little PMS, but getting older is no picnic either! I've already reported the relocation of my eyelashes to my chin. Well, that isn't the half of it! Let's start with the eyesight. Okay, been wearing readers for years---not a problem. But try taking a shower blind. I have my shampoo and conditioner in a precise order as the printing on the bottle is so small, that you need a magnifying glass with your regular glasses anyway. Occasionally, my cleaning lady will switch the bottles. You'd think I'd realize that the conditioner is opaque while the shampoo is clear. I've shampooed with conditioner and rinsed with shampoo more times than I like to admit.

As if shampooing blind isn't bad enough, you need to try shaving. About a year ago, I discovered after my shower that I had a huge wad of underarm hair that had slid out from under my armpit. Now mind you, I've never had to shave in that spot before. Somehow, my armpit had moved without me knowing it. Either it's gravity or weight that pulled it down! I find myself shaving halfway down my side these days. But yesterday was the worst. I was nearly finished shaving when I realized that I had the razor upside down and thus hadn't shaved anything. Well, that's just too darn bad as I had already neared my 7 minute shower limit (I'm always on a tight time schedule). The re-shaving will have to wait until my next regular scheduled shaving next month--due to hair loss from getting older, I don't have much left. If the young people would realize that they only have to wait 30 years, they get a Brazilian for FREE!

Gravity isn't very nice to the body as we age. Most women my age have to deal with the boobs heading south. Well, that's not a problem for me, but I must admit, my "girls" standing at attention all the time doesn't look quite right either.

I've been to the doctor for what I was sure were some early skin cancers only to be told that I had "age related" warts---twice! I've had skin tags removed---I'll be doing that on my own from now on. I can snip them with my sharp little Gingher scissors and save a bunch.

I won't even go into hot flashes, nightsweats and the dreaded colonoscopy. And to top it all off, I think my back is going out!! I've never had back problems before, but I guess when you have lower back pain and can barely stand up, that's what it means.

I do believe that Menopause definitely trumps PMS! Give me a pimple anyday---ahhh, those were the days!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Princess and the Pea

I think I've known for a long time that I am not a princess, but today proved it. I've been having problems with my plantars fascitis and today seemed to be the worst. By the time I got to Sandy's, my foot hurt so bad that I was limping. I decided that I needed to change shoes although the ones I had on seemed to have plenty of support. When I took them off, something fell out of my right shoe. Turns out that when I put on these new socks, I had inadvertantly left one of those little plastic connector pieces in. I spent the whole day walking on a little piece of plastic that caused my p.f. to become really inflamed. It might as well have been a pea.