Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Size 16 is not good at any age!!

I took the little girls shopping today after spending the night last night--they came home with us as they are on spring break this week*. We started with Abercrombie for Morgan. She was looking at some jeans and exclaimed, "there is no way I'm getting a size 16!" Yeah, I said that a few sizes ago too. She finally had to concede the fact that she does indeed wear a 16 now--slim, so that should be some consolation! Actually, I think she's ready to move to a size 0. Never have seen that size myself.

*We went to Steph's for Easter---the whole family. Mindy came by way of New York and arrived 5 hours late. Butch was still sick with the flu---came home from New York with it on Tuesday a.m. He pretty much missed the whole weekend. Great fun---so many games, great food---Morgan made both casseroles for Saturday night dinner. Wisconsin is COLD---still snow covered. We witnessed a few inches ourselves. We broke Stephanie's house in "real good"---luckily they are moving, so she didn't mind. That many people is hard on a house!

While we were gone, our burglar alarm went off. This was actually the first time we set it in about 5 or 6 years. Unfortunately for my friend, Connie, she's still on our emergency call list. Being the good friends that they are, she and Jack came over to check out our house. I'm not sure what they would have done if there was actually a burglar here, but that's a good friend for you---sacrifice safety for our house! And they sure did...

Jack had the bad luck to startle the police officer sneaking around the back. He pulled his gun on him--told him to sit down (on the wall with his back to the pool) and shut up. About that time, Connie came around and was told to sit down and shut up too. If you know her, that is pretty tall order---she ended up being told to shut up about 6 times. They were held for about 45 minutes and as the sun set, it got cold. Connie called me in Wisconsin and informed me that I had stretched the limits of our friendship. I was already on thin ice after the last time I was out-of-town and I asked her to pick up the mail---she had to contend with about 20 very large and heavy boxes that had to be moved from the front porch around to the garage. It was before Christmas and the gifts were coming in. Honestly, I had no idea they would all come at once! She's not buying it! I've begged her to give me one more chance. Besides, even though we were out-of-town, we still managed to entertain them!

Sorry, I haven't posted in so long. There's been plenty going on, but I've forgotten most of it.

No way should Jason be in the bottom 3 tonight! I LOVE him!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Weekend

Went on a scrapbook retreat last weekend---totally fun! Here are a few things I did:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


...the experiment didn't work. I see the doctor today to bring him up-to-date. On a positive note, it looks like I can go about 3 weeks without P. Then it's about a week on. Not so bad.