Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday Frustrations

Well, it's been awhile since I've shared a Friday frustration. This is not about my frustration, but for everyone struggling with things going "mobile." It seems that we are being forced more and more to use our phones for everything. That includes tickets! Print tickets are going by the way of the past. It's especially true this year for our Titans football tickets. 

On Friday night, I was having dinner with my girlfriends. We were discussing the debacle that mobile tickets are causing. Recently, Pam had gone to a game. She said that when she tried to show her mobile parking pass, one guy didn't even know what he was looking at. When they went to enter the stadium, the lines were very long to get in as people struggled to pull up their tickets on their phones.

Last fall, Mindy had gathered the family to do the Titan's 5K. Along with your entry fee, was to be a ticket for the opening game this year. Well, now it's been nearly a year and it's time to go to that game. 

Well, On Saturday, we were having our last pool party of the season. Butch was checking with everybody to see if they had their tickets for the game on Sunday. We've got it all planned--tailgating before. But---a couple family members were having trouble accessing their tickets. They were there in the app---until they weren't. It was so frustrating. Logging out, logging back in only to have the app not recognize the password. Finally, it took two phone calls to get it straightened out. 

Game day. Well, luckily, our family was all set. But, as I was waiting for Butch (he had to return to the car with my purse--I forgot you have to have a clear bag), I noticed this:

I overheard these poor guys trying to access their tickets. For about 10 minutes, they were working on it. I heard them say things like: "it's not recognizing my password; I don't see where to find my tickets; They aren't there!" 

I felt their frustration. I don't know how it turned out for them because Butch returned and we went in. They were still standing there. What a mess!

Don't get me wrong! I'm the first to think that technology is great. But, it doesn't always work smoothly. Plus, some people are just not technological. They need/want to print their stuff out or get printed tickets and confirmation. I get it. It's easier and less stressful to actually have something in your hand. That's why it took me a long time to start accessing my airline boarding pass on my phone. I've seen too many problems at the gate. I'm happy to report that I have now joined the ranks of those who use their phone. I have my tickets safely tucked in to my wallet. My Apple wallet, that is! 

Very simple. At least for now. 

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  1. It feels like your whole life revolves around your phone nowadays, no wonder we are so worried about losing them or dropping them and having them break!


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