Monday, August 31, 2020

Monday Mystery


So many things changed this year due to the pandemic. The girls and I were to do a needlepoint workshop that was ultimately cancelled. In September, we were supposed to go to New York to see Hugh Jackman in The Music Man. Also cancelled. I had taped the original with Robert Preston from TMC for when the girls would be here for the needlepoint workshop---to familiarize themselves with the iconic music from that show. You might recall this post from April 2007--Misguided First Love. Still one of my favorite songs.

Who do you thing does it better? You be the judge. The Beatles or Robert Preston (Comes in about 2:45--you can move forward to that time)?

This past weekend, was the culmination of all of that. I became the needlepoint teacher AND we watched The Music Man. We still plan to see Hugh Jackman in April---hopefully.

Anyway, on to the mystery. 

Saturday night, after our "lessons", we watched the movie and stitched. When it was over, Mindy asked Stephanie if she remembered St. Cecilia's production of The Music Man. Mindy was in 2nd grade at the time. She said that she had tried out for a part, but didn't get it. Stephanie had no memory of it even though she would have been at SCA at that time---around 1992. She doubted Mindy because she didn't think SCA would do that play since it featured a man in the lead role (SCA is an all girls school). I didn't remember anything about it, so couldn't weigh in. Sandy was already off at college then, so she was no help either. 

It seemed to be an unsolvable mystery. The only thing left to do was for Stephanie to reach out to the Director of the Drama Department at SCA---who still happens to be there!! Social media can be a wonderful thing!! She got a response right away Sunday morning. She said, that, "yes, SCA did produce The Music Man" and even named the girl who played the lead--Marian the Librarian. 

Mystery solved! Thanks to technology and social media. So easy!

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