Wednesday, February 28, 2024

What I Buy Wednesday

Since I was scrapbooking this past week, I didn't really do much shopping. But, yesterday, I made a stop at The Dollar Store while running errands.

It might be called The Dollar Store, but it's now the Dollar and a Quarter store. Still, I got quite a few bargains for 15 bucks!!
Dessert plates, sandwich bags, Paris stickers, a pair of wine glasses, several cards, a lighter and some rhinestone numbers. Quite a haul for fifteen bucks, wouldn't you say??

Remember last week I shared my purchases from Pop Shelf? Well guess what, I opened the little stamp set I got and...
It was USED!!! I would never have paid $5.00 for a used product. I would go back and complain, but it would cost me more than 5 bucks to get there.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some!

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