Saturday, December 19, 2020

That Little Scamp!

Well, we're at it again this year. Our little elf---and I do mean little, he's about two inches tall---is making the rounds. Each day, he moves. You just never know where he'll turn up. Butch and I are having fun with him---wordlessly, alternating days. One day he finds him, the next day is my turn. We don't discuss it. It just happens!

Just sittin' around.
Butch had cued up the balls so our little guy thought he'd take a turn!
Trying his hand at my needlepoint!
A new spin on dumpster diving! I guess you'd say "mugster" diving!
Toilet paper just his size!
Uh oh! Playing with matches!
Trying a little acrobatics on my light switch.
He can see clearly now.
Ridin' a reindeer.
It took someone a couple days to notice him until I turned his little head facing him--right across from his recliner! You know that feeling that someone is watching you? It worked!
I hope this means he's putting something good in my stocking!
This could be the toughest one yet! This little Norman Rockwell music box sits on the table next to Butch's recliner where he has his computer, drink, etc. We'll see...

I can't wait to see where he'll turn up next! We just love this little guy!

Are you doing anything fun for the holidays? Let me know and I'll share your ideas. 

Oh, and I'll share more of elf escapades from Sandy and Mindy tomorrow.


  1. That looks like so much fun! Who said Elf on the shelf was only for kids? I like the fact that yours is small enough to be a challenge to find!

  2. He gets around. Loved your color commentary as well.


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