Saturday, December 26, 2020

Scrapbook Saturday

I spent a lot of time organizing my scrapbook room over the past couple weeks--about 12 hours to be exact! I had a mess after making a little 12 days of Christmas surprise for my AYM group. I also used some scraps to make some gift card bags. And, I made a title page for an album I'm doing.

I've made a lot of scrapbooks. A. LOT! There are just two that I think are really important. Or at least I think they could be worth something in terms of they shouldn't wind up in a dump someday. The first one was after 9/11. I thought the story needed to be told. 
And then there's this one. This story needs to be told too. The Caronavirus has affected the entire world! I've decided to tell our own personal story and how it affected Butch and me as well as our family. Here is just a sampling of a few of the pages I've already made.
This layout was to be in our "AYM Favorites" album for this year. I've decided to put it in my pandemic album instead.
"Sip & Script" was just one of the things that was postponed a couple times. We finally got to do it in June while sitting outside.
I couldn't resist doing a layout on toilet paper--"2020-the year toilet paper was worth more than gold." I used toilet paper on the layout---even printing the title on t.p. As for the papers--during the summer, I purchased this kit of papers. I've gotten many layouts out of it already. 

I have just a couple more layouts and that album will be finished. When it's done, I'll share it.

Finally, I'll end with our final AYM "favorite" of the year. Susan chose this topic. "My favorite Airport." I'm not gonna' lie, this was a tough one.
Jeanne was having trouble coming up with something good. I sent her some journaling as an idea of what she could do with it. She decided to use it. I journal for my friends a lot! As you already know, I don't have any trouble writing a story!!

I had a few choices but decided that my favorite airport HAD to be in my favorite city in the world!
I had my expired passport that shows 3 trips to London. Those little tabs are so you can go straight to those entries. 

Okay, that's it for today. 


  1. It is going to be so special that you have a record of this time, and have journalled so extensively. Very clever to have managed to use toilet paper on your LO!

  2. Your layouts are all outstanding!!!!
    So much detail!!!!

  3. Your pandemic album looks great! It's definitely a story worth recording & valuable for future generations.

    I had to laugh because while Heathrow is a great airport, I get so frustrated there because they "force" you to stay in the mall/eating area until pretty close to flight time when they finally announce the gate number for your flight. I'd just as soon get to the gate & read my book instead of being in all that shopping chaos. LOL


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