Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cruisin' Route 66

Continuing down Route 66--we turned off to see the old/original road. It struck us as to how narrow it  is. Beautiful country too.
This old motel is so cute! And you can still stay there. 

We stopped at POP---full of different kinds of sodas in cute bottles.

We got out to the car. I had one "koozie." I asked Butch if he had another for Chris. Voila'---now we're in MY car, mind you---and he goes to the back---underneath the floor mat to some compartment that I thought was the spare tire---although I've never looked in there---and pulled out another! The man needs to go on the old "Let's Make a Deal!" He has anything you ask for or can find something that will work! We've always said he could survive living out of his car. Well, apparently, he's set me up too!
The only round barn in the US---built in the 1930's.

We ended our Route 66 tour in Oklahoma City where we visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. It was one of the best museums we've visited. So interesting! I cried a few times. I felt like I watched a sad movie. One of the survivors---while being rescued---said something that is going to stick with me forever. While the rescuers--firemen and regular citizens---were walking around to find people, she shouted out, "You're walking on my face!" OMGosh---how heart wrenching! Touring this museum was not something that I really wanted to do---just not all that interested. Butch said it was supposed to be really good---and you know me---I don't want to miss a thing. I'm so glad I took this tour. It was incredible!
We're in Oklahoma, so we had to try some things. This was our appetizer last night. Deep fried bacon with ranch dip. I wasn't crazy about it. Butch got the bison burger and really liked it. Chris and I shared the "fry bread." Butch and Walter grew up with that but their family called it "squaw bread." I took one bite and didn't like it at all. It was total grease! Chris liked it. She said it reminded her of a funnel cake. Well, there you go. A funnel cake is fried dough. I don't like them either!

Today we're off to a wildlife preserve and Fort Sill. We're having a great time!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Road Trip

The first day of our road trip took us to Little Rock and the place where nine students desegregated Little Rock Central High School. They have preserved the gas station across the street because this was where the press gathered when they descended on the city.

The press stationed themselves here because it was the only place that had a telephone. I'll bet there was a lot of tension among them to get to the phone to call in their reports.
The school is magnificent. It was built in 1928. We got to tour the inside. The building materials have withstood the test of time. Even today, this is considered the finest high school in Arkansas for academic excellence.
We went to a little garden so Butch could hunt for a geo-cache. The garden was a sad little thing and not maintained at all. This was the most interesting plant--celosia. The flower is about 8" in diameter.
We had the best dinner overlooking the Arkansas River and downtown Little Rock. We had a mushroom tart that was highly recommended on Trip Advisor by previous diners. Butch ordered the trout stuffed with spinach and crabmeat. I had the scallops with a roasted red pepper, buerre blanc sauce. It was divine! I love scallops---another reason Butch picked this restaurant.

The next day we stopped at the Douglas MacArthur Home and Museum.
It was a self-guieded tour. We weren't all that impressed. But we also want to do everything of interest in any city we're in. Most likely, this will be our one and only time in Little Rock.

We hit the road to meet up with Walter and Chris in Tulsa. We stayed at a hotel nearer to Jenks where Uncle Pat lives.
We stayed across the street from Oral Roberts University. The sculpture is pretty spectacular.

We went to Uncle Pat's and Aunt Jean's for a visit. We took them to their favorite place for dinner. The food was really good, but very unusual. You ordered regular stuff---steaks or seafood, but then it came with the most unusual sides---and I mean ALL of these: tabeuley, tossed salad, rib, bologna, Texas toast, and baked potato. It was a lot of food!
Besides our visit to Uncle Pat's, our goal on this trip was to take a cruise down Route 66 while hitting some of Oklahoma's highlights.
This totem pole took 25 years to carve working 7 days a week by Ed Galloway. We plan to stop at every iconic sight along Route 66. They are kitschy, but unusual at the same time.
 Visiting Will Roger's home and museum was the main attraction today.
 We were greeted by this beauty when we arrived.

 The Golden Driller---another icon along the route.

 The Blue Whale is actually a swim park now.
 We toured the Will Roger's Museum and Memorial.
 The gardens out by the tomb were spectacular. Of course I have to take flower pictures. I'm only posting one:
The color and texture combinations were fabulous! I have no idea what the plant on the right is, but I love it. The one on the left is called "purple heart." I have that in my fronts beds at home.

Will Rogers was quite the character. He is known for his quotes (and cowboy rope tricks). His most famous quote is: "I never met a man I didn't like!"

After our all day outing, we went back to Uncle Pat's and Aunt Jean's. They took us to their favorite pizza place. And I have to admit, I wasn't excited about pizza as I'm not a lover---unless it's St. Louis pizza. But, it was really delicious. Since we'd had a big lunch--even though Butch and I shared--it was still big---we ordered a small pizza. I was plenty.

I was happy to hear a few more family stories over dinner. We'll be meeting up with them again on Wednesday on our way back through.

Today we are off along Route 66 to Oklahoma City and the bombing memorial.
More to come...

Saturday, September 24, 2016


I went with my friend, Mary Jo to check out OsteoStrong. 
Meet Diane. She is the owner. Turns out that I know her from years ago through some of the fund raising I was involved in.
First off, let me say that I fully understand that if something sounds like it's too good to be true, it usually is. But this company is showing some marvelous statistics. I don't believe you can stay in business by making false claims.

Here's the deal. You go once a week for 10 minutes. Going more frequently does NOT enhance your results. You can wear whatever you want. You won't sweat. This is not a workout and does not build muscle. You still have to do that on your own. It has nothing to do with your heart, so you are on your own for cardio too! You will not lose weight. There is some advantage for people that have Type 2 Diabetes, but I don't exactly remember what that is.

What it does do is build strong bones, healthy joints and improves your balance. The machines are some sort of fancy, computerized things. There are 4 of them. It's sort of like resistance training rather than lifting anything. You can't get hurt. The machines do not move. You are just exerting pressure yourself and holding for 5 seconds. The computer measures the weight you averaged for 5 seconds. I am not going to share my numbers here because even they sound too good to be true. Butch's reaction  tells me that I won't tell anytime soon---"Barb, there's NO WAY!"

It costs $105. a month. Here's my plan. I'm not going to rely on just their numbers. I'm going to get a bone density test in the next couple weeks. Then I'll have another one in either 6 months or a year and see if there's a noticeable improvement. (Side note: as far as I know, I do not have a bone density problem. According to my orthopedic surgeon, my bones are healthy and strong. In fact, I asked her about this program. Although she knew about it, she said she really doesn't know much and wants ME to report back to HER! Will do). What I do expect to have come out of this is improved balance. That is definitely a problem for me.

Here are some of their claims:
OsteoStrong is a complete fracture prevention strategy providing increased bone density, overall strength and improved balance at almost any age. Published research shows a 14% increase in bone density in only 6 months. This number equals the reversal of the age of your bones by 10 years--much better and all natural than the pharmaceutical options.

Balance is supposed to improve by 77% after just 5 sessions---that is an average for a 52 year old woman. It will take me longer. But even if it's 10 sessions, I'm good with it.

I know---too good to be true. I'm skeptical too. That's why I want to have something I can really measure rather than relying on what they tell me. Hence the bone density test. Also, if there is that improvement with the balance, I'll know that right away. Heck, I can't put my underwear on without hopping quickly at least 3 times, giving up and leaning against the wall!

What have I got to lose? Okay, 105 bucks for 6 months (or a year). You can check it out here.

I'll share results whether I have success or not.

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Few Things

Just a bunch of random photos.
 This little cutie---Travis---on his first day of school.
 Oops! I think in his excitement he forgot something!
 Mindy and Justin visiting family in Maine.
When Justin arrived, his mom had this surprise for him. He had not one---but two Cabbage Patch dolls when he was little!
So, I have this Magic 8 ball on my computer. I was going out for the day and decided to ask if I would have a fall. The answer was "try again later." I asked again and got "try again later." Then, I thought, "what the heck are you thinking? Quit being so negative!" So, I didn't try again later. Nor did  have a fall.
I picked up Mindy's needlepoint eggs that I finished for her. They are gorgeous. The finisher does beautiful work.

There is a 4th one that Mindy had already done a couple years ago. It's an adorable bunny. Stephanie is making these too. The needlework part is about 6" tall. Connie and I made them several years ago. It takes about 2 weeks to stitch one if you work 3 hours or so every night.
I stitched these Halloween "sitters" the last time I was laid up. Now I'm finally getting to use them. Oh wait, I didn't make them for me. Hmmm, I wonder who is getting them?

 They look cute sitting on a window.
While I was sitting around doing "nothin'," I put Mindy's wedding pictures in her album. All I had to do was add her little veil to the cover. I used glue dots on the metal barrette part, so she can take it off if she wants.
I made quite a haul to the post office. Some people are getting mail!
As I write the post, I am in Little Rock. We are on our way to meet up with Butch's brother, Walter and his wife, Chris. We're visiting their aunt and uncle. We'll travel around visiting their childhood home and also some historic sights along Route 66. Butch has spent hours and hours researching all of the things we need to do and the restaurants we need to visit. He did the same thing for our river cruise that had to be cancelled. I felt so bad about that. All his hard work---at least Bruce and Karolyn benefited from it. He puts everything in to a binder.
 He's very organized and thorough. Gotta' love that! This is the daily itinerary. He even has a column for the approximate amount of time each thing should take.
And for a man who doesn't care about food---well, he's made all the reservations too!

When we are traveling, he really tries to find things he knows I love---especially tea rooms! He works hard on the planning and it really pays off for the rest of us. We just go along and are sure to have a great time, see the best sights and have amazing food!