Thursday, November 22, 2018

This and That Thursday

Let me start with---"Happy Thanksgiving"! We are in Charlotte celebrating with Sandy and family. I've written this post before leaving home.

So yesterday, I talked about hanging sweaters. Well, today, here's a tip for the best mashed potatoes from that same website---One Good Thing. I realize now that it would have been helpful to post this BEFORE Thanksgiving. It's probably a little too late, but you can remember it for next year. The article is titled "This is the Mistake Everyone Makes with their Mashed Potatoes." There are lots of good tips there. I'll be trying a few of them for sure.

I probably should have just titled this post "needlepoint." I hope you are not sick of hearing about it, because needlepoint is pretty important to me! And, it's the ONE thing that my kids and grandkids want (remember, I keep saying "our kids don't want our stuff!"). In fact, my grands are not the only ones who want my needlepoint. Morgan told me that her ex-boyfriend always thought my needlepoint was so cool. I found out (and am a little heartsick about it) that when they broke up, he took this:
I made this last year and put it in the family game. Jordan actually got it, but Carter like it so much, she gave it to him. I'm just glad that he appreciates it---as I really liked him. Still, in the future, I'd prefer to keep it in the family!

This month, Nashville Needleworks has their big annual sale. I saw a canvas that I really, really, wanted. I didn't buy it because, as you might remember, I just ordered this one:
I'm very excited about it. I'm pretty disciplined with my needlework, as years ago, I told Connie---"we have to stop buying stuff because before we can even get to it, other, cuter stuff comes out." I've been trying to stick to that, preferring to finish things as I go along.
But this! I've had a love affair with Halloween canvases for a few years now. This bookshelf is so darn cute! Still, even with the sale, I resisted. They also had a Christmas shelf that was adorable too. I resisted it all, knowing I had that pumpkin topiary coming. Plus, I need to finish my Santa 3d piece and then an Easter train. This Halloween piece haunted me. I wanted it soooo bad! While I was at the beach with Butch, I had brought my Santa to work on. I was cleaning out my needlepoint bag and "found" a gift certificate for $150 from my friends that I had completely forgotten about. After jumping up and down---okay, I don't really jump these days---I was going to call the store to make sure no one else would buy it before I could get there. Instead, I calmed down and did not call. I told myself that if I was meant to have it, it would be there when I could get to the store. That's really hard for me because I'm always afraid I'm going to miss out on something. I'm trying really hard to NOT be so impulsive. Anyway, this past Friday, I went by the shop and it was there. It was a sign! I bought it! I'm really excited about it and can't wait to get started, but it's going to be awhile! I've GOT to finish my other stuff before. I can start it. 

On that same day, I picked up this guy. He took me nearly a year to stitch because I just didn't enjoy stitching it. To start with, I thought it would go really fast since it was a larger count canvas, but the fibers I could use were limited. I'm just glad I finished it in time for someone for Christmas!

 I love that little tiny ball fringe!
This could very well be next on my list---we'll see. It's stunning. I love the non-traditional Christmas colors. I think it might be a class. If so, I'll seriously consider it---IF I'm about caught up on everything else I have ahead. 

I can control myself!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Operation Organization

I have nuttin' for you for "What I Buy Wednesday"---all Christmas gifts. But, I've been dying to post this! It's life changing, I tell you, LIFE CHANGING!

I've said many times that I clean out my closet every January---without fail. That's how I like to start the new year---off right!

By this time of year, my closet is starting to look like this:
 Things are getting a little messy. Colors are out of order and the piles are no longer neat.
But sweaters have to be folded, right? Otherwise they get those bumps on the shoulders from hangers. Of course, when shoulder pads were "IN" (I still miss them---they took 10 lbs. off the hips), you didn't have to worry about the bumps. WRONG! They don't have to be folded after all!

Well, there's a blog I follow called ---One Good Thing. They have all sorts of tips and tricks. This one is LIFE CHANGING! I know, I've already said that, but I can't say it enough. Life changing. This is the best way I've seen for storing sweaters. Hang them up! Yes, hang them up without those little shoulder bumps.

Here's a little step by step for you.
Fold your sweater in half and lay it on the floor---I would have to use the bed if my carpet wasn't new--or clean.
 Place the hanger in the armpit.
 Fold each side over.
 It will look like this until you turn it right side up.
 Then it will look like this---ready to hang.
You can see the two I have hung here---they don't take up much space at all! (Side note---one thing that doesn't change throughout the year---my clothes stay color coordinated.)

Now what am I going to do with those empty shelves? Hmmm, I'll definitely have something to post for "What I Buy Wednesdays"---soon!

In the meantime, tell me what you think if you try this. Send me a couple pictures and I'll post them here!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts About...


Okay, let's settle this once and for all. I came across this recently.
To me, it's just ridiculous---and offensive. I get it, I really do. You love your dogs. They are members of the family. But come on people---dogs are animals!! They are NOT my family! People treat their dogs better than most of the people in their lives.

Let me get this straight. If I like you, then I'm supposed to like your dog. I'm supposed to like getting covered in dog hair. I'm supposed to like being sniffed and licked.

I wouldn't like either of those things if YOU did it! I wouldn't like you and wouldn't visit! If you invite me to your home, then I would expect you would not allow those things to happen to me. That includes, jumping on me, slobbering on me and---even---lying quietly next to me with that terrible odor. Dog owners don't seem to notice it. I can't understand that at all. Oh, and then my favorite, "If you just pet him he'll leave you alone!" Uh, no. Then I'd have to wash my hands.

If you invite me, I would expect that you would place me above the dog! Little dogs are not the problem just the big, smelly, slobbery ones. Little dogs can't jump higher than the ankle. The hyper-ness of little dogs doesn't even bother me. It's just those big dogs whose nose mysteriously always finds my crotch!

I've heard that saying: "Never trust anyone who doesn't like dogs!" What does that even mean? I can't compare trustworthiness to dogs. I like people, isn't that enough?

One exception here---my brother's dogs. Do I love them? No, but I love my sister-in-law and since he passed away last winter, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make to be with her. Although, I have to admit, they are good dogs. Or maybe it's just that they are old. They don't bother me. They mostly sleep. That works for all of us. When I was staying with my brother at the end, I did what needed to be done. I fed and watered them. I even patted them on the head (immediately washing my hands after since I was ministering to said brother!). They have to eat at precisely 6:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. When they came sniffing around, I knew that's what they wanted. It was no big deal. It's still no big deal when I stay there.

Now don't get me wrong. It's not that I hate dogs. I just don't want to have to bother with them. If they leave me alone, I'm happy to leave them alone.

Some people treat their dogs better than their guests. I prefer to think they just don't realize it. What's the world coming to? If you ask me, it's "going to the dogs"!!! Now I really get what that means!!

Bless your dog-loving hearts---I do not mean to offend you. Just my thoughts on Tuesday.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday Mystery

Yesterday, Butch asked me what this was.
Sorry for the brown-ish smears. I had to fish it out of the trash where it was on top of the used tea leaves! Anyway, Butch said it was sitting on the table next to his chair for a couple days. I told him that I didn't know what it was. He said it looked like a candy wrap thing to him. That sounded a bit accusatory since I use his chair for my afternoon reading and nap. Well, I told him that I hadn't had any candy, nor could I think of any candy we had in the house that would have this.
I put this nail polish into the photo just so you cold see the size. I can't even think of candy little enough for this. AND, I still maintain that I haven't had any candy since some of the leftover Halloween candy--which didn't have anything like this. Oh wait, I did have M&M's at the movie. See, I'm willing to admit it when I DO have candy, but I'm not taking the "wrap" when I didn't! 

It's a mystery for sure!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Fall in the Garden

You know how I love the garden---actually, gardens anywhere. Well, since the weather has turned cold-er, I thought it was about time to share some fall garden photos from my garden.
 There are some cute things still a-bloom here and there.
The azaleas are almost as beautiful as in the spring. 
 I don't think I ever realized that before. It's nice to see pink amidst the oranges and golden of fall.
 And surprisingly, things are blooming in the yard debris pile.
 Even the roses are blooming here.
The crape myrtles always put on a fall show.
Morgan was quick to tell me that "ALL" the bushes out front were dead! No, it's just that the tree hydrangeas are finished for the year. 
 The camellias are still blooming although the frost has nipped them some.
And now we're all ready for winter. 
 It has taken Butch a long time to find someone selling wood this year.
He got a little more than a truckload. I hope it will be enough. Wood has gotten expensive---about a dollar a log. We are literally burning money!! Good thing we have a "free" floral display this fall!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Showtunes Saturday

Don't you just love it when two worlds collide?

You know my love of all things musical theater. Well, let me set the stage (get it---a little theater joke!).

About two years ago, I asked, urged---who am I kidding---begged, Connie to give duplicate bridge a try. She kicked and screamed like a little baby---losing sleep, saying she was way too intimidated, it was too hard, she didn't know the rules, etc. I hit her with, "But you have such good card sense" (she does)! "Okay, if you just try it and don't like it, I promise I'll never bring it up again!" I'm not sure she really believed me, but she agreed and then added this caveat: "If anyone calls the director on me, I quit!" I couldn't convince her that calling the director is not the embarrassing thing she thinks it is. We all make mistakes and sometimes they are real bloopers (like doubling your parther---okay that was about 20 years ago, but I did it!) The director is there to be the referee--so to speak. Little did she know, I had the man for her!

Richland was starting a new duplicate group. Jerry was to be the director. I have crossed paths with him on several occasions here and there. He is the nicest! He has so much patience. Granted, there are many directors that can be a little terse now and then, but not Jerry. He's laid back. He doesn't rush the game and he's just plain the nicest guy! I knew he and Connie would be a perfect fit. 

So here we are two years later, enjoying our once a month bridge day. Two months ago, Jerry surprised us all by giving us a little pre-bridge concert. Now, I was not new to his beautiful piano playing as I'd heard him play at other bridge games. But what I really appreciate the most is that he has gone out of his way (well, I guess not too far) to play showtunes. I like to think he plays them just for me, but that would be a little egotistical. However, I doubt anyone there loves them as much as I do! 

This past Tuesday, after listening a bit, he started playing Music of the Night---in the daytime. I got up to get my phone so I could record it to send to the girls---they all love musical theater too! I just couldn't leave the room! His playing was so beautiful. I told him afterwards that I had wanted to tape him, but just couldn't leave to retrieve my phone. So, he sent me this recording. Enjoy!
Music of the Night
 I snapped these photos the first time he played. He plays so effortlessly.
I forgot to mention, he's self-taught! One question---where is the tip jar?

I can't think of anything better---showtunes and bridge. Now that's a winning hand!