Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Frustrations----OR


(I need to insert here that I wrote this post a few weeks ago before I had my computer issues.)

This all happened Saturday afternoon. We had been enjoying the day in the pool with the family. When everyone got out—about 4, Butch said the water level looked really low. Then we noticed the noise that means the water level is below the skimmers—which means it could burn up the pump—or so we’ve been warned. 

We thought our pool pump had blown up (or at least I did) when we saw it. Water was shooting up like Old Faithful! We were not happy with our pool guy as we could not reach him via phone, text or email. You wouldn’t believe all the switches, levers and valves there are—and none seemed to shut the pool off. I was a nervous wreck that Butch was standing ankle deep in water with wires running everywhere! Butch finally cut off the power and the geyser stopped, but water still kept pouring out. Think of your tap fully open—that’s how much water was still pouring out. We lost almost a third of the pool water in 18 hours. Butch had tried everything to get it to stop. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, he got down to see if he could figure out where exactly the water was coming from. That’s when he noticed one more lever—underneath. He turned that and voila’ it stopped running. Happy Father’s Day! Exactly how you want to spend your one day!
Can you see all those levers and handles? AND all those electrical wires? Now you know why I was freaked out when Butch was standing in 5 inches of water---barefooted too (not that rubber soled shoes would have helped anyway). Still, you hear about freak accidents all the time. Well, this was tempting fate in my book!
 When he couldn't get the water to stop pouring out, he tried duct tape. It didn't work.

Our pool guy didn’t call until Monday morning and said he’d get by in the next couple of days. DAYS! OMGosh! Of course we weren’t happy about that. This guy is new and I really liked him. Over the course of 23 years, we’ve had 9 different pool companies. They are all pretty good until they aren’t! This guy is a small business with only one worker. He only takes 40 pools so he can keep his service top notch. Well, we weren’t happy. But I’ve already had the experience of trying to find a pool company in the middle of summer— impossible as they have their summer schedules set.

Mike our pool guy, finally came out Tuesday afternoon. Butch went out to talk to him. I was so afraid that he would tick the guy off and then we’d really be up a creek (or swimming pool). When he came in, he was calmed down. Our pool guy said that all the numbers we called were his business numbers. He said that he’s so busy that he would go crazy if he answered calls all weekend, so he doesn’t. He offered to give Butch his personal phone number, but Butch declined. We get it. After all, the guy does have a family and we’re just talking “first world problems.” At least now we know how to turn off the pool.

Turns out, our pool blew a gasket. Yeah, that simple. Or maybe not. We haven’t gotten the bill yet—or for the water for that matter! I called the water company and the gal said we still have to pay for the water. As if our water bills weren’t already outrageous. You cannot even guess!

It has taken nearly 3 weeks to get the part. We were still able to use the pool, but it wasn't as clean as we like. We're back in business now, so we'll keep our fingers crossed. This money pit is not done with us yet!

Steph calls these "boojey" problems. You know---as in the French term "bourgeosie" meaning a sociologically defined class, especially in contemporary times, referring to people with a certain cultural and financial capital belonging to the middle or upper stratum of the middle class.

Is that a bad thing?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

It's All in the Details

A friend was once talking about the beauty of Greece. My first thought---"yes, in the broader. view, it's beautiful. But close up---let's say it could use some help." In Greece, as I was looking out over the ocean and marveling at the beauty, I happened to look down and see a broken lawn chair laying in the weeds. This was a popular tourist place, yet trash was in clear view. Same for Santorini---such beauty in the colors of the houses built in to the cliff. Then I look down and there's an old ratty mop and bucket that hadn't been used in ages---just tossed over the wall. That's what I mean---beauty in the broader view, but not so much in the close up. It's the close up that concerns me.

I think a lot of places are beautiful, but that's not always what pops in to my mind right away. It's the details that really impress me.

While in San Francisco a few weeks ago, we went to the botanical gardens. It was gorgeous. But it's the close-up details that do it for me.

 This was my favorite. I don't know what it is, but it's awesome!

See what I mean? Close up is best!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What I Buy Wednesdays

Well, I'm a bit behind on these posts, so I'll just start with this past week. I was in St. Louis to meet  some of Aunt Marie's doctors. She's just grand, so I'll get to what I bought.

I specifically wanted to go to Charming Charlie's because I needed some pink costume jewelry. Hard to believe I'm about out of pink since that is my favorite color to wear. Alas, I found some bargains, but no pink! Another trip, another time.

Here's what I did get:
Two scarves that were on sale for $5.00 each, 3 bracelets, 2 pairs of earrings and a coin purse (not show because it's a Christmas gift)---all for 42 bucks! Can't beat Charming Charleys for fun cheap jewelry and accessories. Janet bought a cute purse.
And then my Stitch Fix box came in. Oh My Gosh! I loved everything! I've been really choosy lately because I have enough of certain things. The shoes are so cute---Toms. This is my second pair of Toms from Stitch Fix. The thing I like about Toms is that for every pair you buy, they donate a pair. I requested the white linen blouse---it's really cute. I love the navy and turquoise blouse. The jeans have cut off edges--super cute. The black pants have a really fun zipper detail. The only problem with them is that they are leggings. That's not really a good look with my chubby thighs, but when you keep the entire box, you get a 25% discount. That makes those leggings FREE! I'll keep them for around the house. They really are cute. I'll just wear a long top with them.

Okay, so that's it for this week. We head out for vacation on Friday. We're going to Williamsburg this year. I don't plan to buy anything. We'll see....

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts About...

iCloud. So, you have everything backed up on the "cloud." You think you're covered. You feel confident that the "cloud" is doing its job. Well, so did I. The "cloud" is really not all that!

My recent computer problems has taught me a valuable lesson. SOME things are on the cloud---but not everything. One of the things that the Mac "genius" tried was wiping my hard drive. He asked if I had everything backed up. I confidently told him that I had it all backed up to iCloud. He acted like that was good. He failed to tell me that it's not foolproof.

I lost a lot. A LOT! All my pictures are there. My internet reading list is there. Actually, most things are there. What's missing are some documents---random documents. Important stuff. Not all the documents, but ones I need! Emails and the folders I created to keep them in are missing. That's really a problem. All beach business---gone. ALL travel reservations and information---gone!

No telling what else is missing. I'll find out as I go along. Bummer.

Monday, July 9, 2018

It's Been Awhile!

Nearly three weeks! I took my computer in for a diagnostic. The third time, I agreed to send it off for a new processor. It was going to be expensive. I had to decide between a nearly $600 repair or a new computer. Since the $600 would make it "new" again, I decided to go with that. Apple kept my computer. I was told 3-5 days. After a week, I called and was told that they were waiting for the part. What? It's the service center. Don't they have every part possible?

Well in to week two, I was sent an email. Did I want to continue to wait for the part---no time estimate---OR, would I rather take a refurbished computer for the same cost. What?? No! I don't want someone else's germy computer! I told them to just send it back without repair.

Now, let me say, my computer wasn't defunct---just not acting right---freezing and overheating. Still, it's usable. I decided to just keep it until it dies and then decide what to do. I'm glad I did.

The real question---do I really need my computer? I was going crazy at first. I rely on my computer. It keeps me organized and I conduct all my beach business on it. Right off, here were the things I missed without it:

*I couldn't send out beach rental contracts.
*I couldn't send out the condo information to renters.
*I had all the details of the "littles" visit---itinerary, grocery list, favorite colors, and photos of last year's Camp Aunt Barb.
*I couldn't pay my bills.
*I couldn't access my trip information.
*I couldn't manage my books. I had 4 books pour in on me.
*I couldn't download my books.
*I couldn't update my book list.
*I couldn't update my movie list.
*I couldn't see my large calendar view.
*I couldn't read the blogs I follow.
*I couldn't look at Facebook.
*I couldn't post to Facebook.
*I couldn't do Instagram.
*****I could not update my Blog!

That's a lot of "couldn't's!"

The girls didn't understand my panic and constant feeling of unease. Stephanie asked me why I just don't use my phone. They don't get it. I only use my phone for a phone---and maybe--a couple games!
Once Butch said, "imagine if you didn't have your phone! Now you know how your mom feels without her computer." Yeah, they got it then!!

Stephanie brought me her iPad the next day. I was just about able to do everything. But typing is a big deal to me, and doing it on an iPad is a pain. It's not typing, it's tapping one finger at a time and it takes forever! Which is why I don't particularly like texting! Stephanie said that this is ME! That's the truth!

So now with the iPad, I was somewhat back in business. I did discover that I liked playing games on that better than my tiny phone.

I found that I could get along without my computer except for one thing! Do I want to give up my blog? I don't think I'm ready for that. Sooo, I'll go lightly with my computer and use the iPad as much as possible to save the wear and tear. Hopefully I can eek out another year or so with this puter. At least I hope so.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What I'm NOT Buying This Wednesday!

...The Proposal is the most asinine show I've every seen!!

Yes, I admit that I watch some trash---The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. I don't know why. I guess I like to see people behaving badly.

This new show---The Proposal---is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. A guy sits behind a screen and sees 10 women. He picks 7 that he would like to "get to know better." Those 7 come out in bathing suits and tell a little about themselves. He then narrows it down to 4. They put on evening gowns. He asks them a question, then narrows it down to 3. His best friend comes on stage and asks the remaining 3 each a question. He narrows it down to 2. Then he comes out from behind the screen to meet them. He tells one she looks beautiful and the other she looks gorgeous. Each of the women tell him what they want for their life together and how they will be devoted to him forever! Oh, and he's an amputee---just to make things more interesting. Because everyone knows that an amputee cannot get a woman so he needs to go on national television because some women will do anything to get on tv even if it means they have to agree to accept a proposal from a complete stranger who is putting himself out there to find love. Puhllleeaassseee! Come on! What, do they take us for idiots? Apparently!

The moment we've been waiting for. As the two women stand there, the guy looking for love (in all the wrong places---for sure) actually gets down on one knee in front of one of the women. He proposes, she says yes. The other girl stands there awkwardly. Finally, the camera settles on the newly engaged couple as they are making out on stage. The regect slinks off---and the camera follows her as she walks up the steps to leave. That's it! Really!

Total trash. Definitely trash I won't be watching. Who in the world thought this was a good idea? Do Hollywood producers really think so little of their viewers? I think they keep putting this trash out to see how far the public will actually go.

Not me. This needs to stop. I've reached my limit! I'm definitely NOT buying it!

Just don't take away my "good" trash!!

As for what I really bought this week---that would nothing, nada, not a darn thing! And definitely not "The Proposal!"

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts About...


I almost decided to post this on my "What I buy Wednesdays" meme under "What I Don't Buy Wednesdays"---but I have a lot of thoughts about magazines so decided to share them.

I don't really like magazines anymore. They are nothing but ads. Recently, someone said to me, "not People magazine."
This one caught my eye. You know I love the royals. The fact that I got it for free is really the only reason I "read" it. Still, it is just about nothing but ads. I decided to count them. The magazine had 152 pages. 75 of them were ads---not little ads, but the entire page! That's just about half of all the pages. If that's not a lot of ads, I don't know what is!

Believe me, I've had my share of magazines through the years. After all, mom sold magazines after dad died in 1967. She earned enough money from that and other odd jobs to be able to stay home with us---she didn't want to leave teenagers unsupervised!

I've bought magazines when the kids, kids of friends and various nieces and nephews sold them through school. I've had my share. I've had every genre of magazine. But when my subscriptions expired, I let them all go. I think I still have one left---Better Homes and Gardens. But that's it. I don't even read it. I'm just not interested in magazines any more. Too darn many ads and not enough quality articles.

I did find this ad in that People magazine interesting.
 $265---Oh my gosh!
I paid $65.00 for my plate. Then I realized, the above ad was for a set of 2 cups and (they refer to them as saucers but they aren't) dessert plates. I guess that's a fair price. It is a beautiful plate.

Anyway, back to the magazine. I'm done with them. I get my enjoyment from reading blogs these days and I can barely keep up with them!