Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A Few Things

Remember this sweater I bought from Talbot's a while back? Well, the very first time I wore it last week, I had to change the ink cartridge on the printer. I have NEVER had an ink cartridge spurt out at me.
Well, thank goodness I was wearing this dot sweater. I have several additional black dots. I did not rub the spots for fear of smearing and because I had ink all over my hands. I surely would have made a bigger mess. I'll definitely take care the next time. (Pardon the crappy picture---I'm not good at selfie's!)

One day when Butch and I stopped at Captain D's for lunch, we came across these. You can't beat Captain D's prices and the free tools in the parking lot. (Look close---there's an allen wrench in the front).
I sent Victoria a little Halloween surprise before we left on our trip. I always include a letter. I type everything these days---it's just way faster and easier to correct mistakes. I used the computer font that is my own handwriting! I can't believe it's been 15 years since I had that made! It's available here for free! She's not so good about checking her mail. I just hope she gets it before Halloween.

That's it for now.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fall is Arriving

It's that time of year. It's been a long time coming with our record breaking 90 degree days in September. In fact, I'm really loving that I can say we swam in October. Okay, floated. We never actually swim.

So, fall is here. I've run across a few unusual things to share.
 I have no idea what type of tree this is.
 Here are the leaves. It sure is beautiful. Such bright yellow.
I hate stink bugs. I think this must be a "queen" or something. This one was on Nancy's porch. What I hate the most is that they are coming inside now. I don't know anything about stink bugs or their habits. All I know is that for 20 years, we didn't have them. For the past 4 or 5 years, they have been disgusting. They come in the house and fly at me every night. I'm fanatical about getting and flushing them! I always scream when they dive-bomb me. I can't tell you how many times I've been reading in bed and they fly at me because of the light. I scream, jump out of bed, turn on the light, capture and flush. I go back to bed and repeat. Butch can usually sleep through it all!
I found this beautiful, dead moth in the living room. Now these are the kinds of insects I can tolerate. Dead ones!
 I discovered this flower on our Route 66 trip. I have never seen it before. I used my "plant identifier app" to find out what it is. I had never heard of it. which tells me that it cannot take our hot weather.
Speaking of our hot weather, I always love little happy surprises like this. A little petunia growing by itself on the front porch. Now the miracle of this is that it's growing without soil---maybe its little roots have found some between the mortar (or my porch is so dirty)---and it's growing without water!! On the other hand, the huge basket of petunias on the wall above is half dead---even though we DO water it. It's just too hot around here and by September, we're tired of watering every day!
And then there's this. Look really close. Do you see it?
Do you think that's a termite? I found it on the hearth in the family room. I'm not too worried as we have termite protection with our exterminator. Still, I hate it. Don't get me wrong. I love nature. I just don't want it inside my house!!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

A Little Something for Saturday

Well, we'll be leaving later today for our "Gems of the Danube" river cruise. This is the trip that we were supposed to go on a couple years ago when I broke my ankle two weeks before. Stephanie and Nicky are going with us. We'll have a great time----but---you know what that means---I won't be blogging for the next couple weeks. I always have good intentions, but by the time we finish for the day, I'm tired. Plus, my photos rarely cooperate when I'm traveling. I'm debating whether I'll even bother taking my computer. I can get along with my iPad for most things, but not everything. My iPad doesn't remember ALL of my passwords like my computer does. Invariably, if I don't take it, I'm going to need something. I'll have to think about it.

In the meantime, I'm going to leave you with a few things (and pre-written posts for a couple days).
 When I was in St. Louis for the wedding in September, Chris and I went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. This picture, sculpture--not sure what to call it, work of art was on the wall.
It's a whole wall of little divers. Those tiles do look sort of like water. Actually, I would have like this for our pool tile!
 Mindy and Justin just got back from Disney. One of the things we love about Disney is their attention to detail. There are "hidden Mickey's" everywhere. At first, Mindy thought this was just a coincidence. But, when they returned to their room later, the "Mickey" was still there!
 Morgan went out to California last weekend to visit with Jordan. Jordan will be home for Thanksgiving. We haven't seen her since Christmas. She's just too far away! We miss her!
 I have never seen this sign before. I've seen "speed bumps" and "speed humps", but never "speed cushion." The bumps/humps in the road were those rubbery things rather than the normal concrete or asphalt. I'm not really sure why you need to know the difference. I guess "cushion" just lets you know you can go over them faster! You won't bottom out, but will bounce!
Diane, my British friend, who brought me the tea last week, surprised me with these this week. Along with tea, she knows I like gin. Gren, her husband, introduced me to Sipsmith's lemon gin when we were with them in Nottingham last year. This time he gave me this chocolate orange gin. I'll be trying it when we get back from our trip. He also brought me the mulled wine.
I'm not quite sure what to do with it, but the label says it's for those who like a little "tipple." I could guess what that means, but being obsessive, I had to look it up to be sure. So I got the first part right:
"drink alcohol"--but I question the second part: "especially habitually!" Hmmm, this makes me wonder what they think of me!! Actually, I'm the least drinker of just about everyone I know (except Connie)! I guess with all of these gifts, I need to step up my game!!

Okay, that's it for today. 

I am going to prepare a couple more posts to tide you over while I'm gone.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Five Things Thursday

1. Today is "the boy's" birthday. We're taking him to the club for dinner. 23. How did that happen?

2. Remember my email to the Coke Company? Well, they never responded to my last email, but about a week later, I got this letter in the mail.
I guess I got someone's attention after all. At least I feel like I might make a difference. Who knows. And the coupon is nice.

3. There's nothing like a gift for no reason!
 My friend, Diane from Nottingham brought me a little surprise.
I've never heard of this tea, but I am always fascinated by the age of things in England.
I tried the tea the next morning. It is much finer ground than most I have, so it was really strong. I'm working on getting the right proportion for my little 2 mug pot.
Stephanie made a comment once that "we sneeze more money than that." Odd expression, but I get it now. I'll definitely be sneezing some money! And then the name coaster: Unusual, optimistic and enthusiastic--that's me! Thanks, Diane!

4. Just in case you ever think I'm exaggerating about my monthly utility bills.
 Of course, this is after draining and refilling the pool and the sprinkler system running every day. AFTER this bill arrived, Butch discovered that our garden girl left the hose on for 4 days!! We'll see...
 5. On the other hand, I'm saving money on these Fresh Market family meals. $19.99 for chicken fajitas for 4 (barely enough for 3 with Mitchell's appetite!). 6 items: tortillas, 1.5 lbs. chicken, fresh vegetables, sour cream, fajita skillet sauce and corn salad! I wasn't home for dinner. Butch cooked. there were a good amount of leftovers. The next morning they were about gone! Somewhere around 11 p.m. (after we went to bed), Mitchell said he had a snack. I'm starting to get the proportions right on meals now. I have to just cook a meal for 4 and that about covers it. If I want leftovers, I better plan a meal for 6! When you buy the family meal deal, it's a savings of $7.00. Totally worth it as the food has been really good---well the two we've tried!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

What I Buy Wednesday

I'm pretty sure everybody loves a good sale! If anything is going to make my multiples tendency kick in, it's a good sale! Especially, a shoe sale!
So yeah! When Toms sent me an offer via email that was too good to be true, I HAD to check it out! HAD TO! 70% OFF---yes 70%! No way! Well, it was legit. I bought 4 pairs.

Butch gave me a look.

Come on! This sale was way too good to pass up. Who's with me on this?