Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas with Sandy and family!

We all struggled with the decision as to whether we'd get together with Sandy, Greg, Mitchell, Victoria and Elizabeth to celebrate Christmas. We decided we'd mask and social distance. It also meant that we would not have the rest of the family over. That part was sad, because it's just not the same when we're all not together. 

They came in town last weekend. Prior to their arrival, Butch bought an air purifier and got that set up. 
Then we pulled the furniture out to give more distance between us.
We added an extra chair by the sunroom door. Unfortunately, the sunroom is too cold this time of year or that would have been perfect as there's a lot of room to spread out in there. It's actually a heated room, but with all windows, there's no way to escape the cold drafts. We pretty much keep those doors closed from December to March.

When it came right down to it, this worked out perfectly. Even though we were definitely 6 ft. apart, we still wore our masks. 

On Saturday, the festivities started with the Notre Dame/Clemson football game. Considering Greg went to ND and Mitchell went to Clemson, they all behaved pretty well. Unfortunately for Greg, ND was the loser--by a lot!! He took it well and did not allow the loss to dampen his mood. On the other hand, the "win" for Mitchell made him real happy!

After the game, we had dinner of hot tamales with chili and toppings. It was an easy meal to make and an easy meal to handle without being around a table. 

Once dinner was over and cleaned up, we started opening gifts. Butch opened his gift from Mitchell first. Now let me preface this by saying that the day before, Mitchell texted me after work. "Hey, can I swing by on my way home from work and "borrow" some wrapping paper?" I readily agreed as I always have plenty. Then I texted him again and said, "do you need tape and tags?" He promptly responded "yes, please!" I figured. I wonder what he was going to do without tape?

Fast forward back to gift opening and Butch choosing Mitchell's first. That's when the "ribbing" began.
It looked like a 2 year old had wrapped it. Mitchell said he was out of practice.
Sandy said that at least he had graduated from nothing but gift bags.
I think our enjoyment of the wrapping outweighed the gift!! Then, when it was my turn, the package was a little better (didn't take a picture). We all laughed again when he said he got better as he went along!! Really, how hard is it? I think he did it on purpose just for the laughs!

Then, at some point during the opening, Sandy accidentally scooted her chair and it hit these ornaments. They rolled to the floor. I told her not to worry about it because they were plastic. 
Instead, she was fiddling around with them for quite a long time. Everybody started asking what was taking so long. That's when Victoria said something about the elf. It then became clear why she was acting so "sketchy". 
That's where Butch had hidden him! I probably would never have found him! Victoria didn't realize what she'd done! I definitely could not see him from my chair.

Anyway, we ended up having a really good time. One thing is for sure, these "kids" and Sandy know me so well!

The cute snowman wine glass and Ahava creams (my most favorite of all lotions) were from Victoria. Mitchell gave me the little photo printer for your phone (looking forward to playing with that). Elizabeth gave me the Kate Spade throw. It's so soft! Sandy was trying to convince her to find something else for me and give it to her. Luckily for me, Elizabeth said "no!"As Sandy said, her kids "nailed it" when it came to my gifts. All the rest of the gifts are from Sandy and Greg. She really "nailed it" too! The little Lenox retro cars are ornaments. The mug has a tea diffuser inside and there's a deck of Christmas trivia cards. We tried a couple, but they were pretty hard. At least we'll learn something!
I had never seen the "A Christmas Story" Alex and Ani bracelets. That was quite a surprise! They are the cutest darn things! I put them on right away. I love jewelry--especially fun kind!

It was a brief visit, but so much fun. Also, we all felt safe and comfortable. That made Butch and me happy, as we'll feel more relaxed on Christmas Even when the other half of the family comes. Which as you read this is today!

As I keep saying, it's just one year! We've all made concessions and compromises. For me, not setting the dining room table and then us sitting at it was probably the hardest thing for me to take. That's about my favorite thing to do! The decorating and then lingering while  conversing after meals. 
There will be none of this---this year. Next year for sure!

Merry Christmas everybody!!! 

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  1. Looks like although things had to be different, they were still a lot of fun!
    Over here we cannot have anyone else in our home so this will be the first year in 40. years of marriage that it will be just Paul and me for Christmas dinner. It's really disappointing but our numbers are starting to go really high again. Next year ...


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