Wednesday, January 12, 2022

What I Buy Wednesdays

Today is more about what I didn't buy---or rather, what someone gave me.

Diane---she's my book club buddy from Nottingham, England---and her husband, Grenville (Gren for short) were in town over the holidays. Of course I invited them to our Christmas party. I was having a conversation with Gren--telling him how I was hoarding the last bottle of Sipsmith lemon gin that he had brought me the last time they visited--over two years ago.

A few years ago, when some of us book club members took book club to Diane's, Gren introduced me to Sipsmith lemon gin. I loved it! When I got home, I found out that you can only get it in England. The next time that Butch and I went, I bought a couple bottles. The last time Gren and Diane were here, they gave me a bottle--that's what lead to the conversation. 

After the party, I was opening my hostess gifts and lo' and behold, there was this from Diane and Gren. I was so excited!
The bottle is downright swoon worthy! Now I get to enjoy it for a while longer! 

I did tell Butch that I wanted to go back to England THIS year since I'm 70. It will be kind of hard to work it in as we already have our year of trips booked out. Not sure when we can even do it, but I'd sure like to try. I want to celebrate the queen's platinum jubilee--70 years of reigning--with her while I'm 70! Hmmm, I wonder if Gren can arrange that for me?? Heck, the guy got us in to a "members only" historic/ancient library in Nottingham--that he had never been in himself. He simply knocked on the door, and told the man that he had us 6 women from the U.S. that would love to see inside. He has since become a member!! That was so cool! Yeah, I'm sure if anyone can arrange a cup of tea with the queen for me, it would be him!! 

I'm big on paying attention to the numbers. It's just fun. Remember all of our Route 66 trips? We still have the leg from Arizona to California and from Albuquerque back to Oklahoma City left to do, but we started that when Butch turned 66!

I have a feeling this is going to be a great year. And it's all started with a bottle of gin!

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  1. How lovely! They sound like great friends :). Such a pretty label ... If you make it to England, do let me know!


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