Thursday, January 13, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. About my Marie Antoinette chair. 
I put that ribbon on it so no one would sit on it. Well, guess what? At our Christmas party, someone sat on it!! I didn't see her, but another friend ratted her out---said she sat on it for an hour! I guess I need to create a little sign.
Anyway, I looked it up on the internet to see if I could find more information about it. Boy, did I!!
I was able to find a couple pictures too. 
Here they are in the room. This photo was taken before some restoration work on the Petit Trianon.

Here's what I know. The chair is called a Louis XVI Marie Antoinette  Giltwood Side Chair. This painted side chair was made for Marie Antoinette and placed at the Petit Trianon on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. The Petit Trianon was MA's private retreat.  The chairs were removed so it is unclear if it was made and used before the French Revolution or made afterwards as a memorial to MA. It is definitely from the 18th century. Still interesting.

2. This is so cute:

3. With all the book boxes around... was only a matter of time that the dogs would get in on the act!
And the police! I'm just still so fascinated by these boxes.

4. This is cute. 
If I drank coffee, I would look for pictures in the foam.

5. Butch has become the Chex Mix maker of the family now. the grandkids request it when they are going on trips. He makes it at Christmas and any other family gatherings.
The girls have requested it for my birthday weekend---starting tonight! 

It only made sense that with all of these cereals on hand, I invented a new dish for myself!

Chex Mix cereal!! Minus the butter, nuts and garlic of course. I just added bananas instead of the pretzels. It's so good, I've had it several times! Kind of fun to mix it up.


  1. I guess the bow just made the chair look even prettier so your friend couldn't resist trying it out for comfort!

  2. How very special to have one of those original chairs! Perhaps, Shaker fashion, you've need a hook on the wall that it can hang from to discourage errant sitters. I didn't know you could make Chex Mix ... When sorting breakfast my my little grand-daughter (aged two and a half), her favourite is 'a mixture, Nana, with b'nana' :).

  3. Well in "her" defense, I would not have caught onto the purpose of the ribbon either. It is lovely. I noticed a new little library down the street from my son's house last week. I may have to add a few to it the next time we are over there. Got a chuckle out of the dog library.


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