Thursday, January 20, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. So, yesterday, this was delivered to our door.
Anybody that knows me--knows I LOVE cookies! Look closely at the label.
I emailed Amanda right away to thank her. I told her I felt guilty because I'm not really sick!!! But I do love cookies!! Then I lifted the lid! OMGosh! 
I have never seen anything like this! I've never heard of this company. I couldn't wait to taste at least one of them. So, I chose---drum rollllll---which do you think I'd choose? I c*h*o*s*e---the sugar cookie!! It's pink and all. And it was on the end. Of course I'll be very methodical about how we eat them! I cut a tiny little wedge for Butch and another (maybe a teensy bit bigger) for me. It was Devine! I do not say that lightly. That frosting---I want to call those people and see if I can come and lick the bowl!! Amanda says I can freeze them. I'm going to need to do that. I swear, they are so huge! I really need to pace myself! Decadent for sure! Like I said on my birthday, "I am one lucky girl to have so many people who care about me!!" And now you know why I always say that Amanda is such a sweetheart!! She is the most thoughtful person--she gets it from her mom. I'm lucky to have them in my life!   

PS to this story. I wrote this post yesterday afternoon. Then, at about 5:30, Connie brought over some vegetable soup with some cheese biscuits. She would have had no idea that I had already blogged about the cookies. See there, some mighty fine peeps!

Okay, enough of that. Moving on.

2. Right before Christmas, we were downtown. I noticed this sign. You wouldn't believe how much of a problem this is.
Years ago, before Butch retired from the parking business, we were downtown to meet some friends for dinner. A man approached Butch as we parked and tried to collect money. Butch said, "where's your uniform?" The guy was a little flustered. Butch continued to pepper him with questions---after all, it was one of Central Parking's lots so he knew that ALL attendants would be in uniform. He took me to the restaurant, and left to find the area manager to alert him of the situation. It was kind of exciting at the time. The imposter had no idea that he had approached a "big wig" with the exact company he was trying to rip off! But, the truth is, people try to cheat every way they can. I have several friends who have told us that they just pay rather than take a chance the guy might pose a problem. I guess that's why they get away with it. People don't want any type of confrontation. But he picked the wrong guy to deal with. Butch and his money do not part easily!! Plus, we always got (and still do) free parking! Still, it's a problem for the parking industry and we ALL pay for that!

3. One day, we stopped at Jimmy John's to pick up a sandwich. 
As I was waiting, I noticed that the sandwich makers were literally throwing excess food, trash and debris right on the floor. The trash can was right there, but they were just pitching it towards the can without even looking--kind of a back-handed toss. I have a feeling that's a health code violation, not to mention the safety hazard. I'm pretty sure random garbage is slippery! How lazy can they be?

4. Yeah, we're those nerds that pay attention to stuff like this:
we like to see our numbers line up like this. It's so frustrating to discover that we missed something. The next milestone will be 60,000 and then 66,666. 

5. Lastly, this is leftover from Christmas.
Apparently, my nephew, Johnny and his little Rosie, got matching Dysons for Christmas!! How cute is that? Yeah, you gotta' start 'em young!!

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