Saturday, January 15, 2022

Scrapbook Saturday

These pages are from our scrapbook retreat back in November. Would you believe me if I told you that I haven't even unpacked everything from back then? I got home and immediately was inundated with the remodel and all the chores along with that. And, no, the remodel is not finished yet! The rest of the carpet went in this week. We're still waiting on plumbing fixtures, shower doors, refinishing the front stairs and several other things that need to be completed. They are supposed to come on Wednesday to do as much as they can. Fingers crossed that the fixtures arrive soon. I think they have shipped. I guess that's a good sign.

On to more of the scrapbook pages I did on that weekend:
This title page was something I planned for everybody. I challenged everyone to use punches on a page. I don't use them often enough. This is not an original idea. I saw something like this somewhere and filed it away in my brain. I don't remember what the original page looked like or what the quote was (or if there even was a quote). I just remember using punches in a grid fashion. I quite like it. Plus it gave me a chance to use some flowers, stickers, buttons and rhinestones.
This was a layout I did for Nancy for our Round Robin group. 
This one was from our sisters trip to the beach in May, 2021.
This layout was from out family vacation in 2018. We rented condos in Williamsburg.
This layout is about the Memory Make Inn and the fun we had there. Sadly, it closed after the lockdown. It was the perfect place for us. Everything was there---enough table space, lights, Cricuts and dozens of other tools. Since they closed, we're back to Kentucky Dam Village State Park. The place is big and works for us, but we have to take everything including tables. And, we have to make our own food. We'll definitely miss the food from the Memory Make Inn. It was so good!

Speaking of Kentucky Dam Village, that's where I made all of these layouts--plus more that I'm already shared here. Our dates were set for our winter retreat. We go twice a year: winter and fall. I was excited about our upcoming retreat in February. I'm already packed! Obviously since I never unpacked from the fall!

Anyway, I got a call last week that they have cancelled our reservations. What?? At first I was a little miffed--like how can they do this to us? There are six of us going--or were going. Turns out, all of the cabins are still being used for tornado victims from that area who are homeless. Can't argue with that. They need the place more than we do. 

Jeanne's on it---looking for an alternate place. I reminded her that she needs to make sure there's plenty of space to set up all of our tables. KY Lake is just perfect as we've been going there for years before finding the Memory Make Inn. We know the place is huge and we have plenty of space. Whatever happens, we'll have a good time. 

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  1. Looks like you got lots of fun photos scrapped. I hope you find a new place for a winter retreat - we all need a scrappy getaway during the winter months.


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