Saturday, January 8, 2022

The Big Apple

Here's what Butch and I did in New York--the pictures are all mixed up, so in no particular order. We did a lot of things together and also did other stuff on our own.

*Checked in to the Marriott Marquis where we had a room overlooking Times Square. The view was fabulous!

*Went by the Dakota on the way to Central Park

*Shared a lamb gyro at one of the NYC food carts

*Butch and I went to see MJ on Saturday afternoon. Really good!!

*Went to Central Park and did all of the iconic things there—Strawberry Fields, the bow bridge, the Alice in Wonderland statue, Tavern on the Green, the boathouse, and many more.
*Walked up 5th Avenue and looked at the windows.

*Stopped at Rockefeller Plaza.

*Stopped in the Kate Spade store (didn't buy anything).

*Dinner at Carmines

*Walked to Macy’s for a little shopping (Butch carried all the purchases back to the hotel--which included heavy wine and champagne for our NYE celebration!)

*Mindy, Justin and I had a drink at the Wolfgang Bar and Restaurant.

*Justin and I went back to the hotel while Mindy met up with her sisters.

The "kids" at Rockefeller Plaza before Sandy and Greg arrived.

*Butch and I, Sandy and Greg went to Tina the Broadway show. It was fabulous!!! The talent on is just incredible. The kids are unbelievable. 

*Got all dressed up for our New Year’s Eve Party in our room.

*Watched the tv coverage while enjoying the view.

Loved my sparkly shoes, but unfortunately, I felt unsteady on my feet. As I hobbled around the room, Butch asked me if I was going to make it. I told him that I felt like I was a teenager again trying to get used to high heels. Except, they weren't high heels! They were only about 1-inch! I can't describe the feeling--not good. Those shoes are going (to someone else in the family)! I'm all about comfort these days!

*Also tuned in to what was happening in Nashville.

*Stayed up way too late--2 a.m.--I only see that time if I'm actually getting up!

*Brunch at Marseilles on New Year's Day. This was a great place and will become a "must do" every time we go to New York.You know how I love a white tablecloth!

*Butch and I went to the matinee of MJ. We met up with the gang at the Pink Bar afterwards. I had some really good hot chocolate with peppermint, vodka and lots of marshmallows! It was PINK! Of course I had to order that---and the fact that Sandy said it was delicious! I'm going to try to make it sometime which first requires that I remember it---which is doubtful.

*Stephanie, Nicky, Mindy and Justin went to dinner and to see MJ on Saturday night.

*Butch and I, Greg and Sandy went to dinner at The Smith.

*Had a holiday drink  (chocolate martini for me) at Del Frisco’s and shared some bread pudding on our way back to the hotel after strolling 5th Avenue.

*Friday we started with breakfast at the hotel

*Stopped by the Vessel for a few photos (it was closed)

*Walked the Highline

*Walked over to the Little Island at Pier 55—an elevated garden with great views to New Jersey.

*Walked to the Magnolia Bakery to buy treats for our New Year’s Eve Party.

*Had lunch at Eataly

*Bought everything for our charcuterie at Eataly--largest Italian market!

*Stopped by Carrie’s apartment (from Sex in the City). It's a private residence, so they asked that you if you take a picture, to make a donation for the homeless of New York.

The trip was quick, but oh so much fun. We really tried to make the most of our time. We'd do it again in a heartbeat. Definitely a "bucket list" item. We were so glad that we got to check it off the list. 

Unfortunately, the whole reason for the trip was to see Hugh Jackman in The Music Man. Since he tested positive for---well, you know that song---the show was canceled. We made the best of it. Sad we didn't get to see him, so I guess that's another "bucket list" item to add back on the list! Still, it was a fantastic way to start 2022! Happy New Year!!


  1. You certainly know how to fill your days with lots of fun things - what a great way to end the year!

  2. Such a packed trip! How lovely to do it with so many people you know and love. With you on the shoes front - I couldn't wear anything with a heel these days.


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