Wednesday, January 19, 2022

This Girl with the Positive Personality...

...has tested positive. And we all know what that means! Here's the story:

Last Wednesday, I started with a little cough. And when I say little, I mean--like one little cough an hour or two. I did not have a stuffy nose or any congestion. I thought that maybe I might be coming down with a cold. 

Thursday, no change. Thursday evening, Sandy and family came in town for my big birthday celebration. I tried to keep my distance.

Friday morning--to be on the safe side, Greg gave me one of the Covid tests that he brought. His company provides him with 12 per month to use for anyone. I tested "negative." Good news! Then I could relax and enjoy the weekend. And I did! We all did.

Nothing really changed with my cough. Maybe it sounded a little deeper, but still was a dry cough and no congestion or stuffiness. I actually felt perfectly normal. 

On Monday night, Stephanie texted all of us with the news that Jordan wasn't feeling well on Sunday (she had to leave on Saturday), took a Covid test and tested positive. Sandy said she hadn't been feeling too great either. After hearing about Jordan, she took a test and also tested positive. That kind of sent me spinning. I was to be playing bridge on Tuesday. I certainly couldn't take a chance of exposing all of those people--many who are old. I had to be responsible!

I immediately went to Walgreens about 7 p.m.--not really expecting to have any success in finding at home tests. Walgreens did not have any. I proceeded to CVS--not feeling very hopeful. When I asked, the clerk said. "Look behind you!" They had at least a hundred or more! I bought a few. As soon as I got home, I took one of the tests. Fifteen minutes later, I had the results. Positive! I'm positive it was positive! I really couldn't believe it. Nothing had changed since Friday--or Wednesday for that matter.

Now I had to cancel plans for the week and let everyone know--from the weekend AND my sisters AND Connie, who I had gone to the movie with and was to play bridge with twice this week AND my friends who were just at my house that morning. Luckily at our AYM meeting, I wore my mask just because of my cold! I'm so glad I did! 

In the meantime, I am still perfectly fine--still the cough, but nothing else. Butch isn't feeling great, so we're pretty sure he has it. He didn't want to waste a test to find out for sure. Still, we had to cancel our trip to Egypt on Friday. It's probably for the best. We would hate to be away from home and actually get sick.

But there has been a bright side to this. Now that I was forced to stay home, I was really productive. I got my scrapbook room emptied of all the stuff I had moved in there from the remodel. Then, I unpacked my bag from the scrapbook retreat in November. I started organizing everything. I had about 3--2 gallon ziplock bags with odds n' ends papers, alphabets, leftover photos and embellishments. I had about 200 new photos that needed sorting. I felt good about all that I had accomplished. And that's when I found another bag! Of course it was AFTER I had already put everything away. OMGosh! Here we go.
I talked to my cousin, Chrissy, while I sorted this mess. She had texted me earlier to find out if everything was okay. I don't know if she has a 6th sense or something, but she says that when I don't blog, she gets worried. Then she said something that really made me stop and think---and made me really happy too! She said, "I look forward to your blog. I read it first thing every morning. It's like I'm reading a book and each day is a new chapter. When you don't post, I can't read the next chapter!" 

Wow! I've never known my cousin to be so profound! Now I'm going to have to scrapbook about my blog just because of that statement. I think I'll title it: "Reading my blog is like reading a good book!" Or, "My blog is a real page turner!" Or something like that. 

Hmmm, maybe I'll let Chrissy figure out the title--and I'll feature her on the page!! Okay girlie, you've been challenged! 


  1. Oh no! The dreaded positive result. I'm relieved to hear that you only have mild symptoms and hope it stays that way. We spent Christmas Day with my daughter and her family and the next day two of them tested positive, the following day the other two did and so did my husband. I was the only one of the six of us who remained negative! Guess who ended up doing all the dog walking and food shopping ;-)

  2. Oh so sorry you caught it and had to cancel your trip. But I am not surprised you maintained your positive attitude throughout. Hope you are back to feeling tip top now.


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