Monday, January 10, 2022

Me On Monday

Well, it was a great trip to Key West. We got home on Saturday evening, but now it's back to reality. 

I spent yesterday getting ready for the two rooms of carpet being installed on Wednesday. I'm not completely finished--still lots of stuff to be boxed up and moved--but I got a lot done. I'll be ready. Butch helps--mostly with all the hauling of stuff I'm getting rid of. He wants to put it all in the garage so the "kids" can go through it when they are here this upcoming weekend to celebrate my birthday. That's fine with me. I just want it out of the house. How much do you want to bet they won't want a thing?? You know my, "our kids don't want our stuff" lament!

Yesterday I also got my pantry in order. I had planned to do that before leaving on our trip, but didn't quite get to it. The pantry always seems to be a dumping ground during the holidays. 
Here's the before:
You know what I always say, "the more space you have, the more stuff you keep!" And that's exactly what we do. We fill up our space. Since the pantry is so big, we keep a lot of other things in there too. The top shelf is full of Christmas decorations and some Halloween.

There's lots of extra dishes, serving pieces and baskets for entertaining. I cleaned out and got rid of several things I haven't used in about 5 years. I finally am willing to part with them.

Here is the after:

I guess it doesn't look all that much different, but at least it's a little better. I feel good that I did it. One more thing cleaned out in this house. Lots more to do...

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  1. Oh what a lovely tidy pantry! It's always a good job to do as I guarantee I will always find something that is way past its use by date!


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