Saturday, January 22, 2022

A Week of Covid did not Make Me Weak!

I've actually had the most productive week. What do I do when I can't go out? I stay home and clean. I stay home and organize. In other words, I stay home and work!!

I've accomplished so much this week of forced quarantine.

1. I finished putting the upstairs in order from the remodel. The new carpeting was put in last Wednesday right before the family arrived for my birthday, so I didn't have the time to do it then. It's just about finished. Still waiting on plumbing, shower door and the window treatment for the guest bathroom. I was disappointed to find that I am not going to be able to use the antique mirrors there as I'd planned. I've ordered a couple new ones, but still hope to be able to use some of the old ones too. The guest room is all put together and decorated. Mindy's room and bath is completed. I have ordered a few more pictures. We're just about finished with it all. I can't wait. I've over it!

2. I got all the crap out of my scrapbook room that came from closets from the other rooms.

3. I sorted and organized 350 photos. They sure stack up. 

4. Edited hundreds of photos from our Disney trip, the holiday season, New York City, Key West and my birthday weekend. Sent photos to Walgreens for printing. 

5. I sorted 47 double page layouts for the albums they'll go in. Today, I'll put them in the albums. It takes a long time. I expect it will take all morning. Oh well, it's not like I have anywhere to be.

6. I already mentioned the sorting of paper bits and embellishments. Well, after I had everything put away I found another 2 gallon ziplock bag full--already showed this picture:
I got it all sorted and put away. And then---I'll be darned if I didn't find one more. Just goes to show, I haven't done any work in my scrapbook room since the remodel began in November. It was a huge mess with more stuff piled in there. I've spent a lot of time re-organizing. I should get it back to where I want it by the end of the weekend. 

7. Started putting together my layouts for our upcoming retreat. That included sitting down with Butch to go over some of his trips and photos. When it comes to trips, I prefer to do a timeline type approach. It provides me with a frame to build the layout on.

8. I put together my AYM kit for the club. I also wrote up the handout. I just have to make the title for the kits--probably tomorrow. This year, our topic is: "The Songs of our Life." Each month, a member picks the song and puts the kit together. 

9. I organized these:
There were stacks of pashminas and scarves. As a result, they were too hard to see which meant, I wasn't taking full advantage of them. So, I decided to to hang them up.
This is definitely a better idea. After all, I have the space. Now I can see them easily. But there's a problem. My OCD is spiking. Look how messy those hangers look. They are not all straight and even. So, I had to do something about it. But first, I had to give them a haircut. There are some random strings hanging down, so I snipped them off. 
I had to adjust the pashminas on the hangers to make them hang even-er. As you can see, it's not perfect, but it's better. The hangers don't look quite like the chaos of the ones above. I know it's not going to last, but at least I tried. Of course, they are all color coordinated. I take about 3 or 4 with me whenever I travel. Sometimes all you need is a little something to take the chill off. That left me with this:
What to do with an empty shelf? Fill it up, of course. I'm in good shape when it comes to clothes. I don't really need anything. What I'll do is spread things out a bit so it doesn't look so bare. Okay moving on.

10. I re-organized my recipes. I probably hadn't re-filed recipes in nearly a year. 
I took this picture about half way through the process, so you can imagine twice as many stacks! It sure does feel good when it's done. This took me 2 hours. I took the time to pull out some recipes that I'd forgotten about. I always seem to make the same 'ol things. Looking forward to making some dishes I haven't made in ages.

What I didn't do this week:
Exercise! I figured I wasn't feeling bad from Covid, so why push my luck! 

I hope you had a productive week. I'd love to hear what you accomplished.


  1. Well I have the exact opposite of your challenge "I got all the crap out of my scrapbook room that came from closets from the other rooms." My scrapbook stuff has overflowed and overflowed and overflowed to other rooms' closets. I think I am to the point where I can no longer compact the storage, and just need to stop bringing in new purchases.

  2. I have been watching too many classic fashion videos on You Tube, so I think that you should have more open shelf space so you can stage every handbag you own with a little accessory vignette.


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