Sunday, January 9, 2022

Key West

We've been in Key West for several days this week. I'll be posting about the trip on Tuesday. But, in the meantime, I thought I would do a quick post about the historic mansion that we stayed in. 
This home was built in 1890 and is called "The Artist House." I love all of the fancy trim. 
Seeing it decorated for Christmas was a nice treat, although, Christmas lights and palm trees don't really seem to go together. 
There was a lovely little garden in the back where there was a tiny "soaking" pool. That's not something we do on vacation as we are more about seeing every possible sight--big and little to the most unusual and minor things. That keeps us plenty busy!
We had breakfast and happy hour here. It was a nice place to just relax with a glass of wine. The "cook" was quite a character. Butch noticed her British accent and made a comment. She said that she was Greek! The next day he overheard her tell someone else that she was French. We're not sure what that was all about, but she clearly had a British accent.
Our room was huge with all antiques.

Antiques down to the last detail.

Now for the interesting part. This house is haunted!!! 

I'm going to make this story very short--enough for you to get the gist. The internet password was "robert the doll." I thought that was odd, but didn't think much of it. Butch was reading about the history of the house and found out that in the 1890's there was a little boy named, Gene, who lived here. The maid gave him a life size doll. The little boy named him after himself (his name was Robert Eugene, but was called Gene. Turns out the little boy talked to Robert all the time. Everyone claimed that Robert talked back to him as they heard two different voices all the time. 

The doll, which is on display at a nearby museum, haunts the house. You have to ask permission to take his picture. I did as I wasn't taking any chances!
They have this smaller replica on display at the house. 
You can see that turret---which is at the top of the house where Robert lives. That room was right above our room. We can attest that the house is haunted for sure. We woke up one morning with the door to our room open. Butch said that Robert must have done it. 

Yeah, that's our story and we're sticking to it.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that house has interesting takes to tell ... Your photos are lovely - what a special place to stay. I like the little courtyard and pool too - we are deep in winter here and it's so hard to imagine sitting outside sipping wine!


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