Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Organizing Continues

So after my post yesterday about all the organizing I've done this week, I've continued on. 

But first, before I get to it, I need some help from my blog friends. I want to change the looks of my blog and do not know how to do it. I'm looking to hire someone to help me or do it. If you have any information for me, please let me know.

Okay, on to it.

Yesterday I was putting pages in albums when I realized I had a container that held all the layouts I did in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown. That was another 16 layouts. So that means, I have 62 double-page spreads to put in albums. I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes and put together just about 3 albums. Here's just a glimpse of the mess I have.

Pages are sorted everywhere. I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of pages and protectors before I finish the job. Still, I plan to plug away and do as much as I can today. Then I'll finish getting my room back in order.

Another thing I decided to organize yesterday afternoon was all of my health and beauty aids. And, boy, do I have a lot of those! I need all the health and beauty I can get!

Actually, I saw another blogger take all of her "bits and samples" in hand--which gave me the idea. Now, I was going to link her, but cannot remember exactly who that was. If it was one of my fellow blog friends, let me know and I'll be sure to link you. Update: it was my friend, Susanne where I got the idea. You can check out her blog here.

I have a ton of stuff in drawers, baskets on my makeup table and vanity. 

I included cleaning out my travel cosmetic case that stays packed. When I'm getting ready to travel, I just have to grab it.

I started with gathering it all together. Then I came up with this idea:
I sorted it all in to ziplock bags and labeled them. Sometimes, the writing is so tiny on those little tubes  and samples that I waste a lot of time trying to figure out what something is for. This will definitely make it easier. 
I lined them all up in the drawer. Now remember my multiples problem. This is all EXCESS stuff!! 
What I use daily is in this drawer. When I use something up, then I'll pull from those ziplock bags. At least it's all neat and organized now.

While I'm reporting on cleaning out and organizing, I thought I would give Butch a shout out and share a couple pictures of his closet.
Now don't be fooled. His closet looks like this all the time. He told me that he cleaned out and got rid of some shirts. He keeps his clothes for a very long time. Really long. Really really long! As it turns out, he got rid of exactly 3 shirts. Big whoop!!
I have to admit, when he retired--12 years ago, it killed me to see most---okay, almost ALL of his custom suits go. And his ties---he had some really awesome ties. Luckily the clean out of ties, he was able to pass along to Justin. He has to wear a tie every day. Anyway, I'm glad Butch is a neat guy. He always has been. Now don't get me wrong. He has his "areas" that are not so neat. Ahhh, but that's another story.

Don't you just love January? There's something about cleaning out and organizing that energizes me! 


  1. You are certainly using your 'quarantine' time efficiently! Very impressive tidying and sorting, I would be ashamed to share my wardrobe photos with you!

  2. Blogger now has lots more templates available than when we first started blogging. I used one of those to start my new CTMH blog. If you don't need additional functionality, I am not sure you would need to hire help to get a fresh new look. And Cutest Blog on the Block has some fun backgrounds for free as well.

    In regards to sample sizes, it may have been my Lovely Little Things post you are referring to, although I suspect lots of us are getting organized in the cosmetics department. I like your zip bag idea for sorting by type. I have mine all tossed into a plastic overflow bin in the closet - which you now have me wanting to reorganize as well. It was nice to use up several samples at my sister's house. Of course, I only took one perfume sample with me, and now I think I need that in full size. But not until I finish at least one full size I already own. It is a good thing that I put half a dozen of those little perfumes in the girls' stockings this Christmas, avoiding further temptation.

    I am getting hubby to declutter clothes every time we switch closets for the season, but I am lucky if it is an item or two. He hates clothes shopping, so he always gets some at Christmas and usually when we travel in the US he will get a few things if we stop at an outlet mall.

    Yes, I love January for freshening up, I hope to get another project in this week.


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