Saturday, January 29, 2022

10 Things to Make You Happy Today

I've been thinking about happiness. I'm basically a pretty happy person. I also realize that part of what makes me happy are little things. I pay attention to the little things. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Light a fire. No matter what time of day, a fire really makes me happy. In fact, as I write this in the early morning hours, I'm in the bedroom with my gas fireplace on. I lit a few candles too. I guess #2 should have been light some candles, but I'm trying to keep this list to just 10 things.

2. Buy a plant. Even if you think you'll kill it--buy it. A little green will make you happy even though you need to spend a little green to get it! You can find them under $5.00 at the grocery store. Ditto for flowers. Grocery store flowers are cheap and definitely make me happy.

3. Call someone you haven't talked to in a long time. I'm not a phone person, so this is kind of hard for me. But, I did it during the lockdown and it definitely made me happier. And it made them happier too. The reason I don't like the phone? It's a time waster. I cannot have short phone conversations. And that's on me. But, it's true. 

4. Wear something that you've been saving for "good."  This really makes me happy. Basically, just about my entire wardrobe is new, so everything seems "good." I pick something new just about every day whether it's a scarf or jewelry or a pair of shoes. Just pick something.

5. Clean something you haven't cleaned in a long time---or ever! For me it's usually fake plants or floral arrangements. I give them a good dunk in a sink full of sudsy water, rinse, dry. Or if they are big, I'll put them in the shower--no soap, just plain water to rinse off the dust. It makes me happy to know they are dust free--until another 5 years! I'm also going to add here---clean something fragile. I dunk everything in hot sudsy water, rinse, dry. Or clean a chandelier. That's definitely a satisfying clean. 

6. Listen to an album from your teen years. I actually have a Spotify playlist with my oldies. But it you choose one of your old favorites and listen to just that, it will definitely make you happy. How many times did I smooch that life size picture of Peter Noone on the back of the Herman's Hermits album??

7. Nap. Nothing else needs to be said about this. If you take one, you'll understand!

8. Read. Allow yourself an hour to delve into a good book.

9. Eat a piece of fruit. It makes me happy to know I'm eating something healthy. I've been eating two pieces of fruit a day. The other good thing about that is it satisfies my sweet tooth. Pears, tangerines, apples, bananas, grapes are all good at this time of year.

10. Give someone an unexpected hug. When someone surprises you with a hug, it makes you happy. Conversely, if you are the one doing the hugging, knowing you've made someone else happy, makes you happy.

Gosh, I could go on and on. I guess I'll save some for another post. 

Happy weekend!!

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