Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday Mystery

We've had a lot of snow in Nashville this month. I hate that we missed our biggest one while we were in Key West. Still, we've gotten to enjoy a few smaller ones. We're very close to breaking records for the most snowfall in a year. 

Look at this picture. It's right outside our bathroom window.
Do you see it? Look really close. Closer...closer.
Here's a closer view. How in the world is that one darling, little azalea bloom still living amidst the snow? Now that's a mystery!! And it still looks so perky!
At night with the landscape lighting, it looks like a winter wonderland. The lights are on timers and stay on until about 10:30 p.m. I love looking out. The snow pictures are the best. But the regular ones aren't half bad.
This is the view looking out at the pool from the kitchen. We updated our landscape lighting several months ago. We've changed to some other kind of lights that are brighter and more energy efficient. That's great, except for one thing.
This! This light is right outside our bedroom window. It lights up the room like sunlight!! Really bright!! In fact, sunlight never shines through this window at all! And another thing, if there's a power outage--or just a flicker, it messes up the timer and we get this 24 hours!! We had our guy come out. He changed the angle of this light in such a way that it doesn't shine so brightly in the room anymore. At least we know how to reset the lights now if there's a problem.

Then this happened. 
We were moving furniture in the bedroom in preparation for the new carpet. We moved a chest and discovered this light switch. If you look at the picture above where the light is shining in the window--that's the piece of furniture we moved. This switch is just randomly on the wall there. Honestly, I have no recollection of it. We've been in this house nearly 27 years. That piece of furniture has only been moved a few times for either paint or carpet. 

Anyway, that switch is the light by the door right outside this window. There is not a door from our bedroom to the outside--just the window. You have to walk through the sunroom--which connects to our bedroom with French doors. It's just as close to walk in to the sunroom to turn on that outside light. I'm not sure why anyone felt like there needed to be a switch inside the bedroom for that door light. 

Now that's a mystery for sure!

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  1. Yeah, for the durable little bloom. And that is a mystery on the switch, as usually outdoor lights are switched at the door to the outside nearest them.

    I remember when we built this house and the electrician walked us through every room discussing switches. He had added several extras that I would never have thought to do, and we've been blessed by that for 25 years. There seems to be one everywhere it is needed, plus lots of spots where it turned out to be super-convenient to have an extra as well.


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