Tuesday, January 4, 2022

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OMGosh! I just learned something about myself. I still LIKE to work!!! That sounds crazy to even say that. But it’s the truth. Here’s the story.

It usually starts with feeling so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to begin. My philosophy has always been, just start! Usually that means on the right. I always work on the right, around the room. The same goes for browsing shops or gardens—-start on the right and you never miss anything. 

With the remodeling that ran way over time, we were down to the wire getting ready for Christmas and a big Christmas party. I’ve always loved to entertain, but hadn’t had a big party in, well, since my Derby parties of old. I planned this party back in October when the remodel was to be completed by Thanksgiving. Since I am not a “canceller” (okay, I just made that word up, but auto-correct doesn’t even show it as wrong—who knew?), I knew I would do the party no matter what. 

When we went to Sandy’s for the weekend, I thought everything that could be done, would be done by the time we got back. Oh, no, it didn’t work out that way. The work continued until the day of the party. 

We got home on Sunday around noon. Butch and I started right in and worked non-stop (well, one little break) until 5 p.m. We’d planned to stop then. But as always, one thing leads to another. We all know that the amount of dust during and after a remodel is insane. It gets in every little nook and cranny of the house—even in closed doors, closets and cabinets. And, I have to say, our team did a great job trying to control it. You just can’t. Anyway, as I was ready to call it for the day, I noticed the huge amount of dust inside the china cabinet. I couldn’t stop! I took everything out and cleaned all the shelves and glass inside and out. I cleaned each item as I put it back. I took that opportunity to get rid of some things too. It wasn’t long before Butch joined me—I guess he felt guilty sitting while I was still working! He did the stuff I can’t reach—I do not get up on stools—my balance just isn’t that good and I am not risking any falls. 

The next day, Butch had to be out-of-town. I kept working. I had already set up my timeline on the drive to Sandy’s. I went to the grocery store for last minute items and started cooking. I’ve been a cooking, cleaning, organizing fool! I got out all the serving pieces, glass dishes and crystal. I washed everything. I moved the chairs around the house to make convenient seating areas. I chilled the beverages, made ice rings, cooked some more and figured out the table arrangement. I cleaned out my Limoge box case—which of course was also full of dust. I cleaned out the secretary, credenza—anything closed doesn’t mean it’s airtight!

Amidst all of this heavy duty cleaning, I learned that I still love work—this type of work—cleaning and making order out of chaos. The final result is a huge payoff. I work hard and I work fast. And I can still do it. But, one thing I’ve noticed as I get older—I get overwhelmed much easier! I even had the girls lined up to help with all of it, but ended up cancelling when I said, “we can do it!” And we did! 

The last workmen left by about noon on the day of the party. Butch helped me do a couple cleaning things upstairs, but we didn’t have the time to do it all. So, I just closed the doors to help keep the dust down. The night of the party, I was ready. A few people asked to see the upstairs. I told them they could take a peek, but warned them of the mess. 

The downstairs was sparkling clean—well most of it. I would definitely not invite the “white glove” test. I was happy enough with how it all looked. We had one extra day before Christmas Eve breakfast and we were able to just about get the new rooms in order. The big reveal is coming soon. Still waiting on carpeting, window treatment and plumbing fixtures. Soon, I hope!

Also, my report from New Years in New York coming soon! We're off to Key West on Wednesday for a few days. We'll be traveling like crazy in 2022. 

Happy New Year! I hope you have BIG plans for 2022 too!

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  1. I feel exhausted just reading this! What an amazing job you did - Happy New Year to you all x


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