Sunday, January 30, 2022


...who knew?

1. The new color trend for 2022 is green!

Who knew that Amanda would end up being a trendsetter!!

2. These joggers from Nordstrom are all the rage.
Who knew they'd cost $140!! Yikes--for sweat pants!

3. In light of the recent news reports of a book about the holocaust being banned from a school library...
Who knew that Stephen King would start a run on bookstores!

4. Now this seems pretty darn clever to me.
Who knew you could hang a door upside down?

5. This just could be important information.
Who knew 999 was a "thing"? Actually, honestly, if I'm in a dangerous situation, I doubt I'd have the wherewithal to remember this AND to press 55! (And yes, I've spelled 'wherewithal' correctly--although this might very well be the first time I've ever used that word.*

*Update: I used the search feature at the top left on my blog. It's official. This is the very first time I've used the word 'wherewithal' since the beginning of my blog in 2007! Let's not make it my last! I'm pretty sure I have a lot of 'wherewithal'!

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