Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tuesday Thoughts About...

...surprises! Who doesn't love a good surprise? I know people who say they don't like surprises. I don't understand that. A nice surprise can really lift you up! 

I met a friend, Jenni for lunch last week. She surprised me with this:
Everyone knows how much I love flowers! These are the cutest little tea roses. I have to figure out if I need to put this outside or even plant it outside. 

It's so nice when someone surprises you. A surprise makes me feel so special. It's really such a nice thing to do.

Speaking of surprises, another friend, Nancy E. surprised me with this picture:
She wanted me to see how fabulous her ostrich ferns are. Many, many years ago, I let her dig some out of my garden. They spread so well and have filled out this space. Ostrich ferns can tolerate sun---if you give them plenty of water. They require little care. I'm glad she loves them as much as I do. Getting the text and this picture was a nice and fun surprise. 

I just love my friends! I'm so lucky!

There is one downside to surprises. Sure, I love being the "surpriseee!" But it makes me feel a little sad that I'm not so thoughtful. I've really got to work on that. The surprise could be anything. This is the perfect time of year to do it. Just a few stems from my own garden would be a nice little surprise. 

Okay, I'm going to work on it!

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  1. Oh, those are both such lovely surprises! I need to do better about it as well. I have a whole list of Happy Mail ideas & people that I want to send, too ... just need to do it! :)


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