Thursday, May 13, 2021

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

When we moved in to this house 26 years ago, I was exploring the yard. I discovered this Henryii clematis in the side yard. it was cut almost to the ground. The yard people didn't realize it was something to cut around. I protected it and it has put on this spectacular show ever since. 
What you see here is in the early bloom process. I'm sure it's in full bloom now--I need to go look. There are so many blooms that you almost cannot see the green. It's hard to tell because there is nothing for comparison, but the blooms are just short of dinner plate size. It's just gorgeous. I wish I could see if from the window to enjoy it every day.

This is my latest bouquet from whom I'll just call "the flower lady." 
I love the variety of blooms. 
The digitalis (foxgloves) is gorgeous. I would just love to see her set-up. The flowers are made in to bouquet and wrapped in colorful tissue all tied up with some raffia. It looks so pretty that it's kind of hard to take it apart to put in the vase. I wonder if she has the flowers all laid out assembly style and just walks down the line for each bouquet. Next time she comes, I'm going to ask her. 
The peonies are just starting to bloom. I have these white ones (with pink centers) and some gorgeous pink ones that aren't quite blooming yet. I like to cut them and bring them inside, but I don't do that very often. They are covered with ants--which is what the flowers need to bloom. When I do bring them in, I put them in places where the ants won't get to food. Of course, I hose them thoroughly before bringing them inside, but you just can't get them all.
I made this little arrangement from the flowers leftover from last weeks delivery. Essentially, each bouquet gives you two weeks of flowers. I haven't ordered any for this coming week since I'll be at the beach. Still, I'll have another similar to this one from this week's delivery. 

On top of all these beauties, I got this from Mindy for Mother's Day:
I love monochromatic arrangements. There's just something about the combination of all those textures that is really beautiful. In a mixed bouquet, the texture can be a little lost as it's the colors that you notice the most. Either way, I love flowers and will take them any way they come!!

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  1. How wonderfully floral around there - you lucky gal, you.


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