Sunday, May 30, 2021

Something for Sunday

As you read this, we are still on our trip to South Dakota with friends. We are having so much fun! Here are a few pictures:

The Badlands are so beautiful! I had no idea. 

Between the sky and the mountains and the grass, it made for gorgeous pictures. We loved it so much, we are going back on Monday to hike a trail. We think that will be a great way to end the trip--at the most beautiful spot.
We went to two other states besides South Dakota--geo-caching and sightseeing. Here are Bruce, Butch and Hugh.

This is the Devil's Tower. We hiked all the way around it--about a mile and a half.
Deadwood was very touristy. The guys had a beer at Saloon #10 where Wild Bill Hickok was killed while holding the "deadman's hand" named after him--aces and eights. Pam and I took the tour--that no one else wanted to do. It was so interesting. Probably the most important thing I learned was that I totally confused Wild Bill with Wyatt Earp. As we were hearing the story, I kept thinking, "this isn't right!" And then it hit me---wrong person! Sometimes I worry about me! In this picture, it's Karolyn, Pam and me.

After the beers, we drove up to Mt. Mariah where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane are buried.

And here you have Mount Rushmore! The fog never cleared, but we went ahead and did the museum and short film. So when we finally came back on Saturday, we saw this:
We did the presidents walk for another mile and a half. We have done quite a bit of hiking! I'll have to let you know how many miles by the end of the week.
This was after lunch at the Firehouse Brewing Company. 

We've been having the best time. We hit it hard all day. We get back to the hotel and have about an hour to shower and get ready for dinner. Then we meet for happy hour--we found the perfect spot in the hotel. After dinner, we're all ready to just call it a day and relax. Then we start all over again the next day! I'll share a little more on Travel Tuesday!

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