Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Travel Tuesday

By the time you are reading this, we are on our way to South Dakota with friends. Yes, we are traveling a lot. Making up for lost time. With Covid, we've lost what we like to call "a year of eligibility!" We're trying to cram it all in. Who knows how many traveling years we have left. Not morbid, just realistic.

Anyway, here are a couple things seen at the beach last week:
My sister says this is a skink. I believe her because she has a book! This is exactly what we say last year that was living in our wall planter at home. We haven't seen it this year, yet.
I saw these pots on my walk. Oh my gosh! They are gigantic! 
It's kind of hard to tell, but that one in the middle is as tall as I am. Now those really make a statement.
One day, we did an escape room. I'm not good at that sort of thing. My mind operates very methodically. I need to go from step 1 to step 2. I don't do well with just running around looking for what I have no idea! It just seems so chaotic and unorganized. I did not add a single bit of help to our team. We solved it, but we used all of our clues. Then the guy actually just about laid it out for us. Still, we had a good time.
When we're together, there is always a lot of poker playing. At around the age of 5 years old---or when you knew your numbers, our grandma Preli introduced us to a simple game called Fan Tan. It was our first "gambling" game. Yes, we started gambling at the age of FIVE!! Grandma gave us each 25 pennies. It started from there. 

Now-a-days, we play "dealer's choice" with a wide variety of poker games. In honor of your basic beginnings, I called Fan Tan--only instead of pennies, you had to pay twenty cents if you couldn't make a play. That made it a little more interesting. By that time, I was on a roll and won!
Sharon's game of choice was Five Card Draw. This is the closest thing Janet has ever gotten to a Royal Flush! Of course she won with this hand. 
One night, I left the table with $29.50. It was a good night! Now that sounds like a lot, but I started with $15.00. Then, but the time you count the $5.50 I lost the night before, my winnings are actually $9.50. We always have the best time. No one loses much. We play enough that it all comes around. Now that's not the case when we were younger. We played pretty crazy back then! We no longer play the games that make you lose really big bucks: In-Between or Guts. Those games just always ended up causing hard feelings. It's supposed to be fun---and it is!

That's it. I'll have a real travel post next week---if I have the time to write it!

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