Saturday, May 15, 2021

Scrapbook Saturday

The rest of the layouts I did at the farm.
Notice anything on this layout? You would have to make it bigger to really see.
I made that ruffle with the leftover fabric from my needlepoint pillows shown on the other page. 

I included a thank you note from Morgan. She wrote us a note for her Christmas presents. That was the first time I'd seen her in months! The note was sweet. Usually, thanking us on the spot is enough!
There are so many of the subscription food services. This is another good one. Our favorite is Hello Fresh. The reason I scrapbook about things like this is because I want people in the future to know how we lived!
Many of my layouts address topics that I've already covered on my blog. This one is about the sago palm that was completely dead. I put it outside and all of a sudden, it came back to life!
Another topic covered on the blog---our BIG snow. Snow is so rare, that it's worth scrapbooking about. Actually, if I'm being truthful, I needed an excuse to use some fo the snow related products that I have!!

Okay, that's a wrap for scrapbook layouts for now!


  1. These are all nice, love the #itsamiracle sketch. Kudos to you on all that journaling too.

  2. Great pages! I especially like that use added the ruffle from the pillow fabric!


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