Saturday, May 8, 2021

Scrapbook Saturday

It's been awhile since I've shared some scrapbook layouts. These are some of the layouts I did on our "golf" weekend at the farm. That's what we call it when the guys come with us.

"A Very Different Holiday Season" indeed! We do not have internet access at the farm, so you will notice that all the journaling is done by hand. Usually when I have this much to say, I prefer to do it on the computer. You might notice the vintage pieces here: a little gift tag at the bottom on the right, that little santa card and some very old Christmas seals. 

"The Elf Escapades" is about our little tiny elf on the shelf that we had so. much fun with this year. I had so many pictures that I did a cascade on both pages. 
I used the packaging from the tiny elf for the title. I used my label maker for the word "escapades." You might notice that little vellum envelope contains some tiny sprinkles with a puffy felt heart next to it.
"As if 2020 couldn't get any worse, we woke up to a BOMBING in Nashville!" This was a sad Christmas for Nashville. The bomb nearly destroyed the historic buildings on 2nd Avenue. The "bomber" didn't want to injure any people, so he picked a time when no one would be around and warned the community to vacate the buildings. I just hand cut the black explosions--at least that's what I wanted them to look like. 
"Take a HIKE!" is the layout about Butch and Mitchell's adventure. That little piece on the lower right "School of Butch: the best lessons of his life" came from a magazine cover. It just happened to fit! I knew it would come in handy one day.
"Steph and Nicky's Condo Remodel" is a story you've already read about on this blog. The daisy card is a thank you note. I included a pocket to hold all the "deets" about the project including costs of everything. That's actually a fold out.
The you open the fold out, it reveals the rest of the photos. As you can tell by now, I'm a pretty linear scrapbooker. I don't do a lot of artsy stuff. I'm not that imaginative. It's all about the story for me. 
"Things I bought and did during the lockdown" is pretty self explanatory.
Our theme this year for AYM is: Story Starters 2. This year, everyone in our group is taking a turn putting the kits together and coming up with the story starter. Susan's was: when life gives you LEMONS...I completed the phrase with: Dr. McDaniel! I've told the story of my nearly 20 year journey trying to fine the cause of my chronic hives. The photo with all the medicine bottles is just some of the drugs that didn't work. Notice the lemons? I had planned to use them for my journaling, but completely forgot I had designed them for that purpose. I had already completed the layout when I noticed them. Instead, I went ahead and printed the outline on yellow cardstock and cut them out. I wadded them up to give the some dimension. The funny part about this is when I was telling Pam that I had forgotten to use them for my journaling, she that it was pretty funny. A little later, she said, "Barb, you are not going to believe this: I did the same thing and completely forgot too!"  I was like, "Are you kidding me? Even after I mentioned my goof up you didn't remember?" Now that's really bad!

Okay, that's enough for today. I'll share some more next Saturday. I did 14 layouts that weekend.


  1. That is a pretty dramatic allergic reaction! What on earth caused it? It looks so painful.
    You've certainly had a very productive scrapbooking time !

  2. Oh my that last photo of you made me hurt!! Lots of good scrapbooking pages here, my fave is the one with the pretty daisies card. You add lots of nice little extras on your pages.


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