Saturday, May 22, 2021

Something for Saturday

You know how I love to decorate? Well, I also love seeing what other people do. My favorite cousin, Chrissy, sent me a before and then after pictures of the bathroom she just remodeled.

This is the before. Of course it's perfectly lovely. That floor tile is very similar to what we have at the beach. I get that after so many years, you get tired of something and are just ready for a change. Hence the makeover. 

Don't be fooled---it's not a black and white picture. It all looks so new and fresh. But now, as I'm looking at the pictures again, I'm intrigued by the floor. Chrissy, did you some how have your existing floor stained gray? I don't know if that's a "thing" but it sure looks good. Also, notice those wall vases. She found them at the At Home store. She said she just added some rocks to the bottom, a few philodendron cuttings and water. I love that! Something different besides a picture.
I really like the towel holder too. As you know, I am not a big fan of rings or racks. I'll bet she got her tissue holder At Home too. Speaking of which, have you priced tissue holders these days? OMGosh! They are crazy expensive! Well, at least I think $30.00 or more is expensive.

Thanks, Chrissy for sharing your pictures. If anyone else has done anything they'd like to share, I would be happy to give you a "shout out" on my blog. Just send me some pictures. That's what it's all about. Fun and sharing!!

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