Thursday, May 20, 2021

Five Things Thursday

1. So, four of my sisters and I are at the beach and this is going on. 
We've watched as every morning, they put up this scaffolding and every afternoon they take it down. But what we really want to see is how they get from the scaffolding, to the gutters. They are at least 5 feet from the balconies. Looks like we're next up on their schedule.

2. We learned a pretty good lesson. We've rented chairs and umbrellas at the beach for 5 days. We wanted to avoid hauling so much crap down every day--chairs, umbrellas, beach bags and coolers---it's a lot. We've used the rental chairs some, but as it turns out, we don't use them all day. Really, it's only been a couple hours each day. It's been really windy at the beach and the waves have been so strong that it's been double red flags since we arrived. That means "extreme hazard" --do not get in the water. I couldn't even walk on the beach because the waves nearly washed me out. One day, we even got swamped in our chairs. That left us scrambling to grab our stuff before it washed away. Then we had to move those heavy chairs. 
So, we went to the pool and spent a few lovely hours! From left, Joyce, Sharon, Janet and Jeanne. It's not windy once you get away from the beach.

3. This has only happened once. Jeanne was the big winner so far. We'll pick it up again tonight. 
As for me, I lost $5.50. For some reason, I just wasn't quite in to it. We did too much talking to be playing. But that's what we do.

4. Walking when we're at the beach, is so nice. I love the different scenery. I've walked all over and every place is nicer than the last. I've finally decided to stay off the main roads because when I walk, I really like silence. I try to be present in my surroundings and enjoy the beauty around me.
When I came across this place, all I could think of was, "this is like coming home to an oasis." The landscaping is so beautiful.
There is so much awesome foliage! I have no idea what this is, but it's pretty.
I discovered this walking path and followed it. 
In many spots, it smelled so good. I literally stopped and smelled the honeysuckle!

5. Now I'll leave you with this:
When you have sisters that are beer drinkers, there isn't room for fruit!!

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