Thursday, July 2, 2020

Waking up to a surprise!

And not a good one!

 Our beautiful, 40 ft. magnolia was on the ground! Apparently there was a storm on Tuesday night.
 We slept through it. We can't believe that we didn't hear this huge tree come down either.
 The tree completely engulfed our side yard. I know that many of the hydrangeas and crepe myrtles are smashed.
 Somewhere buried under there is our patio umbrella, table and 6 chairs. We don't know yet what might have survived.
We are very fortunate that it did not crash through the sunroom---which is all windows. As it is, the tree is about 6 ft. away.

We've gotten someone to come clean up the mess. It's going to take two days.They are starting today. We're hoping they get it done before Saturday as we've planned a family pool party and barbecue. We just found out today that Sandy and family are coming in town on Friday night. That's a nice distraction for me as I mourn the loss of that beautiful tree! I know that sounds silly, but darn it!

I'm hoping it won't seem like there's a big hole there. On the outside of the fence is another, much larger tree, so we'll still have shade. Maybe we won't even notice it's gone. I doubt it.

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  1. How on earth did you sleep through a storm which could cause that much damage! You must have been so shocked to wake up and see the tree like that, how sad. Your garden will look so different with that gone. I do hope they can get it cleared and tidied in time for your family get together.


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