Wednesday, May 29, 2024

What I Buy Wednesday

While in St. Louis, I spent several hours with my cousin, Chrissy. I don't know how the conversation landed on cookies, but she knows I love them as much as she does. She was telling me about these delicious cookies from Target. I said, "Well, let's go get some!" And we did.
These. OMGosh! They are delish! Everything I like in a cookie--crispy, milk chocolate, macadamia nuts, and toffee! Go get some. 

While I was looking for the cookies, I was reminded of a trail mix that Mindy and Justin had on our trip to Italy last summer. I never could find it. But I did this time.
Again, delish! It's great if you want just a little sumpin' sumpin'.  It's got that salty/sweet thing going on. But, don't be fooled, there are more peanuts than cashews. That's pretty much how it always is with mixes unless you get the pure mixed nuts with no peanuts. I guess they are a cheap filler. But this mix has plenty of M&M's along with the little chocolate covered creamy caramel and chocolate covered caramel balls. It's a great little travel snack. This family likes their car snacks (okay, I'm talking about my girls and their families and me--Butch not so much). Go get some!

Now on to what I didn't buy at Target. 
Tupperware!!! OMGosh! Can you believe it? 
I was very tempted, but didn't buy anything.
But that's not to say I won't. In fact I definitely will. What perfect gifts for my granddaughters? We all know the quality of Tupperware along with the high price. It's not the sort of thing young people will buy for themselves. Oh wait, what am I saying? Of course they would--at least when I was young--Tupperware parties were a staple of social gatherings. I guess those days are gone. That's sad. We loved our Tupperware parties. I have many, many pieces that are over 50 years old. In fact, I never had this piece, but I do now:
I'd venture to say it's over 50 years old. Back in the 70's, not only could I NOT afford this classic green humongous salad bowl, I had no place to store it. But now I have it and didn't even have to pay a cent for it. I "snagged" it at Connie's "fire sale--everything must go"--in the "free" bin! Yep, free, no dinero, without cost, totally free! Kinda' seemed like highway robbery. Oh well, you know what they say (whoever "they" are), "One man's trash is another man's treasure." 

Marks & Spencer, Sephora, Kendra Scott--and now Tupperware! What's next? 

Oh Target, there you go again, luring me back in! Okay, I give. I'll be back. For sure. I need, I need, I need, okay, I don't know what I need, but I'll think of something.

Share your Target finds with me. That might give me the excuse I need to go back!

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