Saturday, May 16, 2020

What's Happenin'!

Thinking: About when we're going to get to start doing a little traveling again. Butch and I are going to the beach on Sunday to check on the condos. It's not really a vacation as we'll be working and not in contact with people. I'm also bringing food, so we don't plan to eat in any restaurants just yet.

Thankful for: Podcasts! Mindy sent me a pretty good list of things to listen to.  It definitely helps pass the time when I'm out walking. I'm still doing a minimum of 2 miles--5 days a week. Takes me longer these days, so it's nice to have something that engages me.

Cooking: I'm pretty much back to how I cooked before---one or two meals a week. I don't count soup and sandwiches as cooking. I had fun trying new recipes early on during the "stay at home" order, but Butch said I was cooking too much. That's okay by me. Now I know I don't ever have to feel guilty about only cooking twice a week!

Wearing: At this moment, I'm still in my jammies. But I'm happy to report that I've transitioned out of my "quarantine clothes!" Getting back out there a little, so decided to wear some nicer clothes for a change. 

Hoping: I'll get my money back for the theater tickets I bought for New York. I'm sitting on $1250 worth. Broadway is not re-opening until September 6th. We were due to go the very next week. Well, I don't think I want to be part of the guinea pig group quite yet. Plus, the whole reason we're going was to see Hugh Jackman performing in the revival of The Music Man. I don't know if that's going to happen now. Anyway, I'm waiting to hear back about the tickets. I would be happy with a credit too. I love New York so it's not like I'm never going again.

Taking: it slow getting out in the world again. Butch and I are wearing our masks everywhere we go. Connie and I went to Nashville Needleworks to stitch on Tuesday. We were the only ones there. Afterwards, we went to Five Guys for burgers. We sat outside and had the entire patio to ourselves.

Planning: my first pool day with my friends of the season. Actually, it's going to be an extension of our AYM meeting. It's going to be this next Friday. I told everyone to bring their own drink and lunch. This will be the first time getting together since Covid began. Still, if everyone comes, we're way less than 10.

Working: Well, I did a big job this week! I sorted through all of my recipes. It started like this plus another smaller one:
I've had this recipe box for years and years. My recipes had overgrown by about half more than this. Probably about 15 years ago, I removed all of the desserts to it's own box.
I went through and threw out any recipes that I have never made or don't think I ever will make. I was ruthless. Any recipe that called for things I don't normally buy---like self rising flour---I got rid of. This picture represents just one of four piles like this.
Everything including all the desserts are back in the box with room to spare! Hopefully this will make my favorites easier to put my hands on! I'm not kidding myself. Since I'm cooking so little, I'll stick with the family favorites.

Reading: Just finished The Giver of Stars. It was pretty good. The story was a bit lame, but I learned about the "packhorse librarians" who delivered books by horseback in the backwoods of Kentucky. Learning something new always makes or breaks a book for me. This was a book club book. The first question I want to ask is "what the heck does the title have to do with the book?"

Loving: this weather. It's not going to last long. Here in the south, we usually get about two weeks of mild weather in the spring and then it's just hot and humid. Due to a little cold snap, we've had about 4 weeks of cool temperatures. In fact, I just had my last fire a couple days ago. The house is still chilly.

Watching: We finished the first season of Baptiste on PBS. It's about a retired, French detective who is called back in to a case by his previous partner. It's set in Amsterdam. Lots of twists and turns. We really liked it. We just started the new Netflix series, Hollywood. After episode one, the jury is still out. I'm going to give it two more episodes before I make a judgment. I love period pieces---the clothes, the cars the decor!

Creating: You would think I'd be scrapbooking up a storm. But with walking and puzzle "doing," I haven't had a lot of extra time. That's crazy to say, but with reading and stitching and the cooking I was doing, my days have been pretty busy. Plus, I'm a little sad to say, I still have not regained my zest for scrapbooking. I lost it when my brother died a couple years ago and have not gotten it back. I guess it's a good thing that I still have AYM and our "round robin". At least that's two layouts a month.

Bumming: that my Aunt Marie had a stroke a couple weeks ago. She is not recovering as quickly as we'd hoped. Plus, my poor Uncle Tony is not allowed in either the hospital, nor the senior facility she's been moved too. I feel so sad for them and worry that she doesn't understand why no one is there for her. I called her last night and I could tell she knew who I was. But everything she tried to say was garbled.

Hearing: MOWERS!!! OMGosh! I never realized how noisy it is around here. There has not been a single time that I've tried to sit on the front porch swing reading that the mowers are not going somewhere. I wish I could get the whole neighborhood to do their mowing all on the same day. 

Then there was this:
The Blue Angels die a "flyover" on Thursday in honor of those on the front lines. We heard them, but just missed seeing them. The news said that they were going to be over our way at 12:08. They were early! Connie's daughter, Amanda caught this shot. Darn!

Appreciating: Margarita! I've always appreciated her, but never so much as now! After 9 weeks of doing our own cleaning, we were very happy to welcome her back!

Weekending: Sandy and Greg have come in town, so we're all looking forward to plenty of pool time. Being outside in the fresh air is the best way for us to "social distance."

That's about it from here. Hope you have a nice weekend.

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  1. A great catchup post today! We're not getting out yet, but there are LOTS of people out & about here now that Texas has opened up quite a bit. We were able to see the Blue Angels from our front yard ... just barely, through a couple of tree tops, as they were a little far out for us.

    I had to laugh about the self-rising flour - around here that's a staple that we can NEVER run out of it because it's the main ingredients in Mama's biscuits (which Robbie make for me now). :)


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