Wednesday, May 20, 2020

What I Buy Wednesday

I didn't buy much this week. 

I couldn't resist this little beauty:
It's a pink polka dot plant I picked up at the grocery story for $2.99! I just couldn't pass it up! The poinsettia is still going strong since last November. 

We also went to Grassland Aquatics to pick up a few water plants.
It's a small pond, so we can't have much. We do have a couple things that come back every year like the tall one--can't remember what it is. It blooms pinkish flowers. There's creeping Jenny on the other side. 
New this year is the four leaf clover. It's supposed to come back, we'll see.

And then there was my Stitch Fix box. This falls under "what I didn't buy!" I think this is the first time I didn't buy a single thing. Whoever styled it did not look at my profile. There were styles I didn't like---no sleeveless for me anymore. I've reached that age! There were colors I didn't like either. After each box, they ask if you would like the same stylist, a new stylist or you want them to pick. I usually let them pick. Not this time. I definitely don't want that same one. 

That's about it for what I bought this week.

Update on the make-up clean out challenge I posted last week. 

Sandy was the only one who took me up on it.
I didn't think her "before" was too bad.
 But the "after" looks great!
This is everything she got rid of. Good job Sandy!! Wait, is that turquoise one the Thrive lightener? If so, I'll take it!!


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