Wednesday, May 13, 2020

What I Buy Wednesdays

I didn't buy anything this past week. So, instead, I'm going to refer to a previous "What I Buy Wednesdays" post a couple weeks ago---the one about buying Thrive Causematics.

That purchase prompted me to get control of all of my makeup. What a mess I had---which is so unlike me. Actually, this is about the only mess you'll find in my house. Pretty much everything else is neat and organized--even my scrapbook room!
It sort of started with traveling. I've had all kinds of makeup bags for travel purposes, but I thought this little square container was best because it holds a lot and I can see everything pretty easily. 
We were traveling so much, that I never bothered to put my makeup away--which is supposed to be the top drawer of my makeup table.
Little by little, everything ended up migrating to the top of the table. There was very little left in the drawer. After my recent purchase, I decided that I needed to clean out and get a handle on all of it---sorting through and discarding what I don't need or use. 
 When I finished, this is all I actually got rid of. Not much. So at least I was happy to know that I "need" and use all the makeup I have left.
Everything is back in the drawer and neatly organized by category. Due to my multiples problem, I do have several tubes of the same color lipstick. Many of those were freebies from Estee Lauder promotions. I just happen to like the color that was included in many of them.
 Now my tabletop looks all nice and neat again---after months of chaos! A few details to note:
I repurposed a Bath and Bodyworks candle jar to hold my Q-tips. The jars are so pretty. Remember we used them to make snow globes as our family holiday craft after Thanksgiving dinner last year. 
 You may have barely noticed the shoe horn. Yes, as my niece, Jackie says, "What, Aunt Barb, are you 90?" I use it every single day, that's why it's there! Also, notice the Ahava lotion. That is my all time favorite from the Dead Sea. My friend, Linda introduced it to me when we were there visiting about 4 or 5 years ago. It's amazing! Your skin will be so soft with no greasy after effect. I just love it. I order it by the dozen tubes. It's a little pricey, but so worth it. I've already given it to every family member and friend!
A better view of my whole make-up table situation. I've had it for about 35 years. Actually it's an unfinished desk that I bought at one of those naked furniture places. I just had a custom covering made for it---three times now as my decor has changed.

At least I have one more project to show for all this time at home.

So now, another challenge. Take pictures of your make-up and how you store it. Clean out while you're at it and photograph what you are getting rid of. Send me the pictures and I'll post the results.

I especially want my granddaughters to participate in this one. I'm predict that my 13 year old granddaughter, Elizabeth, will have the most. After all, she want's to be a make-up artist when she "grows up!"

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  1. Every now and then I have a little panic about how long my makeup has been open, I look at the little symbol on the base that tells you how long you should use it before it is out of date and wonder just how important that is! I'm pretty good about throwing away old mascaras as I know you can get horrible eye infections from that. But I am too ashamed to show you a picture of the basket of makeup I have in my shower room! Yours looks very tidy and organised.


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