Thursday, May 21, 2020

Five Things Thursday

1. How to Get Away With Murder---OMGosh!! The series finale was last Thursday night. It did not disappoint. Crazy plot twists and surprised right up to the very end. The. very. end! If you've never watched it, I would suggest you check it out on Netflix. Each episode leaves you with a little cliff hanger. And, they solve plenty of things along the way. I'm telling you, it's very smart writing! One of my favorite shows ever.

2. A couple recipes---an old family favorite that I haven't made in years.

Vermicelli Salad
1 lb. vermicelli, cooked and cooled
1 lg. bottle Wishbone Italian salad dressing
1 jar McCormick Suddenly Salad seasoning mix
1 cucumber, diced
1 red onion, diced

Mix together and chill overnight.
This recipe came from the Memory Make Inn where we went on a scrapbook retreat in February:
And lastly, a new recipe:
 If you like an old fashioned brownie, you'll like this one.

3. I'm very happy with my front porch pots. 
 There's one on either side the door.
 It didn't take long for this to happen. I think it's chipmunks. Last year, they dug up the plants and several died.
Or, it's possible that the HUGE lizard or salamander (I think they are the same) that lives out there did it. Butch thinks it's living in the fern hanging on the wall. But It could be living in the pot. I just hope whatever it is doesn't kill my flowers.

4. Speaking of my wall baskets with Boston ferns, we have another critter living in one of them.
 Some little bird has taken up residency. I had Butch look in.
I asked him to take a photo because it's higher than I can see. Sure enough, there's little tiny eggs. 
I realized that I did not have a picture of the baskets on the wall. You can see one near Butch. The other is on the far side of the porch. They are between the French doors on either side.

5. I've done a little scrapbooking. 
 This is for our round robin. We each swap photos and make a layout. I did this one for Pam. I'm pretty sure she'll like it.
I tucked the journaling inside the card along with another picture. I hadn't done this particular technique in years. Basically, you cut circles--I think I used my 
1 1/2 punch (could have been 1 1/4--either would work). Then you just fold up the sides to form a square. 

That does if for this week!

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  1. I like that circle to square technique! Great layout!


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