Wednesday, May 27, 2020

What I Buy Wednesday

The Toms I ordered arrived this week. Yes, they are the same style. I have to have sandals and not flip-flops--or a couple reasons. 1. Ever since I heard on the news that 90% of foot and ankle problems are caused by flip flops, I decided to stop wearing them. Then I actually broke my own ankle wearing a pair that I didn't really considerate be flip flops because the encased my whole foot. I threw those away--even though I really liked them! And reason 2. Ever since I had my fusions, my "papa" toes do not move. A titanium plate has take the place of the joint. My nurse friend, Susan told me that---that's what's causing my balance problems. We need our big toes for gripping and balancing. So, in accuality, it's hard for me to walk in flip flops anyway. I have one pair I keep for pedicures and to wear at the pool. Still, I'm very careful when waling in them.

Another thing about Toms. I like them because they are one of those companies that donates a pair when you buy a pair. I like to support socially conscious companies. 

This falls under things I bought previously. I have a ridiculous amount of hair things.
 The drawer was a jumbled mess, so I decided to clean it out. 
Maybe this doesn't look much better, but I wound up all the cords. Okay, here's what I have: one blow dryer, two blow brushes, 1 curling brush and 3 curling irons. Crazy, I know. Plus, after I cleaned out the drawer, I couldn't get rid of a single one!!

Now let me explain. When I travel, the very last thing I pack is my hair appliance because I am letting it cool off. That has caused me to "forget" it at least 3 times. That becomes the first order of business. I have to have something to style my hair. 

Hmmm, that makes me think---"I need to just keep one in my main suitcase so I won't forget it again. 

Yeah, that's the plan. Well, whenever we can travel again!


  1. Oh yes, a holiday hairdryer to stay in the suitcase is a good idea! I only have one hairdryer and one pair of GHD straighteners, and yet the wires still end up a tangled mess.
    I like the look of those sandals, I'm not a fan of flip flops because I have yet to find a pair which have a comfortable bit between the toes, but those look like the added strap would help with that - wonder if they sell them here? ...

  2. Oh you've reminded me I need to replace my hot iron that broke on our trip in February. I guess there is no real hurry. I rearranged my purses and shoes a few weeks back, and tweaked that arrangement this week. I wanted a few more sandals that were not flip flops for summer, and some flats so I've ordered shoes online. And then I thought I needed a new bag or two also. As if I had somewhere to go to make sure I needed to look stylish with complementary accessories.


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